DMGFL Chapter 6 Part I

 Facing Wen Anan this kind of individual, who is not good at dancing, even more hasn’t sung a single verse, only a pretty face, but she is in Class B, this is really so that all the players, are particularly unconvinced.

But …, although not convinced. But no one dares to question the three judges, the average player really not dare to say the dissatisfaction in their heart.

 But there are so many players on the scene,there’s always someone who has the strength, and is an impulsive contestants.

“Teacher, can I ask, why did she get into Class B, and those of us who are more serious than she is, who sings harder, but only in Class D and F?”

 The girl who questioned was a contestant who was assigned to Class D. Because she had a little money at home, and the company she was working in was a big company. That’s why she’s here on this show, it’s just like playing tickets to brush the sense of existence, and didn’t really want to be the last six lucky winners who will get to successfully advance to sign into Tianyu entertainment.

So …Duan Mi Li did not hesitate to say the doubt in her mind.

 And when Mi Li’s words pop out, all the behind-the-scenes staff of the show team jumped up happily.

Aiya! Do something Do something! If you don’t do something how can the ratings explode ma!

Go, Go, Go! Click, click, click! Get a close-up for the two people.

 At this time all the behind-the-scenes staff that are eager to watch Wen Anan and Duan Mi Li PK up, That’s exciting! Unfortunately,Wen An’an……is really weak! With such a beautiful white face, But there is no fighting strenght!

 When the camera is switched to Wen Anan , and finds this girl, nodding her head?

Like a chicken pecking rice, Silly little head, a pair of ‘ Yes yes she is so bad is how can she enter Class B?’.

 On that little face, it just didn’t say, Teacher, you’re going to get rid of me.

 Looking at the appearance of Wen Anan, Jiang Yan and He YuXi laugh out loud.

There was some dislike that Mi Li doubted their decision, but looking at Wen Anan the little girl’s face looked at them blankly, they are really amused.

 ”Want to know why she was selected to Class B?”

 The two star mentors laughed for a moment, then cleared their voiced and with a serious face said.



After a moment of silence, many of the players responded in a whisper.

“Because I see potential in her.”

Jiang Yan smiled at the 116 players sitting in the player’s seat and said plausibly.

“The first placement test, is not just about your professionalism, it’s also the evaluation of all of you by our instructors in mind. Although Wen Anan danced, her dance was very general, she didn’t even sing.

  But, there is only one, and she is better than all of you.”

Jiang Yan’s sentence just fell, and the other players couldn’t help but reply.

 ”Is it a face?”

 If you put your face in a class, Wen Anan is definitely the First Class A ah!

“No, it’s her voice. Her voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard, The most perfect voice I’ve ever heard. So … the only reason we’re giving Wen Anan this grade for Class B, and because …we think she has that potential. In my mind, her potential is far more than that. So come on! Wen Anan, I hope you must not fail to live up to our expectations for you!”

After that, Jiang Yan smiled and turned her eyes to Wen Anan and made a cheering gesture, looking like a fan of Wen Anan.

Looking at the appearance of Jiang Yan, Wen Anan at that was scared.
  She doesn’t think she has any potential! She is just a limb, is not diligent, she is an otaku girl with a K song level!
 So can she sing and dance?Oh, my god! Give her a break!

And also the male leads fans are so cruel! She thought she’d better quit the show!

But what Wen Anan didn’t think of, Jiang Yan praised her even, but even He Yu Xi also praised her to the sky, that she really……

“Like Jiang yan, I am looking forward to her growth.But in fact, Wen Anan’s body ratio is also very good, if you can dance, it will be very beautiful, I also look forward to It.”


Wait a minute! They don’t have any illusions about her! How could she be as good as they say? !

Remembering the story of the female match, she was directly assigned to the Class F by them!

What is happening?

