Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch95

“There is no one here now, say, why are you crying.”    

After the door was closed, Shen Zheng raised his hand to wipe the tears from Wen An’an’s face and said softly.    

Looking at the girl’s red and swollen eyes, Shen Zheng couldn’t help but feel that the little girl in front of her looked really pitiful and cute.    

“I, I…”    

Wen Anan didn’t want to say it, after all, she felt that the reason for her crying was a bit embarrassing, but in the face of Shen Zheng’s gentle black eyes, she still honestly gave the reason. mouth.    

“I couldn’t shoot this commercial, I feel sorry for you guys…”    

“Just because of this?”    

Listening to Wen An’an’s words, Shen Zheng shook his head amusingly.    

“Don’t worry, as long as you like it, you can do whatever you want, you don’t need to be sad about these things.”    

Raising his hand, Shen Zheng gently touched Wen An’an’s head and said softly.    

After hearing Shen Zheng’s words, Wen Anan, who was still in a very depressed mood, suddenly became much relieved in her heavy and depressed mood.    


“Ah! I know what photographer Liang means!”    

Wen An’an looked at the man in a suit and leather shoes standing in front of him with bright eyes. The mourning expression on his face also turned into bright excitement.    


Facing Wen An’an’s sudden change, Shen Zheng became a little strange.    

“You’ll find out later!”

Wen Anan said mysteriously to Shen Zheng, and then quickly opened the door to let the makeup artists come in to fix her makeup and reduce swelling.    

After some tossing, Wen Anan appeared in the studio with a handsome spirit and appeared in front of Liang Jiacheng.    

However, this time the shooting is no longer the same atmosphere as before!    

When Wen Anan stood in the studio again, the aura revealed by his whole body was completely different!    

“It’s time to start.”    

Wen Anan closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When the flashlight flashed again, Wen Anan seemed to be a different person.    

If the Wen Anan just now was a gentle and jade-like young son, then the current Wen Anan is a proud and noble son!    

She fulfilled the requirements of the Liang family!    

Liang Jiacheng saw the aura that was like a changed person in an instant, perfectly interpreting the aura of the feeling he wanted, and he started shooting excitedly.    

Although he didn’t understand why Wen An’an had changed so much in a short period of time, he didn’t need to know, he just needed to do his best to shoot the Wen An’an advertisement to perfection!    

However, Liang Jiacheng didn’t know why Wen An’an had changed so much in such a short period of time.    

However, Shen Zheng understood what Wen Anan said to him at the time, and he would know what he meant after a while.    

“So…that’s what it means…hehe…”    

Looking at the girl in men’s clothing standing in the studio, the smile in Shen Zheng’s eyes deepened, even he didn’t know that at this time he looked at Wen An’an’s with indulgence in his eyes.    

“Mr. Shen, why do I think Miss An An seems to be a little bit like you…”    

Before Assistant Jiang could finish speaking, he was startled by the gentle and indulgent expression on Shen Zheng’s face.    

Although he knew that Shen Zheng’s feelings for Wen An’an seemed a little unusual, he never thought that one day he would see such an expression on the face of their big boss Shen.    

This really shocked him.    

That’s right, the current Wen An’an is indeed somewhat similar to Shen Zheng’s aura.    

And the reason, of course, was that Wen Anan was imitating Shen Zheng.    

Just now, Wen An’an’s mind flashed, and he understood the state that Liang Jiacheng wanted her to express. Isn’t that the kind of aura of Shen Zheng?    

Although Wen Anan is not smart, she has shot a lot of commercials and accumulated some experience after all.    

Of course, the most important thing is that she has been with Shen Zheng for so long. Although she can’t say that she can imitate Shen Zheng 100%, she can still do it on the surface.    

As a result, Wen Anan imitated some of Shen Zheng’s micro expressions and movements, and successfully finished the men’s endorsement advertisement for Noble watches.    

“OK! Miss Wen, you did a great job.”    

After the men’s endorsement advertisement for Noble watches was finished, Liang Jiacheng praised Wen An’an without any hesitation.    

Wen An’an’s face flushed with praise.    

Now that the men’s clothing endorsement advertisement is finished, the next step is to shoot the women’s clothing endorsement advertisement.    

Liang Jiacheng thought that Wen An’an was in good condition, so he decided of course to finish the filming in one go.    

So Wen Anan obediently changed into women’s clothes.    

After the two sets of endorsement advertisements were filmed, Wen Anan was exhausted.    

However, after Liang Jiacheng’s shooting this time, Wen Anan learned a lot.    

“Are you tired of filming for a day?”    

When Wen Anan took off the makeup on her face and put on her clothes, she blinked in surprise when she saw Shen Zheng sitting in her lounge reading a magazine.    

She thought that Shen Zheng just left when she changed women’s clothes to shoot women’s clothing endorsements.    

I didn’t expect him to be there all the time!    

“Brother, you, you haven’t left yet.”    

Wen Anan said a little frightened.    

“I’ll pick you up for dinner.”    

Shen Zheng put down the magazine in his hand, walked towards Wen An’an, and patted Wen An’an’s soft and easy-to-touch head naturally.    


Wen An’an nodded obediently without thinking too much.    

Seeing Wen An’an’s silly appearance, Shen Zheng felt itchy.    

He held Wen An’an’s palm in his hand, and then led Wen An’an away from the filming location where he had spent the whole day.    

It wasn’t until Wen An’an, who got into Shen Zheng’s car, that she remembered that her manager and assistant were all gone.    

“Where’s Brother Jiang?”    

Wen Anan asked suspiciously.    

“It’s off work.”    

Shen Zheng said indifferently, and now he found that Wen An’an was really focusing more on Assistant Jiang, he always felt…Wen An’an’s mother seemed to treat Assistant Jiang better than him?     

Well… Does he need to change Wen Anan’s agent?    

The car quickly drove into a quiet and quiet garden, and through the window, Wen Anan suddenly realized that this was not the way home!    

“Brother, aren’t we going home for dinner?”    

Wen An’an, who was sitting in the passenger seat, blinked and looked at Shen Zheng blankly.    

“Who said it’s time to go home for dinner, I’ll take you to eat something delicious today.”    

Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen Anan nodded obediently, but added quickly.    

“Brother, then I’ll invite you to this meal.”    

She thought about it carefully, if it wasn’t for Shen Zheng to help her today, she really wouldn’t be able to shoot the endorsement advertisement so smoothly.    

And Shen Zheng really helped her a lot, she didn’t seem to have any expression all the time, she repaid him…    

Now that I think about it, she seems a little too stingy?    

“En? Okay.”    

After Shen Zheng saw Wen An’an’s delicate and beautiful face full of serious expressions, he nodded amusedly and did not refuse.    

And in his heart, he felt it was quite interesting.    

The car, after driving for a distance, quickly stopped on a green lawn.    

After walking out of the car, Wen Anan found out that it turned out to be a parking lot.    

It’s just that the greening of the parking lot is really good.    

Wen Anan muttered in her heart.    

When she followed Shen Zheng into the place where they were going to eat, she was even more amazed.    

No matter how you look at the landscape here, it looks like an ancient courtyard, and it is also a very luxurious and compelling courtyard.    

But she did not expect that such a secluded and peaceful courtyard could be a place to eat!    

Following the waitress in Hanfu into an antique room with blue tiles and white walls, Wen Anan looked like a country bumpkin entering the city, sitting in front of the Chinese rosewood dining table and watching Shen Zheng order dishes.    

She thought about such a big place, the food must be very delicious!    

Sure enough, as Wen Anan thought, the food here is really delicious!    

And just when Wen Anan was eating happily, what she didn’t expect was that she was on the hot search again!    

And this time, she followed Wen Yanan on the hot search again!    

Because, there has never been an official announcement of who will play “The Legend of Immortals”, and it is finally officially announced!

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch94

However, at this moment, Wen An’an’s men’s clothing photos were all over the Internet, making countless people searching for who this extravagant ‘little prince’ would be.    

Wen An’an, who was the party involved, didn’t know it.    

At this time, she is very serious about this time’s Noble watch endorsement advertisement, very seriously filming.    

It’s just that seriousness is serious, but——    

“Ms. Wen, can you be more noble and arrogant?”    

Liang Jiacheng, the famous photographer who shot the endorsement advertisement for Noble watches this time, looked a little weakly at the clothes he was wearing. Wen An’an dressed in a black suit and an expensive watch on his wrist.    

Although he admitted that Wen An’an’s men’s appearance was unexpectedly good-looking, at first glance, it was indeed extravagant.    

However, he wants more than this appearance! He is a photographer who pursues perfection, so this kind of superficial beauty is not what he pursues.    

In fact, if it is an ordinary photographer, it is estimated that Wen An’an’s appearance alone will make everything go well.    

However, Noble watches hired one of the best, most responsible and critical photographers in the domestic industry.    

Therefore, Wen An’an’s shooting requirements here are not the least bit high.    

In particular, Wen An’an’s image is so good, and the shaping force is very strong.    

Liang Jiacheng also had a burst of inspiration, and in the face of Wen An’an, the ‘muse’, his requirements were even higher!    

“Yes, I’m sorry…”    

Although Wen Anan didn’t enter the entertainment industry for a long time.    

Especially now that she has only started to receive announcements, but she has received the most advertising endorsements.    

So a lot of commercials have been shot, but there is really only one commercial today, which was the most difficult to shoot.    

It has been almost two hours since the shooting, but she couldn’t even show a piece of work that satisfied the photographer.    

Now, she was so anxious that she was about to cry.    

She can understand the emotions and states that the photographer wants her to show, but she is an ordinary person by nature, how can she show that kind of extravagance and arrogance?    

In the past, those advertisements were all dressed up by girls. As long as she dressed beautifully, the photographers all followed her rhythm to capture her ‘beauty’.    

But this time is different. This time she is disguised as a man, and she has to figure out a man’s psychology to show the natural extravagance and arrogance.    

What’s more, her emotions are so delicate that her eyes… She really didn’t know how to act for a while.    

Even though she has started to learn acting now, this time the filming is still a little too difficult for her…     

“Miss Wen, I don’t need your apology, all I need is that you be able to explain what I said. It’s been two hours now, and I don’t want us to waste two hours.”     

Liang Jiacheng was also a little irritable because Wen Anan couldn’t get into the state and couldn’t shoot good shots.     

So this tone is a little heavier.     

The people watching it really feel distressed for the scolded Wen An’an. After all, in their eyes, the photos taken by Wen An’an of the Liang family are already pretty enough.     

Every time you take it out, it will amaze everyone.     