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Part II





DMGFL Chapter 5

“Wen An’an! Don’t cry!”
  Yan Qi couldn’t help but say directly to Wen An’an.
  However, his words shocked everyone.
  ”Eh? Xiao Qiqi, do you know this little girl?”
  Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Yan Qi’s words. Everyone looked at Yan Qi with special puzzlement, and didn’t understand why he could do it in one breath calling out the name of the player who just got on stage.
  ”How is it possible!”
  Yan Qi withheld himself, without a trace of hesitation, it seemed as if he didn’t know Wen An’an. However, he put his hand under the tutor’s table, but he held it tightly, revealing how nervous he was at the moment.
  Damn it! Just now he didn’t hold back, he almost revealed that he knew Wen An’an!
  ”Really? I don’t know why you could call her name at once?”
  Jiang Yan raised her eyebrows and looked at him suspiciously.
  Because Jiang Yan is also in the music circle, her relationship with Yan Qi is very good. Yan Qi respects her as his elder.
  ”No”. Now everyone is wondering whether Yan Qi knows Wen An’an. After all, Yan Qi’s reaction today is really weird, but he is also embarrassed to ask so straightforwardly.
  Just listening to Jiang Yan’s words and asking them to exit, everyone’s eyes would be more scorching and glancing back and forth between Yan Qi and Wen An’an.
  Now thinking about it carefully, Yan Qi’s attitude towards Wen An’an is really strange. Moreover, the two people are about the same age … Is it possible to know each other?
  ”Have you not paid attention? Isn’t she wearing a famous brand on her body?”
 As soon as Yan Qi’s words fell, everyone thought about it. It seems that Yan Qi really didn’t know the little girl on the stage.
  After all, the background disparity between the two is too great. It would be strange if they really knew each other.
  Seeing that no one doubted that he knew Wen An’an, Yan Qi was relieved in his heart.
  Calm down! Calm down! You are not the former Yan Qi now! Here is your home court. Next, no matter what she does, you should be professional to her and ignore her as the best solution!
  So, Yan Qi, who had figured it out, decided to face Wen An’an later, only to treat her as a transparent person, ignoring her!
  However, Yan Qi now does not know that he will soon be defeated by himself ~
  After all the complaints are gone, all the star tutors focus on Wen An’an again.
  Looking at the little girl in the middle of the stage, they realized at this time that this little girl looks really beautiful!
  Especially when she cried, it was really too contagious and so pityful.
  ”Wen An’an, right, your appearance is really good. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you are really the most beautiful newcomer I have ever seen.”
  He Yuxi laughed and praised that although she had stopped crying, he still can’t control his body’s gentleness.
  The kind-hearted Jiang Yan even exaggerated her face and recommended a pitiful little crying bag Wen An’an to her teammates.
  ”You didn’t see it! Wen An’an, she didn’t even wear make-up! God, this face value is really too good! With this face value alone, we can’t leave her.”
  ”It turned out to be true. Do you have any makeup? This little girl cried so badly, the eye makeup on her face did not run, and the flower was really too waterproof. “
  While the two star tutors were discussing Wen An’an, Su Yan, the show cameraman of the group also hurriedly made a big close-up for Wen An’an.
  On the square screen of the camera, Wen Anan’s petite face showed. He also took note of her unique and unbelievably beautiful face.
  To be honest, if you don’t turn on the camera in the later stage of beauty, how else would you get known in the entertainment circle!
  However, Wen Anan’s face was so distraught, but it was still outrageously beautiful, and her small heart couldn’t help but beating added with her variant expressions.
  In particular, those red and swollen eyes did not spoil the beauty at all, but instead had a more pitiful taste. This makes Wen Anan’s already pure face look more and more beautiful.
  ”Wen An’an’s face is really perfect!”
  ”Wen An’an’s face value is too high to fight!”
  ”When this episode will be broadcasted then this little girl will gather heat!”

The crew behind the program could not help but whisper discussing the face value of Wen An’an.
  However, even a few star tutors have already decided to leave Wen An’an, but they think, they can’t just leave people because of their face value.
  So let Wen An’an’s girl group perform their own specialties.
  Not surprisingly, except for Wen An’an, the other three members performed plainly.
  Although people can’t find any highlights, they can’t find too many mistakes.
  But when Wen Anan performed, all the star tutors were refreshed by Wen An’an’s timidity…
  ”Wen An’an, what is your performance?”
  To be honest, the two mentors are mostly looking forward to the performance of Wen An’an, but their expectations are not too high. After all, they are just for everyone’s performance.
  This girl, besides having a good-looking face, and especially liking them, the other … is really useless.
  ”Do you have any special skills?”
  Seeing the little girl with her head down, the whole person seemed to be very nervous and wished to disappear on this stage immediately. Both mentors were amused and helpless.
  ”Don’t be nervous, let’s chat first.”
  Jiang Yan is 17 years older than Wen An’an. Looking at Wen An’an is really the same as watching a girl, although she doesn’t have a girl yet.
  ”Why did you come to our show?”
  Even though Jiang Yan’s words were gentle, Wen Anan was still panicking at this time!
  When she thinks of the male lead now, she especially wants to be eliminated.
  ”Wen An’an!”
  Qiao Lin saw Wen An’an with her head down like an ostrich, just as if she didn’t speak. She was really upset in her heart!
  They are not stupid. It can be seen that apart from Yan Qi, the other two star tutors especially like Wen An’an.
  This was already enough to make them jealous, but Wen An’an didn’t know what to do, and she didn’t know how to cherish this opportunity, of course she was even more angry.
  One hand, Qiao Lin pushed Wen An’an forward.
  This brings Wen An’an closer to the three star mentors, and also allows the three star mentors to see her clearly. At this time, Wen An’an is really scared!
  The little face that had just cried was pale like a white wall, and the petite body was trembling slightly.
  ”Why did you come to our show?”
  Jiang Yan’s voice was a little softer.
  In the expectation of everyone, Wen An’an, who has not said a word since she hit the stage, finally said the first sentence.
  Although, this sentence is equivalent to saying nothing.
  ”I, I don’t know …”
  However, after all the instructors heard Wen An’an, it was simply…
  ”Wen An’an, you know, your voice is so great! I have been singing for so many years , your voice is definitely the clearest voice I have ever heard! “
  Listening to Wen An’an’s voice, Jiang Yan praised without hesitation. As a singer, in fact, your voice is far more important than your talent, because the gift of talent can be acquired, but the original thing of the throat can only rely on God.
  So when she heard Wen An’an’s extremely talented voice, Jiang Yan did not hesitate and decided to do it. The next time, she had to teach the little girl well.
  As another dance star instructor, he does not have too high attainment in vocal music, but he will listen. He thought that the little girl’s voice was very nice. If he had to let him describe it, then he thought Wen Anan’s voice should belong to the straight man’s voice! Very nice!
  ”Yes, I was thinking about such a beautiful little girl just now, what would her voice look like? But, I did not expect that her voice would be so nice, looking forward to your singing.”
  Facing the two, the tutor Qi Qi praised Wen An’an like this, the whole audience was shocked!
  Especially the other 119 players and Wen An’an herself.
  She blinked her eyes, thinking with some doubt in her heart, is there such a story in the storyline of the female rival coming to the show? Why didn’t she know …
  That’s right, there was no such thing in the original female supporting story.
  The original female matchmaker is a dinosaur-like arrogant person who is terrible and makes one unhappy. Once there is no strength in the game, arrogance is enough to make all the star mentors unhappy.
  Later in the questioning session, she directly hugged the thigh of the male lead, which made them even more dissatisfied.
  But the most important point is that after Wen An’an traversed into this body, because of her own personality and attributes, she also caused her body’s golden finger to make corresponding changes.
  The appearance, body and various physical qualities of the original female character were nourished by the female golden finger powder bracelet to the ultimate perfection.
  However, because the character of the female rival is very bad, it also makes her perfect body lose a lot of points.
  However, now that Wen An’an has crossed into this body, the pink bracelet has been adjusted according to Wen An’an’s attributes.
  This voice, because of the attributes of Wen An’an and the way of speaking, makes people think of it to be ideal!
  It is no exaggeration to say that the body that Wen An’an traverses is the body for entertainment, whether it is sound or flexibility of the body, it is an absolute top standard.
  However, because the female actor in the plot does not understand and cherish it, and later she withdrew from the entertainment industry, which made everyone unaware that she can make a blockbuster and is a brilliant genius with a little effort.
  ”Wen An’an, I’m looking forward to your performance, so we unanimously decided that the class where you will be first placed in is …”
  ”Class B!”