However, the photographer Liang was dissatisfied no matter how he looked at it.     

“I-I see…”     

Wen Anan, who was scolded in the studio for the first time, felt extremely uncomfortable.     

But she also knew that it was her fault for this matter, so it was right for Liang Jiacheng to scold her.    

Therefore, Wen An’an has been holding back the grievances and tears in her heart, trying hard to control her emotions, so that she will not cry or cause trouble to Liang Jiacheng.    

So –    

“Liang, Mr. Liang, I, I want to take a break, can I ease my emotions?”    

When Wen Anan’s emotions endured to the extreme, she bit her lip tightly and said softly.    

“Well, let’s go.”    

Liang Jiacheng also knew that he couldn’t push the little girl too tightly, so he nodded and waved his hand.    

After receiving Liang Jiacheng’s answer, Wen Anan didn’t look back, and rushed to the private lounge arranged for her by the person in charge of Noble watches, and ignored the words of others. After entering the lounge, she opened the door to the room.    

“Miss An An, Miss An An?”    

Xiaoyu looked at the closed door, and she was anxious to death.    

But no matter how she knocked on the door or called Wen Anan, there was no response in the lounge.    

“Oh! How can I do this?”    

Just when Xiaoyu was in a hurry, she was thinking about whether to find Assistant Jiang, but he didn’t think so, Assistant Jiang really came.    

Moreover, beside him, there is another person who should not be here.    

“Mr. Shen, why did you come in person? It’s just a small endorsement advertisement, and there won’t be any problems.”    

“Mr. Shen, I heard that you personally selected the spokesperson. This person is really good! This commercial endorsement has just started shooting, and it has already caused a sensation on the Internet!”    

“That’s right, Mr. Shen’s vision is good. This Miss Wen is also excellent…”    

Xiaoyu’s eyes widened, watching Assistant Jiang stay by Shen Zheng’s side, and they were surrounded by a large number of Noble watch executives in suits. That posture is also quite a bit of a costume drama. When the emperor goes on a private visit in micro-clothing, the various ministers and eunuchs who follow him are very majestic.    

Seeing such a scene, Xiaoyu swallowed her saliva immediately, feeling as if a little maid in the palace saw the emperor, and subconsciously became nervous.    


Suddenly, the group of people with extraordinary aura stopped in front of her and- 

“Where’s An An?”    

Shen Zheng finished his work and knew that Wen Anan was shooting an advertisement for Noble watches today came in a hurry.    

As a result, after coming here, I didn’t see anyone in the advertising studio, but I heard that…this little princess of his family seems to have a particularly bad shooting, and seems to be scolded?    

Thinking of this, he felt a little upset.    

Therefore, until now, his face was still dark.    

This is what really made the little fish nervous.    

“Miss An An is in the lounge, that is, that is… She has locked the door now, and no one cares…”    

Facing Shen Zheng with a calm face, Xiaoyu’s words were trembling. It’s over.    

And listening to Xiaoyu’s words, Shen Zheng’s face darkened even more!    

He narrowed his eyes, a hint of coldness flashed across his face, and said in a very cold voice.    

“Who found the photographer?”    

Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, the others were too frightened to say a word.    

And as the person in charge of the Noble watch advertising, it is even more bitter in my heart.    

God knows, the photographer who shoots the endorsement advertisement for the Noble watch has always been shot by Liang Jiacheng.    

He can be described as the royal photographer of Noble watches.    

Even if he is as critical as Shen Zheng, he has never said that Noble watch advertising is bad.    

And now…    

At this time, all the people present understood the difference between Wen An’an.    

All of them believed the gossip news they heard some time ago.    

That is…it seems that this Miss Wen is really a little love that is placed on the top of her heart by their boss Shen!    

Can’t afford to offend, can’t afford to offend!    

Although other people did not dare to speak out, Assistant Jiang was different.    

Just when the atmosphere at the scene was a little cold and stiff, suddenly, the door that had been locked tightly was opened from the inside.    

“You, you can’t fire Mr. Liang, he’s fine.”    

As soon as the door opened, everyone saw the elegant young man with red eyes standing in front of them.    

Even though the makeup on that face was a bit flowery, it didn’t damage the half-pointed appearance of a ‘juvenile’ at all.    

On the contrary, there is a little more pity and love temperament.    

Seeing Wen An’an’s red eyes like a little rabbit, Shen Zheng sighed helplessly.    

“Why are you crying?”    

“No, I wasn’t crying. It’s just that sand got in her eyes.”    

Wen Anan wiped her eyes hastily and muttered softly.    

However, the appearance that was about to be revealed was clearly seen by everyone.    

Seeing Wen An’an’s cute and pitiful appearance, the dull color on Shen Zheng’s face finally disappeared, he raised the corner of his lips slightly, raised his feet and walked to Wen An’an’s side.    

Then, with everyone’s unbelievable expressions, he took Wen An’an’s fair and slender palm, and then——    


The door closed again, and Wen An’an and Shen Zheng disappeared in front of everyone.    

Looking at such a scene, the other staff members tacitly muttered in their hearts.    

Ouch! This Miss Wen, it must be that the Crown Princess did not run away!    

Their President Shen, when has he been so close to any woman!    

Moreover, she is also a female star~!    

Also for this little star, there is no distinction between public and private~

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch93

Recently, the hot news on the Internet is that apart from the role of He Xiaoxian, the topic of who will play the role has occupied half of the sky.

    The heat was copied, but it was not ordinary heat.

    Although it is said that other stars also have gossip, it is not big news, and the stars are not the first-line big bosses of hot traffic.

    Therefore, all the hot searches on the Internet recently have really been occupied by the two ‘He Xiaoxian’, Wen Yanan and Wen An’an.

    And in such a situation, no one can break the traffic of these two on ‘He Xiaoxian’, so as to stand out and become the new topic king.

    A black and white photo appeared out of thin air, and immediately rushed to the top three of the hot search list. Even that momentum seems to be very likely to surpass the popularity of Wen Yanan and Wen Anan’s ‘He Xiaoxian’, and reach the top of the hot search list. The throne of number one.

    [Makeup stylist Amy V: My new male god! Release it to share with everyone! Lick the screen! [Photo]]

    When Amy’s Weibo post was posted, it made the whole Weibo boil!

    Originally, Amy’s original intention was to show off her work, and Wen An’an’s men’s clothing was really great, so I just wanted to share it with others.

    Her original intention of posting this Weibo was not to hype or anything.

    However, she did not expect that as soon as her Weibo post and this photo were posted, it would cause so many reactions on the Internet!

    This black and white photo is like a jade stone, breaking the ‘giant waves’ between Wen Yanan and Wen Anan, thus forming a new wave.

    However, who knows that the extravagant little prince in this black and white photo is Wen An’an?

[Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mom asked me why I was licking the screen! ! ! !]

    [ Nosebleeds! Ask the blogger to tell you who is the male god’s name! I’m a fan! The kind of nerd powder! ]

    [My God! Ask for a frontal photo! Full body photo please! I really want to know who he is! So handsome! So lively! It feels like my ideal type! ]

    […Can I say, I have been a straight man for 24 years, and after seeing this photo, I found that I seem to be a little bent? ]

    [ This side face! Absolutely kill all the small flowers in the entertainment circle! Absolutely number one! ]

    [ I feel that the stars in the entertainment industry who are tall, rich, handsome, white, rich and beautiful can retire! This is the real aura of luxury! Looking at the photo, it looks like a noble boy! ]

    [ I think it’s the little prince, the little prince, the little prince! Important things said three times! I think the little prince should look like him! ]

    [ So, blogger, please tell us who your male god is? Is it a star who is about to debut soon, or a young master of which family? ]


    Amy really didn’t expect that her Weibo post only took two short hours. The comments under Weibo have already exceeded five digits, and the number of retweets is breaking even faster. Six figures!

    Comments, private messages, likes, almost made her phone freeze.

    What’s even more terrifying is that this Weibo she casually posted was not only on the hot search, but also—— “My God! This Miss Wen is really incredible. I now know why her resources are so good! Because people really have that ability!” 

The other staff members looked at Amy with some doubts when they listened to Amy’s words.

    “What’s the matter? Sister Amy?”

    “Yeah, Sister Amy, you and Miss Wen are on the hot search together. Why is this reaction?”

    These staff members were all envious of Amy! It’s not easy for them to be a group of behind-the-scenes workers.

    The most important thing is that this time Wen An’an’s men’s clothing exploded, and Amy’s future will be even more dazzling.

    Of course, in the hearts of this group of little makeup assistants, there is still a fear, that is, they all think that Wen An’an’s face is inherently malleable.

    And the most important thing is that people are good-looking and can hold any shape.

    Even if it wasn’t for Amy to do this look, they could still make Wen Anan’s men’s clothing stand out.

    Of course, these little assistants were just thinking about it.

    They also understand that with they are like little shrimp, how can they become the makeup artist for a hot star like Wen An’an.

    “Director Huo! Director Huo sent me a private message! He also asked me who the boy in the photo I sent was! Moreover, Director Huo even asked me if I made his look! God! Ah! I’m going crazy!”

    Even after Amy said this, it still felt like a dream.

    In fact, Director Huo can ask this question, so that means it! He took a fancy to the men’s version of Wen An’an and might want to cooperate with her.

    And ask her if she designed the look, that means he wants to work with her too!

    To be able to cooperate with Director Huo is a good thing!

    “Which Director Huo???”

    “It’s Huo An, Director Huo Da! It’s Director Huo Da who has won several best actors and actresses!”

    Hearing Amy say the name, others felt envious, jealousy, that is about to explode!

    Because that is Director Huo An!

    He is not only a famous domestic director, but also the only Chinese director in China who has entered Hollywood!

    The popularity and influence are not ordinary.

    Even though Amy is also a well-known makeup stylist in China, there are many such makeup stylists in China.

    This time, if it weren’t for the mandatory regulations on the Noble watch side, it was necessary to hire a female makeup stylist.

    I’m afraid, this time it’s not Amy’s turn to do makeup and styling for Wen Anan.

    But! What I didn’t expect was that this time, Amy had such great luck!

    I just posted a photo, and I caught up with a big guy like Director Huo An.

    Seeing other people’s expressions of envy, jealousy and hatred, Amy was full of surprise and excitement.

    She didn’t expect that she would get so much with just one shot.

    It was not only Director Huo An who sent her a private message, but also various familiar figures in the entertainment circle.

    However, the one with the biggest coffee spot is Director Huo An.

    She was very excited to contact the person in charge of the Noble watch, and explained the various influences after her photos were sent out. She saw Wen An’an’s manager and walking into the dressing room.