  Eh? even more she didn’t sing a song all the way only dancing or waddling. Why didn’t she get eliminated, but instead went into elite class B? 

This is unscientific!
  Just when Wen An’an looked at the face of the three celebrity mentors who were smiling and amiable, like fathers and mothers, she thought she was experiencing hallucinations.
  They heard a voice, a very angry one
  ”Teacher, can I ask why she can enter Class B. And those of us who are more serious and sing better than her can only enter Class D and F?”

Chapter 4

Chapter 6 Part I

DMGFL Chapter 4

  Yan Qi, twenty years old this year.
  Although young, he has the most fans among all star mentors!
  His talent and qualifications are not inferior to the other two major star mentors.
  The reason why he is so young and is the creative star mentor of “Super Love Bean”, is because he is not only the hottest rock singer in the entertainment industry, but also he has considerable talent in music creation.
  At the age of eighteen, he created rock music with a “Bye Baby”, with an extremely strong and handsome approach, he entered the entertainment circle and immediately entered the eyes of all fans.
  Since then, his stardom journey has been smooth, and it has only been less than two years since his debut. He has already spread throughout the Asian region, and even has a faint influence toward global development.
  A handsome man with both talent and looks, this is Yan Qi.
  However, even if Yan Qi is now popular throughout Asia and fans are all over the world, he is also extremely mysterious.

No information on his family background came out. Even when he once attended an event and accidentally said that the song “Bye Baby” was actually written for the ex-girlfriend who first loved him. The extremely mysterious first love girlfriend, they couldn’t find.
  This is unpleasant to hear in the omnipotent fan world!
  Everyone wants to pick out the first love girlfriend of the hottest male star in the entertainment industry, but after more than a year, no one can find the one who was Yan Qi ex first girlfriend and first love.
  However, who would have thought that the former girlfriend who they had been looking for, for the first time, would be on the star talent show that Yan Qi participated in!
  It is estimated that if the program crew knows, I’m afraid that they are going to go crazy!
  This is the real point of the show! The element that can make the program firmly occupy the first throne in the summer, and it will be popular all over the region!
  It’s a pity that even the fans can’t guess things that the show crew can’t guess.
  Most importantly, as the two parties, they also decided not to let this matter be exposed!
  Yan Qi knows the true face of Wen An’an, … but he is determined not to give Wen An’an a chance to approach him!
  It ’s okay to fall into the pit once, he doesn’t want to fall into that pit twice.
  And as the legendary first girlfriend, the first love, Wen An’an

  She is a timid little bundle, then it is even more daring to expose! When she was exposed, she would wait for her face to be madly beaten by the man and woman!
  ”Your performance is really terrible. I don’t know why you are eligible to be among the 120 players, especially the girl in the white dress standing in the middle C.”
  ”Eh Eh…”

Shouldn’t this person …
Wen Anan’s face suddenly turned pale, and she looked at a certain person with a frightened look.
  The other two celebrity mentors were a little taken aback by Yan Qi’s direct attack.
  They always knew that although Yan Qi was young, his standards were very high and he was very strict.
  But as now, such a harsh phenomenon of spraying players, it really has never happened before.
  Moreover, although the performance of this group is not very good, it is also not the worst …
  ”Xiao Qiqi, you are too harsh.”
  As for age, he is 15 years older than Yan Qi . Jiang Yan looked at Yan Qi with some surprise and worry.
  Although Yan Qi’s popularity is very high, it will still affect the popularity of the show if there is such a video of him scolding players.
  ”Yeah, Yan Qi, don’t be too strict. They are all little girls with no foundation. It is their first time to come to this kind of show, don’t put people on …”
  However, before He Yuxi finished speaking, the little girl really cried.

Really a male lead! 


Very scary!
  In this comic, not only the heroine Wen Yan’an is beating her! 

Even the male lead Yan Qi is constantly beating her!
  Especially the early face-slaps came from the male lead!
  The female character took part in “Super Love Bean” and she was rushing to continue her relationship with Yan Qi to gain popularity. Who knows, there is no slag that hasn’t been abused by Yan Qi!
  In the past, Yan Qi liked her, but if the man didn’t like anyone, then he didn’t like anyone, especially because the female character thought that Yan Qi was just a poor senior, who stepped on two boats and a countryside rich second generation.
  After being known by Yan Qi, the female character bluntly said that he had no money and did not want to talk to him, so she dumped him and insulted his self-esteem, which made the already arrogant male lead intolerable

He hated Wen An’an, the girl who broke his beautiful first love.
  His love for her disappeared and he also suffered from misogyny. Until the appearance of the female lead, the male lead gained the ability to love others again.
  However, what does the former girlfriend know? Where is Yan Qi’s poor family background? But she had dumped him thinking that he was a countryside rich second generation.
  Not only does his family have a strong military and political background, but his mother is also one of the best entrepreneurs in the country, and the family has industries all over the country.
  But…you have to ask the man who has such an awesome background, why does he want to enter into the entertainment industry? Of course it was rebellion in adolescence!
  At the age of eighteen, he was dumped by his first love, and his father actually brought in an illegitimate child. In retaliation, because of his interest, Yan Qi simply entered their so-called ‘upper circle’ -the entertainment circle.
  This makes Yan Qi’s father and son relationship to collapse. Both father and son are stubborn ass donkeys. Under the stalemate, Yan Qi is mixing in the entertainment circle … and is getting better and better, completely ignoring the interruption of home. His financial resources are certified. After all, his gold-absorbing ability is already surpassing his mother’s.
  It’s a pity that the ex girlfriend didn’t know. She looked at her ex-boyfriend who was dumped by her and turned into a big star, so she thought that she too can enter into the entertainment circle beautifully!
  And there is such a strong ex-boyfriend Yan Qi, how can she not mix well?
  So she used her face value, after joining a company, she couldn’t wait to participate in “Super Love Bean” and wanted to continue with Yan Qi to use his superior position.
  However, what she did not expect was that after she came to this show, the fire was indeed fire, but that was black fire!
  Because she deliberately approached Yan Qi, it caused Wen An’an to be sprayed with a lot of brain stump powder.
  At the beginning, Wen An’an also had a lot of face power because she was beautiful, but in the end she became more and more monstrous, and Yan Qi’s increasingly obvious disgust directly made her from being popular in the top ten to suddenly fall to the least popularity.
  In the fourth period, 120 to 60, she was eliminated.
  The ex girlfriend who had been scared by Yan Qi was already afraid to attack Yan Qi again.
  But this time, when the heroine’s family came in, the ex girlfriend replaced the heroine and became an illegitimate girl in the big family.
  Such an identity, in the eyes of the ex girlfriend, is a very high-end identity!
  Especially compared with Yan Qi’s drama, it is even more bullish!
  Therefore, the ex girlfriend, with a strong background as the heroine’s family, directly stood up and condemned Yan Qi, saying that she was his first girlfriend.
  However, she did not expect that as she said that not only did she not retaliate against Yan Qi, but on the contrary, she also contributed to an opportunity for the male and female leads to be together, so that the female heroine who returned to the entertainment circle and became the male lead’s legendary ‘first love’.
  And herself, because of retaliating against Yan Qi, the identity of being an illegitimate girl was exposed and she received a lot of ridicule.
  But… you would have to ask why the female lead came back to life and let Wen An’an replace her.