    “Miss Amy, trouble you and the other staff now. Please abide by your professional ethics, the confidentiality agreement signed with us, and anything related to Wen An’an, you can’t spread it, otherwise, we will take legal measures.”     

After Assistant Jiang received the news, he walked into the dressing room and saw a group of excited staff members who had been whispering about Wen An’an.     After he finished saying these words with a blank face, he was still excited and wanted to show off such a hot news to those who wanted to show it off.     

As far as the methods of Wen An’an’s brokerage company are concerned, in the entire entertainment industry, no one knows it and no one will know it!     Since her debut, as long as there are people who have harassed Wen Anan, no one will have a good end.

    The legal counsel of Wen An’an’s brokerage company is simply too awesome. Since her debut, he has not lost a single lawsuit.

    Moreover, all those who offended Wen Anan lost miserably, and all disappeared in the eyes of the public.

    Even a big company like Tianyu has been devastated by Wen An’an’s brokerage company, so what about these little shrimps?

    Therefore, after listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, everyone lost all thought.

    “Assistant Jiang, we all know that it is from Director Huo An, and others…”

    Amy looked at Assistant Jiang with a smile, and handed out her cell phone very acquainted.

    Assistant Jiang took Amy’s phone, took a quick look, and then returned the phone to Amy.

    “Apart from Director Huo An, you don’t need to explain the situation.”

    “Okay, Assistant Jiang, don’t worry, I will do what you want!”

    After hearing this, Assistant Jiang nodded and left the powder room.

    When he walked into the corridor, his expressionless face finally showed a hint of movement.

    The corners of his lips twitched slightly, and he thought with emotion.

    This Wen An’an is really a little girl who was born to eat the entertainment industry!

    She can hold this kind of crooked endorsement plan, and the most terrifying thing is that it is just a photo of men dressed up, and it can turn the world upside down on the Internet and make everyone look for her, really The thing is…

    “It seems that the sales share of Noble watches is finally going to increase this time~”

    Haha~! Their general manager Shen’s eyes are still as good as ever.

    It’s just…

    This time, whether it is business vision or his own personal vision, only he and President Shen know~

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch92

“Wow-! How can I be so powerful! Did I transform this handsome little monster!”

    After three hours of styling and makeup, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.

    Especially the makeup artist Amy who did makeup for Wen Anan this time, as a top domestic makeup artist, and even a make-up artist with some international fame, after seeing Wen Anan’s new look born from her hands, she was shocked.

    No, it’s more of a surprise than a shock!

    When Wen An’an opened her eyes, almost everyone in the dressing room was amazed by Wen An’an’s menswear style.

    Yes, you read that right, it’s a menswear look.

    This time, the luxury watch series endorsement advertisements were filmed by Wen Anan playing two male and female modeling roles.

    No way, Noble, a luxury brand owned by the Shen family, mainly focuses on watches, and jewelry is secondary.

    And the main watch, which is more biased towards men’s watch series.

    Therefore, this image spokesperson must invite male stars to speak for it.

    It’s just that Shen Zheng, the boss of the head office, has given a death order. The endorsement of the company’s brand Noble must only be filmed by Wen An’an alone. Then, the person in charge of Noble can only let Wen An’an, who played two roles, turned into a man and a woman, who came to represent men’s watches and women’s watches respectively.

    Originally, the people in charge of Noble watches felt that it was a disaster plan for a little girl like Wen Anan to dress up as a man to shoot the watch, but due to the order of the big boss Shen Zheng, they had to enable this program.    

   However, none of them thought that their helpless actions today would make them misunderstand and make their sales, which had not risen for many years, rise a lot.

    Especially, in the international market, which has always been difficult to enter, it is even more…

    “Miss Wen, the plasticity of your face is too high! Your face is so perfect!”

    “Oh my God! Beautiful women can be so handsome even if they dress up as boys!” 

   “I feel like my male god is going to change hands from today!”   

  Hearing these strange whispers, Wen Anan opened her eyes and turned her head. She looked into the mirror.     

As a result, she saw a strange and familiar young man reflected in the mirror.     

Although the young man’s face was still very childish, his delicate and beautiful eyebrows, coupled with his clean and cold makeup, gave the young man an indescribable sense of nobility and arrogance.     

With a decent little black suit and neat short hair, he looks like a little aristocratic prince, which makes people like him more and more.    

 “This, this is me?”     

Wen Anan’s eyes widened, looking at the extravagant little prince in the mirror in disbelief, feeling as if she was in a dream.     

When she was dressed as a man, she really didn’t look like a woman!     If she hadn’t known that she was looking in the mirror, she would never have felt that the boy in the mirror was herself!     


 Seeing Wen An’an’s eyes widened in surprise, she didn’t believe it at all, which amused the staff in the dressing room.   

  “Miss Wen, who else could you be~”     

“Of course it’s you, look, I made you so beautiful!”   

  Among the staff, Amy, the makeup stylist in particular, was the most excited.

   But after seeing her finish speaking, she excitedly picked up her mobile phone and patted Wen An’an for a while.

    At the same time, she kept mumbling in her mouth while patting.

    “Oh! It’s so handsome!”

    “It’s so beautiful! It’s definitely the best look I’ve ever made! No one!” “Um…”

    Wen Anan watched this scene, her mouth twitched slightly.

    Although she felt that Amy and the others’ reactions were indeed a little big, when she saw the boy in the mirror, wearing a small black suit and a neat wig, she understood a little bit.

    Because even if she is an otaku who doesn’t care about looks very much, she still thinks that she is dressed in men’s clothes, and her appearance is simply too heaven-defying!

    She had been looking at women’s clothing for a long time, but when she first saw her in men’s clothing, she felt that her youthful appearance in men’s clothing was even more amazing than wearing a skirt.

    “I have been a makeup stylist for so many years, and I have done makeup for countless male and female stars, but I have to say, Miss Wen, your face is definitely the one with the best and most perfect golden ratio.”

    After taking the photo, Amy came to tout Wen An’an’s men’s clothing again.

    With that look, it looks like a fanatical fan.

    “And the temperament of the whole body, it’s really great! Just changed the look, this girly feeling immediately turned into a youthful feeling…”

    Just as Wen Anan was a little embarrassed by Amy’s praise, When she was overwhelmed, fortunately her assistant Xiaoyu appeared in time to save the scene!

    Although Wen An’an’s assistant was also stunned by her extravagant little prince.

    But fortunately, the response was quick, and the most important thing was- “Miss An An, if the look is ready, let’s go to the studio quickly, the photographer is waiting.”

    When she said this, the cute little assistant Xiaoyu was still looking at Wen An’an with a blushing face.

    No way, Wen Anan’s current men’s outfit can kill all the traffic niches famous for their looks in today’s entertainment circle!

    Although the teenage version of Wen An’an is too delicate and beautiful, her cold eyebrows make her even more attractive.

    Completely got rid of the temperament of the weak little milk dog when wearing women’s clothes, but added a kind of handsome and noble boyish spirit.

    It was an aunt who was in her thirties and a little sister who was in her teens, and they were all so fascinated by it that she was called a dazed one.

    If it wasn’t for knowing that this delicate and beautiful young man was Wen An’an, I’m afraid that there would be a lot of little girls who would jump up and ask for contact information.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Although, even if they now know that this extravagant ‘little prince’ is a girl, they still want to ask for the contact information! 

    After carefully taking her big star out of the dressing room, Xiaoyu was relieved.

    Just in the atmosphere just now, she really felt that she was not leaving with their big star, their little prince An An, oh, no, a little princess~ will be eaten alive by those people!


    Xiaoyu blinked, and her eyes were wide and she secretly looked at Wen An’an.

    Oops! It turns out that Miss An An from their family can be so handsome!


    “Sister Amy~Sister Amy~ Could you send us a copy of the photo you just took!”

    “Yes! Sister Amy, please send us a copy of the photo too!”

     Shooting advertisements for the famous domestic luxury brand Noble watches, so the requirements for the staff are also very strict.

    One of them is that the staff are not allowed to take any photos related to the advertisement with their mobile phones.

    But Amy was a top makeup artist specially invited by Noble Watches, and she did Wen An’an’s makeup.

    She can take photos without revealing any advertising information, or even post them on the Internet with the permission of Noble watches.

    So, this is the scene where so many staff are begging for photos from Amy.

    Listening to everyone’s request, Amy curled her lips into a smile and glared at everyone charmingly.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll post it on my Weibo later, you can lick the screen any way you want!”

    After speaking, Amy first sent the photo of Wen An’an’s teenage look to the person in charge of Noble, and then chatted with him. Next, Amy successfully got a reply that she could post the photo on Weibo.

    But of course, even if Amy posted on Weibo, she couldn’t reveal who the person in the photo was, nor could she reveal anything about Wen An’an’s endorsement of the watch.

    So, in the end, Amy was able to send only a few photos.

    But even with these few photos, it can still make everyone blush and heartbeat. It’s not good to be teased by this cold and noble young man~!

    Because the photo that Amy sent to Weibo in the end was really tricky!

    Although none of them is a frontal face, there is a complete picture of the facial features.

    However, such a half-covered and half-hidden photo has a more hazy beauty than a straight face!

    The boy with the side face, the straight high nose bridge, the soft and delicate facial lines, the arrogant eyebrows…and that, reflected in the mirror, that hazy face, it is like a fashion blockbuster!

    Especially in the end, this picture was sent out by Amy with a black and white filter!

    As soon as it was posted on Weibo, it caused a huge response!

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch91

After a good night’s sleep, Wen An’an was in a very good mood because the schedules of the two vests didn’t conflict.

    After she washed up, she went downstairs to have dinner with her family.

    I have to say, Wen Anan lives in Shen’s house now, which is already a bit of a habit.

    The Shen family treats their family of three surprisingly well, and there is no sense of alienation at all.

    This also made Wen An’an want to tell the truth to him, the old man Shen, who was in deep pain, but Shen Zheng always said that the time was not right to tell the truth.

    She also doesn’t understand why it depends on the timing to tell the truth.

    But she always listened to Shen Zheng’s words very much, even though she didn’t understand why Shen Zheng said that, but she was also a little selfish in her heart.

    That is, if the truth is not exposed, then she can always be Shen Zheng’s sister.

    So, in the end, she still didn’t persevere, and she must tell the truth to Mr. Shen.

    “An An, have you been working too hard recently?”

    As soon as Wen Anan came to the living room, she saw that Mr. Shen and her parents were already sitting at the dining table.

    Looking at the breakfast on the table, Wen An’an knew that Wen’s mother was cooking for them again.

    However, Wen An’an was actually quite acceptable to these.

    After all, they have nothing to do with the Shen family at all, and staying in the Shen family for nothing would make people feel a little embarrassed.

    “Yeah, An An, Mom sees that you are always leaving early and returning late. Why is being a celebrity more busy than working?”

    Mother Wen gently handed Wen An’an’s favorite crab yellow dumplings to Wen An’an, looking at her daughter very distressed.

    I thought it would be nice for my daughter to be a star. After all, she is a star, and she still has so much money.

    However, when she saw that her daughter was so busy that no one could see her every day, she also took all kinds of transportation to rush announcements and shoot advertisements. Mother Wen felt distressed.

    “It’s not hard, it’s not hard, it’s pretty good, Assistant Jiang takes good care of me.”

    Seeing that Mr. Shen wanted to use the old routine to start scolding Assistant Jiang for squeezing her, Wen Anan hurriedly took advantage of Mr. Shen’s words before he had time to say it. At that time, first say good things about Assistant Jiang.

    After all, Wen An’an has long been used to having to come here every time.

    She calmly ate the nutritious breakfast made by her mother, while chatting with her two ‘dads’ and one mother.

    It was because she didn’t see Shen Zheng today, which made her feel a little disappointed.

    When it comes to the busy people at home, she is not the busiest one, at most the second busiest one.

    And Shen Zheng is really the busiest person.

    After all, she would come back on time for dinner and sleep every day, but Shen Zheng, sometimes he didn’t even see her face to face.

    “An An, in fact, you don’t have to work so hard to be a star. Dad opened an entertainment company for you, and I just want you to relax and play casually. We don’t have to take it so seriously.”

    It’s an old-fashioned topic, so Wen Anan doesn’t have to focus all her energy on the topic of the entertainment industry.

    But every time Wen An’an and the parents of the Wen family heard the topic from the old man Shen, they felt powerless for a while.

    Although it is said that the Wen family’s parents do not want to see their daughter so busy every day, it is difficult to even have a vacation.

    But they also know that what their daughter is doing now as a star is very proud.

    When they usually go out to buy food or go shopping, they can see advertisements of their daughters and fans of their daughters.

    Although I feel sorry for their daughter’s hard work, it is not like Old Man Shen, who wants Wen An’an to give up the entertainment industry and only stay by their side.

    After all, Wen’s father and Wen’s mother knew that Wen An’an was not the biological daughter of the old man Shen, in case it was exposed in the future.

    Then, their daughters also need to have a skill to be able to stand by.

    Therefore, even if Wen’s father and Wen’s mother are distressed for their daughter, they did not particularly insist on letting Wen An’an quit the entertainment industry.

    And as for Wen An’an?

    It is even more impossible to quit the entertainment circle now!

    The old man Shen spent tens of millions to open an entertainment company for her, and now the money invested in her is not a minority.

    She had always felt a sense of guilt towards Mr. Shen, and with so much money added, she definitely couldn’t quit the entertainment industry now.

    What’s the matter, I have to earn enough money to give back to the old man Shen who is suggesting quitting the entertainment industry.

    However, every time Wen An’an heard what Mr. Shen said about the entertainment company opening up for her to play, she would be… speechless!

    The world of the rich is really not what ordinary mortals can imagine.

    “I like being a star, and… my life is really full now.”

    Wen Anan put down the chopsticks in her hand, wiped her mouth, and said softly.

    Just as he finished speaking, she saw Assistant Jiang appear on time.

    “Assistant Jiang is here? Have breakfast? Would you like to sit down and eat together?”

    When Mother Wen saw Assistant Jiang, her smiling eyes narrowed into a line.

    She was looking at Assistant Jiang’s talent now, and listening to her daughter say that Assistant Jiang has always taken good care of her, that she has long treated him as a son-in-law.

    People say that love grows over time. Mother Wen saw the relationship between her daughter and Assistant Jiang was very good.

    Although it is said that my daughter is still young now, this has to be planned.

    Especially now that my daughter is a big star, it will be even more difficult to find a partner in the future.

    She didn’t just pray that her daughter would marry well, she also wanted to let her daughter find a husband who would know the truth and take good care of her daughter.

    So, Assistant Jiang became the most suitable candidate in the eyes of Mother Wen.

    Every time I see people, there is a smile on my face.

    “No, auntie, I’ve eaten.”

    Assistant Jiang smiled politely at Wen’s mother, although he didn’t understand why every time Wen’s mother was so enthusiastic towards him, with those eyes, He was really on the edge. 

    “Humph! Xiao Jiang! I said what’s the matter with you, I handed over our baby An An to you, that is not for you to squeeze her with work, but for you to take good care of her and make her happy. But it’s better now, our family An An is so busy with you that I can only see our baby An An every day at breakfast.”

    As before, Assistant Jiang ate at another hangout at Mr. Shen’s side, it was a miserable word spray.

    “I’m very happy! Really, I’m really happy, don’t scold Assistant Jiang.”

    Wen Anan couldn’t bear to see Assistant Jiang being sprayed with blood again, she hurriedly stood up and walked over Assistant Jiang and the old man Shen were talking for Assistant Jiang.

    After all, she felt from the bottom of her heart that it was her appearance that hurt Assistant Jiang!

    Assistant Jiang’s original job was so good, but because of her, Mr. Shen asked him to change careers and become an artist’s agent.

    Even if it was her, she was a little upset for Assistant Jiang in her heart.

    And Wen An’an’s behavior made Wen’s mother very satisfied, and she felt more and more that her daughter and Assistant Jiang were a perfect match.

    “An An, you are soft-hearted, do you think this Xiao Jiang is helping you? He, he also has his own thoughts…”

    The old man Shen, who was still about to say something, saw Wen Anan frowning unhappy pitiful appearance, it was the same as before, unable to say anything.

    “Okay, okay! I won’t say it, I won’t say it. Dad just loves you. Look at you, you’ve lost weight.”

    Listening to the words of Old Man Shen, Wen Anan blinked and said seriously, “I didn’t. I have a body type teacher, and she said that I am in good shape now, neither thin nor fat, I have to keep maintaining it.”

    “Well, well, neither thin nor fqt, our An An is the most beautiful and has the best figure. “

    Master Shen was amused when he saw Wen An’an’s serious look.

    However, soon, the smile on Old Shen’s face disappeared again.

    Because –

    “Master, I’m afraid you won’t be able to see Miss An An recently.”

    Assistant Jiang’s words made Master Shen, who was still very happy, suddenly lose his smile.

    “What did you say? Why can’t we meet!”

    “Ms. An An is going to film a movie in Hollywood, so she will be living with a foreign crew soon.”  

After hearing Assistant Jiang’s explanation, Old Shen’s heart was filled with shame!

    Why did he open an entertainment company and let his baby An An enter the entertainment circle and continue to be a star?

    How could they help their baby An An arrange such an agent?

    “Going abroad to make movies? Wouldn’t that be more difficult?”

    Although Father Wen and Mother Wen also approve of their daughter becoming a big star, they are still very worried when they see their daughter go abroad to make a movie.

    “Mom and dad, the film that Assistant Jiang picked for me is very powerful. It was shot by a famous international director, with an investment of several hundred million! Besides, I still play a very important role…”

    Wen An An knows her parents very well. Although they don’t talk about it, she also knows that whose parents don’t have the wish of their children to become dragons and their daughters to become phoenixes?

    So, after she said that, the worries of Wen’s father and Wen’s mother also turned into pride.

    Even the old man Shen had a proud expression.

    “We An’an are amazing. How long has it been since we were stars, and we’ve already become international stars.”

    Hearing that Mr. Shen began to brag about himself again, Wen An’an was both amused and a little helpless at the same time.

    Originally, she felt that her parents already doted on her very much, but this old man Shen is simply doting her even more than her parents.

    Of course, this made her feel even more guilty.

    After breakfast, Wen Anan packed up and followed Assistant Jiang to catch the announcement.

    In fact, it is said to be in a hurry, and it is not very rushed.

    Even, in fact, in today’s announcement, when she comes to shoot, she can decide by herself.

    Because, today’s commercial shoot is to shoot a spokesperson advertisement for the luxury watch series owned by the Shen family.

    Therefore, she has the final say when she wants to be the ‘spokesman of the prince’s children’ appointed by the prince.

    However, Wen Anan has an unselfish agent, Assistant Jiang!

    He has always been meticulous and perfect in his work, so even if he is shooting an advertisement for his own house, there is no room for sand.

    Shoot when you decide to shoot.

    Moreover, because Wen An’an was going to shoot the Hollywood special effects movie “Doomsday” in a short time, the time he arranged for Wen An’an was even more rushed.

    After all, if Wen An’an’s closed crew concentrates on filming, there will be basically no news and will not appear in front of everyone for a while.

    So, before she started filming, he really tried his best to ‘squeeze’ Wen Anan.

    Just waiting, when Wen An’an concentrates on filming in Hollywood in the United States, Wen An’an also has hot news searches, and everyone can see her figure.

    Therefore, Wen Anan really shot a lot of advertisements during this time.

    But of course, the advertisements that Assistant Jiang received for Wen An’an were all high-end luxury brands.

    “An An, do you also think I’m pressing you too much? Do you feel tired?”

    Assistant Jiang, who was sitting in the passenger seat, looked at Wen An An who was sitting in the back seat of the car from the rear mirror.

    As old man Shen said, he was selfish.

    He did this not only for Wen An’an, but also for himself.

    In everything, he wants to be the best.

    Although he didn’t like to be a star agent at first, but if he really did, he still had to strive for the best.

    He never wanted to waste his time, so since he became Wen An’an’s manager, he would make her the best one.

    And Wen Anan can only become the most popular big star.

    “No, no, I know Assistant Jiang is doing it for my own good.”

    Wen Anan shook her head gently and looked at Assistant Jiang with a smile. That smile was really soft and sweet. Anyone who sees such a sweet smile will fall into the trap, and they want to dig out their hearts for her.

    However, such a soft and sweet smile made Assistant Jiang frown.

    “An An, we are going to shoot a high-end watch advertisement later. You can’t be in this state. You have to be more advanced and cold, but you can’t laugh so sweetly.”

    Assistant Jiang was suddenly so fierce , Wen Anan immediately restrained the smile on her face, but nodded earnestly, looking like a good baby.

    In this scene, the driver sitting in the driver’s seat and the assistant Xiaoyu sitting next to Wen An’an started to complain in their hearts again.

    Their big star laughs so sweetly that they will be criticized, it’s really terrible!