The male lead has retaliated by entering into the entertainment industry because his father was cheating and had illegitimate children.
  If the male lead who hates the mistress and the illegitimate child knows that the female lead is an illegitimate girl, how then can the female lead be liked by the male lead?
  Therefore, when the heroine came back to life, of course, she chose to attack the hero like a big Buddha first, and made him like her. When she returned to the upper circle, she became an illegitimate daughter.
  Thinking of her part to be mixed in with the future of the male and female leads, Wen An’an was lamenting at her bad luck …
  So, of course, Wen An’an could not control herself. The developed tear glands are … crying again.
  Moreover, this time, she stared at Yan Qi, who was sitting in the middle of the tutor’s seat, crying with no image, with a look of horror …

 Was he saying too much? Why did Wen An’an cry like this!
  Yan Qi looked at Wen An’an with a vicious expression. In his impression, Wen An’an was always confident and proud. He had never seen her cry like this before.
  So, when looking at Wen An’an’s clear eyes, which was full of horrified expressions looking at him, and when the crystal clear tears continued to fall from her beautiful cheeks, his heart was inexplicable. There was an…indescribable sense of guilt.
  This feeling is not only his own, the other two star tutors have also had a lot of pity for Wen Anan, a little girl who was crying in horror.
  ”Little Qiqi, you are really too much this time.”
  ”Yan Qi, I think the little girl is actually quite good, not as bad as you said.”
  ”Little girl, don’t cry, Yan Qi, forget about him, he is usually just kidding. “
  Seeing that his companions are condemning him, Yan Qi is even more blank! This girl is pretending! Are you all blind! She pretended to be all this! This girl’s acting is old! That was how she lied she loved him!
  ”Wen An’an! Don’t cry!”
  Yan Qi couldn’t help but say directly to Wen An’an.
  However, his words shocked everyone.
  ”Eh? Xiaoqiqi, do you know this little girl?”

The author has something to say:
[Small theater]
Wen An’an (frightened, crying): Wow-! This world is terrible! I just want to go home  o (╥﹏╥) o

Two star tutors (compassion, tenderness): Do not cry, we will help you educate the male master!

Yan Qi (speechless, crash): She pretends! She is pretending! You all wake up!

119 women’s team players (white-eyed): Haha! Green tea bitch! Will cry to grab the camera!

T/N: Let me know if you see any errors

DMGFL Chapter 3

  ”Welcome 120 players to our” Super Love Bean!”Now, we please invite our three star coaches to show up!”
  Originally because she was suddenly pulled to a brightly lit stage, she was uneasy.

An An, when she heard the introduction, her heart was even more terrified!
  ”Super, super love beans?”!

Wen An’an”…”