    Is this Assistant Jiang really a man? Seeing Wen An’an’s sweet and charming smile, yet still so cold, he is not a man at all!

    “This advertisement was won by President Shen himself for you. In the past, the advertisements of this watch were all first-line male and female stars to shoot, but this time, President Shen defied all opinions and did not select those first-line male and female stars, but let you shoot alone, so you must not drop the chain and embarrass Mr. Shen.”

    Wen Anan, who was a little nervous at first, heard what Assistant Jiang said was even more nervous.

    She was both nervous and moved in her heart, she just felt that the elder brother Shen Zheng was really nice to her! So good that she didn’t know how to repay him.

    In my heart, of course, I made a decision even more, to take good care of this watch commercial, and not to shame Shen Zheng!

    However, how did she know that Assistant Jiang said that on purpose.

    When Shen Zheng was in the company, he had great power, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that.

    It’s just a spokesperson, and it’s not as exaggerated as Assistant Jiang said.

    It was just that Shen Zheng opened his mouth, and he gave it to Wen Anan easily.

    Of course, this advertising endorsement is indeed something that Shen Zheng can easily solve with his mouth open.

    However, on other stars, it is really a difficult task that is hard to get.

    “En! I will definitely take a good picture!”

    Wen Anan said with full of fighting spirit, clenching her small fist tightly.

    Seeing Wen An’an’s caring appearance, Assistant Jiang’s mouth twitched slightly and nodded lightly.

    The car quickly drove to the commercial shooting scene.

    When Wen An’an was pulled by the makeup artist and stylist to do makeup and styling, assistant Xiaoyu walked to Assistant Jiang’s side with a worried look.

    “Assistant Jiang, Assistant Jiang, there’s something I don’t quite understand…” 

Assistant Jiang, who was watching Wen An’an’s recent trip, frowned slightly after hearing what Xiaoyu said, and looked at her.

    “What’s the matter.”

    “It’s the matter of Miss An An being hacked. Recently, I heard that the official Weibo account of “The Legend of Immortals” will be officially announced. Shall we… clarify it?”

    He raised his eyebrows and sneered.

    “Now to clarify? It’s not the time.”

    “Ah? Not the time? But when “The Legend of Immortals” is officially announced, Miss An An will be ridiculed to death. Now there are many people on the Internet waiting for “The Legend of Immortals” the official announcement…”

    Xiaoyu pursed her lips tightly, and spoke a little bit for Wen An’an.

    Because she is Wen An’an’s assistant, she knows Wen An’an’s next itinerary, and she will definitely not appear in “The Legend of Immortals”.


    Now there’s a lot of quarrel on the Internet because the character He Xiaoxian belongs to Wen An’an or Wen Yanan.

    She can foresee that when the role of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals” is officially announced, there will definitely be many people who will ridicule their big stars.

    “Don’t worry, hit the snake and hit seven inches. When the time comes, I will naturally handle the matter.”

    Having said this, Assistant Jiang smiled coldly, with a frightening look on his face.

    Looking at the sneer on Assistant Jiang’s face, he really scared Xiaoyu enough.

    Although she didn’t know what Assistant Jiang said, she knew that some people might be unlucky.

    And those people, it is very likely that they are the masterminds behind the big stars on the Internet!

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch90

After thinking for a long time, Wen An’an decided to leave a message to Lin Xi and tell her that she really didn’t have time to participate in the “Youth Literature” competition that required an appearance.    

As for why not call? Of course, Wen An’an considered that it was already late and it was time to rest.    

So in order not to disturb others’ rest, Wen An’an turned on the computer, and after logging into the social software, she left a message for Lin Xi.    

However, what Wen Anan didn’t expect was that at this point in time, Lin Xi replied to her within a short while.    

She originally thought that Lin Xi was already resting, and even if she replied to her, she might not reply to her until tomorrow.    

[Editor Xiaoxi: An An, how come you are about to quit the game?]    

Looking at the words sent by Lin Xi, Wen Anan pursed her lips. Although she did not truthfully explain to Lin Xi that she wanted to participate in the filming of the movie, she also gave similar reasons.   

 [Going with the flow: Sorry, I’m going on a business trip abroad recently, so I don’t have time to participate in your “Youth Literature” competition. ]    

[Edit Xiaoxi: Ah, that’s it. If there is something wrong with the three-dimensional, there is really no way.]    

[Going with the flow: So, editor, I’m going to trouble you this time. Also, if I quit the game now, how much is the liquidated damages]    

[Editor Xiaoxi: Pfft! You are too serious. This is originally a game, and there is a problem of liquidated damages when withdrawing, and it is not a star participating in any program recording.]    

Looking at Lin Xi’s words on the screen, Wen Anan realized that this is a game, not a notice of salary, and there is indeed no such thing as liquidated damages.    

[Going with the flow: Ah—that’s really great~]    

[Editor Xiaoxi: However, you really don’t have to rush out of this competition. An An, don’t you watch online news at all?]    

[Going with the flow: Internet news? ? ? In my spare time, I just read comics. ]    

After becoming a star, especially after deciding to shoot a movie, Wen An’an’s time has been tightly arranged.    

Every day I run this announcement or that announcement, and I also need to go to various training courses every day to prepare for future announcements.    

What vocal music, dancing, and acting classes, she was learning all of them.    She doubted whether Assistant Jiang was a Virgo perfectionist, always thinking of making her the most perfect all-round star.    

However, although she was a little busy every day, she still felt that she had lived a full life, which made her feel quite satisfied.    

But the only downside is that she used to be an otaku who stayed at home and read comics all day.    Now, she is so busy that she has much less time to read and read comics.    [Edit Xiaoxi: No wonder, in fact, you don’t have to retire. Because of the time of the game, it was postponed. Recently, one of the judges was having a conflict with the program team, and a scandal broke out. Therefore, it is impossible for the competition of “Youth Literature” to be held as scheduled.    

The organizer is promoting the image, and there is still some kind of activity to vote for the judges, so you don’t have to retire in such a hurry. Not sure, your three-dimensional work is over, and the game has not yet started. ]    

Looking at this sentence from Lin Xi, Wen Anan pursed her lips, she thought for a moment, and she was still very moved by Lin Xi’s suggestion.    

After all, every author wants to make his work visible to more people and filmed.    Even a Buddhist like Wen An’an had this idea.    It’s just —    

[Going with the flow: Forget it, I’m afraid that my three-dimensional work will be busy for a long time.]    

Although it is said that the heart will return, but she feels that the time of filming is not within her control.    Don’t wait, she’s only halfway through the filming of the film, and the domestic competition for “The Age of Youth” is about to start.   

 [Editor Xiaoxi: An An, why do you seem to be very busy with your work? ]   

[Going with the flow: Well, I’m a little busy. So, I really feel that I may not be able to take care of it. ]   

 [Editor Xiaoxi: Well, a week before the show starts recording, if you still don’t have time to come back to participate in the competition, then how about you retire at that time? ]    

Looking at this sentence, Wen An’an was really moved.    

But she still had a little hesitation in her heart.    

Xu Shi was very hesitant to see Wen An’an who didn’t reply for a long time, and Lin Xi on the other end of the computer was tempted by persistent efforts.    

[Editor Xiaoxi: An An, this game is really difficult. And because of the scandal of the judges of “Youth Literature”, this time the competition has attracted more attention and is more open and fair. This time is really for all literary authors, and even a great opportunity for online literature authors, you must cherish it. You believe me, I think, with your strength, I dare not say the first place, but the position of the top three will definitely have you! ]    

After seeing Lin Xi’s call for such a long paragraph, Wen An’an was finally persuaded.    

[Going with the flow: Well, if that’s the case, then do as you said earlier. If I still don’t have time a week before the race, I’m quitting. ]    

[Editor Xiaoxi: Well! Okay! Hope you can come back from work the week before the game. ]    

[Going with the flow: Well, thank you for editing. It’s getting late, you should rest early~]    

[Editor Xiaoxi: Okay, you also rest early, good night. ]    

Here, Lin Xi just typed the word “good night” on the keyboard, but she just went through the incident that Wen Anan wanted to retire from the competition, how could she fall asleep!    

To be honest, this time in the “Youth Literature” competition, Wen An’an, who was under her hand, was chosen by her team, she really had shit luck!    

No, it should be said that since she signed Wen An’an, it was a piece of shit luck!    A very solemn and formal competition held like this can be said to be paid attention to by the entire literary circle.    

Every author is proud to be able to participate in this competition.    

Not to mention, there are very few authors of online literature who can participate in this competition.    

In previous years, each literary website only had one or two candidates, and they were all great-level net writers.    

A young rookie like Wen Anan has never been qualified to participate in this competition.    

However, this Wen Anan is lucky! The first book “The Little Dragon Girl of Taoism ” written by a person in charge of this program made an exception and entered the program and became a contestant.    

In their online literature circle, I don’t know how many authors are envious and jealous.    

And her editor was paid by the company because of an author like Wen An’an, and she valued her very much.    

So, whether it was for Wen An’an or herself, she didn’t want Wen An’an to retire.    

Because, she knew that this time, it was a perfect opportunity.    

Thinking of this, Lin Xi sighed lightly.    Although she has now persuaded Wen Anan to continue participating in the competition.    

But, to be honest, if Wen Anan really couldn’t come back to participate in the competition because of work, it would be no use.    

Distraught, Lin Xi walked out of the bedroom and was about to go to the restaurant to get a can of beer and drink to relieve his worries.    

As a result, she saw her friend who rented an apartment with her also came out of the bedroom.    

“Xiaoxi, you haven’t slept yet?”    

At this point, Lin Xi was supposed to be asleep, so her friend Shen Xiaohui, who lived with her, muttered in surprise when she saw Lin Xi standing in the living room.    

“I can’t sleep at all.”    

Listening to Lin Xi’s words, Shen Xiaohui came to have some nature.    

After all, this friend of hers is very frivolous on weekdays, and there is basically nothing to worry about, and the things that can make her unable to sleep, it really makes her a little curious.    

“Is there something to worry about? It just so happens that my sister is free, tell her~”    

So, Lin Xi, who was very troubled in his heart, confided his troubles to his friends.    

And after Shen Xiaohui heard it, she was really surprised.    

“The writer under your command doesn’t care too much about fame and fortune! Such a good opportunity, if you give up, give up? If her company knew that she participated in such a competition that could improve her image, it would definitely let her go. Did you participate?”    

“An An’s three-dimensional work should be very good, maybe she doesn’t like the fame and fortune in the literary circle.”    

Thinking about the things that have happened since contact with Wen An’an, Lin Xi is very sure. The author below should have a good family background and must have a very good job.    

Not sure, the money people make by writing on the Internet is not as high as her own salary.    

“No! That “Youth Literature”! Now many people know about this literary competition, and many people are waiting to watch it! This girl is really more Buddha than you~”    

“Really, although the girl An An is young, her living conditions and work should not be bad.”    

Hearing her friend compliment Wen An’an so much, Shen Xiaohui became somewhat interested in this mysterious author girl.    

“How old is she? I’ve heard a little about her book “The Little Dragon Girl of Taoism”, and the review is quite good.”    

“The age on the ID card is only eighteen or nineteen years old.”    

Lin Xi hadn’t finished speaking yet. She was interrupted by Shen Xiaohui.    

“Wait! If she’s only 18 or 19 years old, she should still be in school at that age! Where did she get a job? And it’s a job with a high salary?    

“Lin Xi, it was only then that she realized that at the age of eighteen or nineteen, even if it is a job, it should not have a good job.    


“But, An An’s job is indeed to run around the world frequently. The last time was the last time I gave you the bottle of EL perfume that was sold out and hard to buy. France bought it for me herself.”    

“Ah, she bought that bottle of perfume for you! Then she is really amazing. Because this perfume is endorsed by my goddess, it is really difficult to buy. Especially this perfume has not been listed in China yet.”    

Speaking of her own goddess, Shen Xiaohui completely forgot that she had digressed, and has been praising her goddess.    

After talking for a while, Shen Xiaohui came back to her senses, and continued to return to this 18- or 19-year-old author girl who was already very tired.    

It’s just because of the addition of perfume, Shen Xiaohui really has a lot of good feelings for this author girl who has never met or communicated with.    

“The last time An An was on a business trip in France, this time An An seems to have gone on a business trip to the United States. So, although An An is young, I don’t think she is deceiving.”    

Although Lin Xi also thinks that it is a bit incredible to have a very good job at the age of 18 or 19, but after all, she has also been in contact with Wen Anan for a while, and she also has some understanding of Wen Anan, so she did not question Wen Anan’s work. piece.    

“Tsk tsk tsk, when you say that, I also think that this little girl is really powerful. however,” Shen Xiaohui blinked her eyes and continued with emotion.    

“Is it true that the little girl’s named An An are very good? My goddess is also 18 or 19 years old, and she is now a very powerful star. Although, recently, she has always been black-lighted and has no acting skills. But my goddess I’m only eighteen now! The future is limitless!    

Besides, no one has ever seen my goddess act, so how can they insist that my little fairy, An An, can’t play the role of He Xiaoxian~”    

Seeing her own family a close friend of hers, who never left her favorite star, Lin Xi shook her head amusingly on the topic of Wen An’an.    

Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind because of Shen Xiaohui’s words.    

The big star Wen An’an and the young writer Wen An’an have the same name and surname, and they are even about the same age. Isn’t it a coincidence? ? ?    

But soon, Lin Xi dispelled the thought in his heart!    

After all, the big star Wen An’an is very busy. Even if she is not a fan of Wen An’an’s brain, it is clear that Wen An’an’s popularity is so high now that she has no time to write about it.     

The three-dimensional announcements are too busy, and the money earned is much higher than the writing.    

Therefore, Lin Xi never thought that these two people would be the same person! Never had the slightest doubt.    

However, what she didn’t know was that Wen An’an, a new Ming Dynasty writer, and Wen An’an, a young writer, were the same person~    

However, what she didn’t know was that Wen An’an’s brain circuit was completely different from that of ordinary people~

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch89

Wen Anan really didn’t expect that Brad’s “Doomsday” would start shooting so quickly.

    Because of the originally scheduled time, it was obvious that the shooting started in the second half of the year.

    Therefore, at that time, she agreed to Lin Xi’s side without any hesitation, to participate in some youth literary competition.

    Well now, these two schedules actually collided!

    She is about to go to Hollywood in the United States to shoot the movie “Doomsday”, but Lin Xi’s “Youth Literature” will also start the competition…

    “Alas… what should I do now.”

    Wen Anan frowned bitterly, with that look, looking really distressed.

    But even if she is distressed at this time, it will not help, because these two shows are about to start filming now.

    After thinking about it, Wen Anan felt that she might have to give up a show.

    The show “Doomsday” is definitely impossible to give up, after all, there are too many things involved.

    Because of this movie, Assistant Jiang really worked hard for her to adjust the schedule for a long time.

    He also pushed a lot of invitations, and more importantly, the “Doomsday” crew was preparing to start filming this movie. It really took a long time to prepare, and her role was specially added by Brad.

    Therefore, no matter what you say about the movie “Doomsday”, there is no way to push it away.

    And as for “Youth Literature”…

    Wu wu wu-! “Youth Literature”, she also signed a contract!

    The money she made during this time should be enough to pay the liquidated damages, right?

    Just when Wen An’an was thinking about how to tell her editor Lin Xi that she was going to withdraw from the competition of “Youth Literature”.

    But she didn’t know that a piece of good news hit her!

    It’s almost solved her urgent need this time, but it’s only temporary~

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch88

“That’s right, Director Xu still thinks you are more suitable for the role of He Xiaoxian than Wen An’an.”

    After hearing this affirmative answer, Wen Yanan was simply surprised and delighted!

    She never imagined that things would go so smoothly.

    She even gave all the credit to Sister Hong. After all, in her last life, this woman was very good at her methods and helped Wen Anan win a lot of announcements.

    After the joy was over, Wen Yanan thought about one thing.

    “Sister Hong, are you sure that this role must be mine this time?”

    Listening to Wen Yanan’s question, Sister Hong nodded, although she didn’t understand a little, why did people still favor Wen Anan a second ago? What about the role of He Xiaoxian?

    Moreover, it was also possible that this role must be a battle for He Xiaoxian.

    As a result, just one second later, when she was trying to get the role for Wen Yanan, she was told that the role of He Xiaoxian belonged to Wen Yanan again.

    Regardless, however, this news is good news.

    As long as the end result is good, the process is not so important.

    “Well, this role must be yours. Because Director Xu has already called and asked you to take He Xiaoxian’s makeup photos tomorrow, and it needs to be announced by Weibo.”

    Sister Hong’s words, It just gave Wen Yanan a reassurance, and at the same time, it also gave her a new plan…

    Of course, it’s another plan for Wen An’an.

    Although it was said that every time she planned, it seemed that… it had not been very successful.

    “Very well, then I have to prepare well.”

    Wen Yanan raised the corners of her lips, and a smug smile appeared on her face.

    “Sister Hong, when the official announcement comes out, let’s wait and see Wen An’an’s good show.”

    After that, Wen Yanan laughed in a good mood.

    But Sister Hong, who is Wen Yanan’s agent, is a little puzzled. She actually doesn’t understand why Wen Yanan is so hostile to Wen An’an.

    After all, in her eyes, the two of them did not follow the same route at all.

    Wen An’an is an idol group, while Wen Yanan is an acting group, who is going for the actor’s path.

    In her eyes, the two of them couldn’t fight together, and there was no competition.

    After all, even in looks, the two have different styles.

    So in the absence of any competition, she really didn’t understand Wen Yanan’s hostility.

    On the contrary, in her eyes, Wen Anan is in a big trend now, with such a strong popularity and background.

    It’s not only that you can’t have a bad relationship with her, but you still have to make a good relationship with her.


After all, she and Wen Yanan are in the same boat now, so it is inconvenient for her to say too much.

    Moreover, Wen Yanan’s character is too strong and persistent, and she will not listen to any advice.

    “Oh, yes, Sister Hong. Yan Qi is still filming abroad recently? Didn’t he come back?”

    Because of the scandal with Wen Anan some time ago, just when she thought Yan Qi would come out and expose his relationship with Wen Anan ,the man she had liked for two lifetimes suddenly disappeared.

    However, the news that came out from the company later was that Yan Qi went abroad to shoot movies.

    However, she always felt that this matter was not so simple.

    “Not yet, there is no news about him in the company.”

    Listening to Sister Hong’s words, Wen Yanan nodded in disappointment.

    She thought about Yan Qi a little bit.

    In fact, she entered this circle, first for herself, but also partly because Yan Qi was in this circle.

    She hopes… that she can be closer to the person she likes… or that she can develop further with him.

    However, she doesn’t know why, everything that is happening now is a little different from what she imagined…

 In the past, Yan Qi didn’t like the vicious woman Wen Anan so much.

    Even to a state of disgust.

    But why now…


    Wen Yanan sighed lightly, showing a look of discomfort and doubt.

    Why has Yan Qi’s feelings for Wen An’an completely reversed in this life?

    What is this?

    ” Achho~!”

    Wen Anan, who was typing, sneezed. She rubbed her nose, and after writing the last word of the manuscript, she was about to turn off the computer and go to sleep.

    What she didn’t expect was that Assistant Jiang called at this time when she should be resting.

    “Hey, Assistant Jiang, it’s so late, what’s the matter with you calling?”

    Wen An’an said softly after connecting the phone.

    “An An, I received news from Director Brad that the filming of the movie “Doomsday” is ahead of schedule, so I’m afraid we will go to Hollywood to shoot a movie this week.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen An An blinked in surprise and blurted out.

    “In such a hurry? Doesn’t it mean that the movie has to start shooting in the second half of the year?”

    Wen Anan didn’t expect that “Doomsday” would start filming so soon, which made her leak some emotions for a while.

    “What, what’s the matter with you?”

    “No, no…”

    Fortunately, Wen Anan was talking to Assistant Jiang on the phone at this time.

    Otherwise, if it were face-to-face, Assistant Jiang would have seen through Wen An’an’s little thought at this time.

    After all, Wen An’an really doesn’t know how to pretend at all.

    Fortunately, Assistant Jiang couldn’t see the expression on Wen An’an’s face at this time, so he didn’t think about it, but said another thing.

    “By the way, don’t pay attention to the negative news about you on the Internet recently. This matter will be resolved soon.”

    “Ah? What negative news?”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan was a little guilty. Get confused.

    At this time, Assistant Jiang also remembered that the little girl Wen Anan didn’t care about her gossip news at all.

    Even if she goes online, she only reads comics and never goes to Weibo to read gossip news about herself.

    “Forget it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know, well, it’s getting late, you should rest early.”

    “Well, good night, Assistant Jiang.”

    After hanging up the phone, Wen Anan didn’t tell Assistant Jiang at all. Take the negative news you just said to heart.