She actually crossed into a young girl? !
  Wen An’an couldn’t believe it. Looking at the crystal-clear pink jade bracelet worn on her wrist, the whole person fell into total despair.
  A deep fear followed her heart, because she knew what the future of this female character named Wen An’an would be like.
  She had no reputation, her appearance was ruined, and   she was sold abroad as a slave …
Wen Anan, who had some minor social phobia and could not control her emotions, learned that she had traveled. In a world where there is still such a tragic ending, the tears can’t help but flow down.
  The teammates who were sitting next to her were excitedly welcoming the appearance of the superstar mentors when they watched Wen An’an crying suddenly. They were at loss for words. However, there are cameras everywhere, and they are already recording the program and this would not be good to show.
  So one by one softly whispered comfort to Wen An’an, but, thinking of her future, Wen An’an who can’t help it but mourn for herself.
  At this time, she was falling into an endless despair. God knows that at this time, the heroine Wen Yanan is already reborn! And the main goal of the heroine’s rebirth is to attack her! Especially hit her pretty face! She destroyed her and killed her!
  And the pink bracelet on her wrist that made her beautiful and gave her ability to communicate with animals and plants …
  Thinking of this, Wen An’an cried even more fiercely.
  Can she who stole the golden finger of the heroine still have a good ending?
  ”Wen An’an! Don’t cry! If you cry like this, it will affect other people!”
  Qiao Lin has always been a straightforward, rude girl with little compassion, so she is not afraid to speak to her on camera.
  She saw Qiao Lin’s snarl, and instantly it caused Wen An’an to stop sobbing, but because the crying was not gradual, she had red and swollen eyes, staring at Qiao Lin clutching her shoulder, the slender shoulders were also shaking with sobs.
  That look, looks so miserable and lovable, as cute as a bunny.
  Of course, the above thoughts are not at all part of the 120 women’s groups who came to participate in this competition.
  ”Don’t cry! You shouldn’t think about going on stage and crying like this! We will be eliminated if we don’t even enter the worst class F!”
  Wen An’an was squeezed tightly as Qiao Lin said this. With her pouted lips, she looked at Qiao Lin in front of her, and she had lived alone for five years without communicating with anyone. She really didn’t know how to vent her current mood.
  But she also felt that she was crying so badly, and that crying could not solve any problems. She was   just-
  ”I, I…I can’t control myself.”
Wen An’an said with a whimper.
  She really can’t control herself. Before, because of social phobia, many behaviors were beyond her control.
  For example, when communicating with people, her face sometimes turns white and sweaty, and sometimes her entire face is red, looking very scary.
  Of course, there have been crying, but she always cry away from the crowd. Like today, crying out of breath under the large crowd, it was completely frightening.
  ”You can’t control it! You have to control it!”
  Qiao Lin frowned melancholy. Although she always hated Wen An’an, she didn’t know why today, she looked at her crying like this, but she didn’t hate her that much.
  Instead, she really felt panic and tension from Wen An’an.
  Is it nervousness because you are about to perform on stage? But it shouldn’t be. Usually this girl is very imposing every day.
  Even if Qiao Lin was at a loss at this time, she would not understand that Wen An’an had already been replaced by a differencore.
  If the former Wen An’an was a terrible Tyrannosaurus rex, then the current Wen An’an is a little white rabbit ~ a cowardly little white rabbit.
  Finally, Wen An’an eased her mood, but when she got on stage, she returned to being nervous.
  ”An An, don’t be nervous, if you are, just watch our movements.”
  ”Yeah, An An, you must not make any mistakes this time, we can rely on you to advance!”
  ”Wen An An, don’t be nervous.
Don’t look at the mentor seat when you take the stage, you just stare at the ground, treat those people as vegetables, don’t think too much and you won’t get nervous … “
  In the comfort of a group of teammates, the uneasy Wen An was thinking about the heroine Wen Yan’an, so she didn’t listen to it at all.
  When she was pulled to the stage, she came up trembling following the method that Qiao Lin had just taught her.
  Because the girls thought about Wen An’an, they unanimously decided to introduce themselves after the performance.
  Otherwise, they are afraid that their pig teammate Wen An’an will make mistakes.
  The music started , even though Wen An’an was in a bad state of mind, because Wen An’an, who had been dragged by this group of girls for more than ten times, jumped instinctively.
  Of course, she also instinctively peeked at the people around her the next second.
  However, even though Wen An’an was holding her head down, she didn’t want others to notice that she was dancing. Unfortunately, what she didn’t know was that she attracted attention.
  All the coaches on the mentor seat were obviously attracted to her by her performance
  ”Haha ~ That little sister is so cute, her eyes have been peeking at how others jump.” The first person who discovered Wen An’an was the teacher in charge of the dance this time, He Yuxi.
  His dance skills are particularly profound. In the entertainment circle of China, many first-line and second-line celebrities are choreographed by him. The most important thing is that because he looks handsome, even though he is not a star, his popularity is very high.
  ”Huh, she looks so pretty, but why does she keep her head down and she looks very unconfident? If you had not said anything, I really can’t find her looking so pretty!”
 At this time, Jiang Yan sitting next to He Yuxi said with some surprise.
  Jiang Yan, as the top diva of the Chinese music scene, even though she has been debuting for almost two decades, but her status in the entertainment industry is still in full swing, with fans all over.
  But even if she has been debuting for almost two decades, she has seen all kinds of beauties in the entertainment industry. But today the little girl dancing with her head down on the stage is really amazing to her.
  Just looking at the face of the little girl dancing in the C position, she knew that this girl could definitely be a star.
  After all, it is now an era of value.
  What Jiang Yan can see, can’t it be seen by the old people in other entertainment circles? So the camera of the program group is basically shooting towards her.
  ”She looks very beautiful, I kind of look forward to her voice.”
  Inexplicably, Jiang Yan had some affection for this little girl with her head down, because, in the past, she was so timid and introverted, and took to the stage she couldn’t even sing songs.
  At this time, Yan Qi, who was invited to the show as a creative instructor, was more strict than He Yuxi and Jiang Yan because of his character and because he was a singer himself.
  So when he saw a player on the stage who kept her head down and tried to narrow her sense of presence, he had ignored her as the object of elimination.
  However, now listening to the words of the other two star tutors, Yan Qi frowned, and looked towards the little girl who had been lowering her head and watching the floor dancing.
  As a result, at this look, he was stunned, because … he never imagined that he would meet the girl who he would never forget his life!
  Wen, Wen An’an? 