    At this moment, her heart was full of –

    Oops! Ruined! Her two identities, well, seem to have hit the schedule!

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch87

[Breaking news! “The Legend of Immortals” latest news! Wen Yanan was cut off! The role of He Xiaoxian changed hands! ]

    Just when the Internet is precisely because of who is the most suitable person to play the role of He Xiaoxian, a post suddenly appeared on China’s largest gossip forum.

    And the content of the post is also very exciting, well-founded, and very particular about evidence, and the owner also claims to be an internal staff member in “The Legend of Immortals”, so this post has attracted a lot of people.

    There are many people who eat melons, and they all feel that the credibility of this post is very high!

    Because in the post, not only did it not ambiguously point out who the person who cut off Wen Yanan’s role was, but also pointed out why Wen Yanan signed the contract and was changed roles.

    Before this post was published, all the melon eaters thought that Wen An’an’s face was quite suitable to play He Xiaoxian, the number one beauty in the world of fairy and devil.

    However, after seeing the various revelations given in the post, they felt a little bit of disgust towards Wen Anan instead.

    After all, having a good-looking face is one thing, but relying on a background to bully others and grab someone else’s role is not good.

    And…still using the public opinion of their group of melon eaters to put pressure on the crew, it’s really… disgusting.

    In the post, it is very vaguely pointed out that the comparison post of He Xiaoxian, which has been on fire recently, was created by Wen An’an’s brokerage company.

    Including Wen An’an’s version of He Xiaoxian’s makeup photos, it’s all speculation.

    And their group of melon eaters were also used by Wen An’an’s brokerage company, and used public opinion to guide the crew to make some decisions.

    And this decision was to replace Wen Yanan, who had already signed with the crew.

    Give the role of He Xiaoxian to Wen An’an, and let Wen An’an join the crew to play the role of the outstanding beauty in the two worlds.

    After many people who eat melons read the post, they are so angry and depressed.

    It was also a little distressed that Wen Yanan came, and they were still complaining that Wen Yanan was not suitable for playing He Xiaoxian, but Wen Anan’s face was suitable for the melon eaters who played He Xiaoxian.

    After all, they were just complaining at the beginning. The most important thing is that Wen Anan has no acting skills.

    However, now Wen Yanan’s good acting skills have really been replaced, and she has been replaced by such despicable means.

    In their hearts, of course, they are not very comfortable~!

    [I feel sorry for Wen Yanan now. To be honest, although Wen Yanan’s appearance does not seem to suit He Xiaoxian as well as Wen An’an, she has acting skills. ]

    [Wen Anan is good-looking, but she is not an actress and has no acting skills. In this case, I think if she plays the role of He Xiaoxian, I’m afraid it will ruin a classic! ]

    [Although I also think that Wen Anan’s appearance is more suitable for the role of He Xiaoxian, but I still prefer Wen Yanan to play this role, after all, Wen Yanan really has acting skills! ]

    [I feel that this time, Wen Anan is really good at losing favorability! In fact, she’s just a supporting actress in a TV series. With her current reputation, what TV movie can’t be received, why do you have to use such a dirty method to grab the role? ]

    [Hehehe! Wen Anan, this idol, do you have any representative works? To say that she is a singer, there is not a single song. If she is an actress, has she acted in anything? Even if it is a variety show, she is not a regular guest on a show. Every time I go to the hot search, it’s either my face or my face, and I’m tired of seeing all kinds of glamorous pressures. ]

    [Seriously, as a passerby fan of Wen An’an, I really hope that Wen An’an’s agency will manage Wen An’an’s future development well, and don’t waste her talent and resources. ]


    But overnight, the public opinion on the Internet turned upside down.

    Originally, they were still touting Wen An’an’s good looks and completely beat Wen Yanan. Netizens who are the most suitable for the role of He Xiaoxian, most of them were driven by the wind, and they were led away by the navy just like the grass on the wall.

    Although it is said that there are still some rational fans who have not followed suit, this is a small part after all.

    A lot of people are fighting for Wen Yanan, and Wen Anan has become a villain.

    At this time, because the staff of AiaN Entertainment did not always pay attention to the trend on the Internet, the assistant who was responsible for publishing the company’s official Weibo, still followed the originally arranged process and released a Weibo.

    And this Weibo post also pushed Wen Anan to the forefront.

    [AiaN Entertainment V: Congratulations to our invincible and lovely fairy in the universe @Wen Anan is about to start her new journey! Come on! [Photo]]

    Once this Weibo post by AiaN Entertainment was posted, it attracted the attention of countless people.

    There is no other reason, it is all because of the last picture posted in this Weibo!

    In the picture, Wen Anan is sitting on a tatami on the open-air balcony, holding a book in his hand, and is watching leisurely.

    And on the cover of that book, the words ‘script’ were written!

    Although it is said that the cover does not indicate which film and television work the script is.

    However, in connection with the information that has been exposed by netizens, everyone subconsciously thinks that this script must be the script of “The Legend of Immortals”!

    This time, that’s amazing!

    Countless netizens are fighting for Wen Yanan!

    And Wen Yanan, the promoter behind the scenes and also the party involved, was even more angry when she saw this Weibo!

    Because she also thought that the script in Wen An’an’s hand was the script of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals”.

    “Sister Hong! What the hell is going on here! Director Xu hasn’t notified me about the termination of the contract! Why has Wen An’an already got the script for “The Legend of Immortals”! Director Xu, what do they mean!”

    Wen Yanan angrily threw the tablet in her hand. What she didn’t expect was that originally she just wanted to manipulate public opinion, to oppress the show team, so that they would not dare to easily terminate the contract with her, and Wen Anan played the role of her favorite. this role.

    However, she never thought that the crew of “The Legend of Immortals” had already signed a contract with Wen An’an!

    “It shouldn’t be. Director Xu has not formally negotiated with us about the termination of the contract, which means that they have not signed a contract with Wen An’an yet.”

    Sister Hong also frowned tightly. In the circle, although it often happens that a character is taken away and replaced, it will only be officially announced after both parties have negotiated well.

    In the current situation, Sister Hong is completely confused.

    After all, Director Xu Cheng Xu Da is still very well-known in this circle.

    This kind of unilateral termination of the contract without notice is not the style of Director Xu Cheng.

    “Then what does the Weibo posted by Wen An’an’s agency mean!”

    Wen Yanan has now lost her mind by Wen An’an, and she is in a state of irritability.

    “Also… Maybe it’s another script?”

    After finishing speaking, Sister Hong nodded her head to Wen Yanan with certainty, and continued confidently.

    “That’s right, that’s about it. After all, Wen An’an is very popular now, and there are not a few directors who want to invite her to film.”

    However, Wen Yanan smiled coldly after listening to Sister Hong’s words.

    “Oh? Yes, I don’t know if there is a script that can be better than “The Legend of Immortals” recently. Wen An’an’s agency is so supportive of Wen An’an, how can they put “The Legend of Immortals” as a stable and explosive big game. I don’t accept the IP, but I will accept other scripts!”

    After all, Wen Yanan, who took the facts of her previous life as the standard, did not believe that the script in Wen An’an’s hands was not from “The Legend of Immortals” script.

    After all, in her last life, Wen An’an played the role of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals”.

    Therefore, in this life, Wen An’an’s agency will definitely continue to help her win the role of He Xiaoxian.

    However, Wen Yanan firmly believed that Wen An’an must be trying to snatch the role of He Xiaoxian from her, that is, she didn’t believe what Sister Hong said at all.

    However, how could she have thought that Sister Hong was really right!

    Wen Anan did pick up another script!

    “Yanan, don’t worry, since Director Xu has not formally negotiated with us on this matter, it means that there is still room for things to turn around…” 

The righteousness in her heart was about to go crazy, and she felt that this character was very likely to return. Like in her previous life, she was about to be snatched by Wen An’an again. After hearing Sister Hong’s words, she felt like she had caught the last straw, and tightly grasped Sister Hong’s wrist.

    “Sister Hong! You must help me! Help me win the role of He Xiaoxian! This role is really important to me!”

    Seeing Wen Yanan’s crazy appearance, Sister Hong was a little scared .

    In fact, she didn’t really care about the role of He Xiaoxian.

    It’s true that this role is really good, but it’s just a supporting actress who can’t even be regarded as the second female lead.

    If it is a heroine, Wen Yanan is so vying for it, she must win it.

    But…it’s just a small supporting role.

    However, seeing Wen Yanan’s stubborn and persistent appearance, she nodded subconsciously and agreed to Wen Yanan.

    However, even if she agreed to Wen Yanan, she didn’t think she could take this role back to Wen Yanan.

    After all, Kong Tian, ​​who has the most say in the crew of “The Legend of Immortals”, said directly that the role of He Xiaoxian must be played by Wen Anan.

    Even if they are operating here, it is estimated that…the effect will not be great.

    However, seeing that Wen Yanan was a little crazy for this role, Sister Hong still did not express her speculation in the end.

    When Wen Yanan was angry because Wen Anan got the script of “The Legend of Immortals”, the crew of “The Legend of Immortals” received a refusal reply from Wen Anan.

    Originally, when they saw the Weibo posted by AiaN Entertainment on Weibo, they, like Wen Yanan, thought that Wen Anan must be playing the role of He Xiaoxian.

    After all, this role is really lovable. If this role is used to enter the entertainment industry and become an actor, it is really suitable.

    However, what they never thought was that what they received was a rejection reply.

    “What? Wen An’an refused?!”

    Kong Tian, ​​the author and screenwriter of “The Legend of Immortals”, was stunned when he heard what Xu Cheng told him.

    He never thought that a newcomer who just debuted would reject the role of He Xiaoxian.

    “Have you sent your script? It’s not because you didn’t send it, right?”

    Someone who has always been very confident about his own script, that’s quite confident!

    He firmly did not believe that someone could resist the role of He Xiaoxian!

    After all, he added a lot of drama to the role of He Xiaoxian, and the character was even more full.

    For such a role, he believes, it should be difficult for anyone to refuse.

    Seeing Kong Tian’s narcissistic appearance, Xu Cheng’s mouth twitched slightly, then he took a sip of his tea indifferently, and then slowly continued to speak.

    “The script was sent, but they still rejected it. They said that there was a conflict in the schedule, so they couldn’t accept our script.”

    Listening to Xu Cheng’s explanation, Kong Tian was still a little unwilling to give up.

    “Then… can’t they push back the conflicting schedules?”

    “Old Kong, to be a star, you should also pay attention to credibility. I didn’t agree with your decision. After all, the image of the cabinet and the acting skills. In terms of acting skills, I still prefer Wen Yanan to play the role of He Xiaoxian.”

    Xu Chengcheng put down the water glass in his hand and said indifferently.

    “Now, since Wen Anan pushed it, let Wen Yanan continue to play the role of He Xiaoxian.”

    At this time, Xu Cheng said this, but he regretted it one day later. 

    In the future, he would like to slap a few times, so as to tell his past self that Wen Anan can act too!

    We must let Wen Anan take over the role of He Xiaoxian! 

    Listening to Xu Cheng’s words, even if Kong Tian was unwilling, he felt that He Xiaoxian had to be played by Wen An’an, but Wen An’an had already refused, and he couldn’t stop filming “The Legend of Immortals” because Wen An’an wasn’t in it, right?

    So, it had to be resigned.

    At this time, people from the outside world didn’t know that Wen An’an didn’t agree to play the role of He Xiaoxian at all, and they didn’t even know that the role of He Xiaoxian was still for Wen Yanan.

    I thought that Wen An’an’s photo was spraying on Wen An’an’s dirty methods.

    Although, most of these people are sailors invited by some people with ulterior motives.

    [Hehehe! Suddenly I felt that Wen Anan was a bitch. When I watched “Super Idol”, I thought she was a bit of a bitch, but now this method… tsk tsk tsk! ]

    [This “The Legend of Immortals” has not been officially announced yet, so why is it so urgent! Don’t look too ugly! ]

    [To be honest, Wen Anan can’t wait for the official announcement of “The Legend of Immortals”, are you here to post this Weibo? What if in the end the role of He Xiaoxian was not played by her? Isn’t that humiliating? ]

    [Maybe someone with a strong background thinks that Wen Yanan is such a small character that she can be squeezed out without much effort. ]

    [Now I really want to see Wen Anan get slapped in the face, although I really like her face.]

    [Hahaha! I want to, too! Inexplicably think this scene will be very cool! ]


    Just when the public opinion on the Internet was one-sided, it fell to Wen Yanan, a poor and good actor who was robbed of her role with good acting skills and no demon.

    They all hoped that when Wen An’an, a ‘scheming girl’, was slapped in the face, they didn’t know that it was only them who were slapped in the face.

    Seeing that most of the public opinion on the Internet is biased towards her, and many people are being manipulated, Wen Yanan felt a lot better when she sprayed Wen Anan.

    What she didn’t expect was that the things that made her feel better were still to come!

    “Yanan! The role of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals” has been preserved! That role is still yours!”

    Just when Wen Yanan was about to use her trumpet to swipe her posts and post a few insulting messages to Wen An’an, she saw Sister Hong came to her apartment and was very excited to tell her the good news.

    “What, what! The role of He Xiaoxian is mine?”

    Wen Yanan looked at Sister Hong in disbelief. She really did not expect that things would develop so smoothly.

    “Yes, Director Xu still thinks you are more suitable for the role of He Xiaoxian than Wen An’an.”

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch86

There is still a lot of uproar on the Internet because of the role of He Xiaoxian. Everyone is discussing whether the role of He Xiaoxian is suitable for Wen Yanan or Wen An’an.

    However, what everyone did not expect was that it was precisely because of the issue they were arguing that the role of He Xiaoxian, who had already been set to play, was about to change hands!

    Although everyone felt that Wen An’an’s appearance was more worthy of the title of the number one beauty in the fairy and devil worlds, everyone knew that Wen An’an was not an actor and had no acting skills at all.

    Although Wen Yanan is not as good-looking as Wen Anan in appearance, her acting skills are obvious to all.

    Although she is a newcomer who has just entered the entertainment industry, her acting skills are surprisingly good, and she acts like anything, so even if she is not as good-looking as Wen Anan, there are still many people who stand for Wen Yanan to play He Xiaoxian.

    After all, most people still like to watch acting more than faces.

    But, everyone didn’t expect that, they thought that Wen Yanan’s role as He Xiaoxian was a certainty, but they didn’t expect that the author of the book “The Legend of Immortals” was really rich and self-willed. Typical representative of riches!

    People do not take the usual path, even if they sign a contract, they will change it if they say it~!

    Even Wen Yanan didn’t think of this at all.

    So, when she found out about this –

    “What? Director Xu wants to change me?!”

    When she heard what her agent, Sister Hong, told her, she was completely stunned. This isn’t good.

    Wen Yanan looked at Sister Hong with a shocked expression. She didn’t understand why she had already signed a contract for a good role.


    At this time, the expression on Wen Yanan’s face was really ugly, and the tone of her voice was full of anger.

    Since her rebirth, it has been smooth sailing since she entered the entertainment industry.

    She has always snatched other people’s roles into her own hands, and she hasn’t been snatched away by others yet!


    Sister Hong gave Wen Yanan a somewhat embarrassed look. She was a little worried about this artist under her control.

    Obviously she should be her leader, but… when facing Wen Yanan, she always had a terrifying feeling that she had seen through her.

    In particular, the reason why she can still be an agent is because of Wen Yanan, so invisibly, she put her figure under Wen Yanan.

    “Director Xu hasn’t officially notified us yet. I also learned about it through the people around Director Xu.”

    Sister Hong took a deep breath, her brows furrowed, and she said in a serious tone.

    “Didn’t we hype you playing He Xiaoxian a few days ago, but you also saw that Wen Anan was killed in the middle of the road…”

    Before Sister Hong could finish her words, she was interrupted by Wen Yanan.

    “Wait! Are you going to tell me that the person who stole the character from me is Wen An’an?”

    Wen Yanan stared at Sister Hong with wide eyes. She was just a little angry at first. After knowing that the person who took her role was probably Wen An’an, her anger became even more intense.

    “…Yes, Director Xu seems to be more interested in Wen An’an playing the role of He Xiaoxian because he saw the pictures of Wen An’an on the Internet…”

    After hearing Sister Hong’s affirmative reply, Wen Yanan’s whole face twisted up.

    The originally good-looking face looked a little scary and frightening when she was angry and twisted.

    “Wen An’an…”

    Wen Yanan clenched her palm tightly and said in a cold voice, gnashing her teeth.

    She originally thought that since she signed a contract, the role of He Xiaoxian must be hers.

    What I didn’t expect was that Wen An’an could even get a foot in!

    As soon as she thought of this, Wen Yanan thought of the things that happened in her previous life.

    Wen An’an’s spring breeze is complacent, but she is miserable…

    No way! She can’t let this happen!

    Wen An’an became famous for this role in the past life, and even this role has become her masterpiece, which has brought her a lot of popularity and fans.

    So, in this role, she must! Wen Anan must not be allowed to get it!

    Thinking of this, Wen Yanan calmed herself down and thought about what to do next so that Wen Anan could not get the role of He Xiaoxian.

    “Sister Hong, is Director Xu negotiating with Wen An’an now?”

    Wen Yanan raised her chin slightly, her eyes wandered, and her terrifying expression was completely gone.

    It looks really bright and beautiful.

    “Well, it’s time to start negotiating with the other party. After all, Wen An’an is also very popular now, and there should be a lot of announcements, so “The Legend of Immortal” crew will definitely seize the time and communicate with Wen An’an as soon as possible to avoid a conflict in the schedule.”

    Although Sister Hong didn’t know what Wen Yanan asked about this, she knew that Wen Yanan had always been a very thoughtful person.

    Therefore, she asked, there must be some countermeasures.

    “Next, I need you to do this…”

    At this time, Wen Anan didn’t know what Wen Yanan was thinking.

    She didn’t even know that the crew of “The Legend of Immortals” actually wanted to replace Wen Yanan and asked her to play the role of He Xiaoxian.

    When she found out, it was Assistant Jiang who asked casually, and she found out.

    “By the way, An An, now there is a popular domestic TV series “The Legend of Immortals” handing over the script,that wants you to play the role of He Xiaoxian, do you want to take it?”

    After finishing today’s commercial shooting schedule, on the way to pick Wen Anan home, Assistant Jiang just thought of this.

    A few days ago, he received the script handed over by Xu Cheng, and he was actually a little surprised.

    After all, director Xu Cheng is a well-known director in China.

    The word of mouth is very good, and “The Legend of Immortals” is also very national, so for such a good script and such a good director to come to Wen Anan, a young rookie who has no acting skills at all, to play an important role. He was really surprised when he saw it.

    Although it is said that Wen An’an is indeed very popular now, in the entertainment industry, for now, her traffic is also the largest.

    There are indeed a lot of scripts handed in, but most of the scripts handed over by big directors and big productions are vase characters.

    Even if there is a heroine role, it is the heroine of a bad street idol drama.

    It is the first time that Assistant Jiang has received such a good script as Director Xu Cheng.

    However, even if it is such a good script…

    “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to accept it. Our focus is now on “Doomsday” directed by Brad. Although the script handed over by Director Xu Cheng It’s good to go, but it’s too tiring to play the TV series, I guess, Mr. Shen is not happy for you to shoot the TV series…”

    How does Wen Yanan know? She sees it as a precious script, but puts it in Wen An’an’s place. On the other hand, she was dismissed, and she didn’t even bother to rob her.

    If, if she had known, Wen Anan would be the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family, she would have developed into what she is now. I don’t know, will she regret it?

    “The Legend of Immortals? He Xiaoxian?”

    Wen An’an felt that the name sounded a little familiar, but after thinking about it for a long time, she couldn’t remember where she had seen it, or had she heard it before.

    “What? Are you interested? Do you want to play this role?”

    Assistant Jiang asked indifferently when he saw Wen An’an talking, he stroked the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

    “If you want to act, then I’ll help. But I don’t agree with you for taking this drama. After all, “Doomsday” is about to start filming. If you are picking up a domestic TV series, you will be in a rush.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen An’an shook her head hurriedly and muttered softly, “No, no, I don’t want to take it. I said, I don’t want to act domestic films and television dramas…”

    Listening to Wen An’an’s words, Assistant Jiang he nodded calmly.

    “Okay, I’ll find a time here to help you push it off.”

    Just in these three words, the role that countless people envied and competed for was pushed away by Wen An’an.

    If you let others know about this, I am afraid that the eyes of jealousy will bleed!

    And if Wen Yanan knew, it would definitely be clenching her teeth.

    However, no one knew about Wen An’an’s rude behavior~!

    And now some people on the Internet are doing something deliberately, which makes people feel that Wen Anan seems to really want the role of He Xiaoxian…

    Just after Wen Anan decided that she would not play the role of He Xiaoxian, but it has not yet been notified to Director Xu Cheng.

On the Internet, a bloody battle of public opinion suddenly erupted~