Why was his first girlfriend, his first love here? 
  Yan Qi couldn’t believe his eyes. After he broke up with Wen An’an, he never saw her again. Sometimes, when unoccupied, he occasionally thinks about what happened to the little girl who was his first love. He also wondered if Wen Anan, that superficial girl would regret it if they met again.
  However, he never thought that they met again in this way, and still met in such a place!
  Looking at the stage, the girl with her head down and a timid face dancing, for a moment, Yan Qi felt that she might be the wrong person.
  This is because Wen An’an left him with the last impression of being a money-laundering woman who is greedy for vanity, has a shallow eyelid, and has no appearance and no connotation.
  But after carefully recalling it, Yan Qi also felt that in fact his first love, Wen An’an, was indeed such a pure and charming little white rabbit-type beauty with cowardice. After all, at that time, he was deceived by such an appearance as Wen An’an, so he fell in love with this girl, and thus talked about a very painful thing that made him not want to fall in love in the future!
  So why did his ex-girlfriend appear here? Could it be that she came here to touch porcelain? 
Afterall, he is so famous now. As long as there is a little bit of contact with him, she will definitely be all over the entertainment circle!

The author has something to say:

Yan Qi: (Frowning, proud): Say! Did you come to touch porcelain and want to become famous overnight? After all, old smash is so hot now!
Wen An’an (frightened, trembling): No, no, no … Please stay away from me …
Wen Yanan : Xiao Qiqi is mine! He was the man I followed for two lifetimes! Whoever robs me of my man, is who I will bite to death
Wen An’an (panicking, trembling and crying): Wuuu…! No, don’t kill me! I have nothing to do with him! Please let go o (╥﹏╥) o

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Chapter 2

Chapter 4

DMGFL Chapter 2

Read chapter 1 Here.

“Brother Yang! Come and see how this girl is!”
At this time, Chen Lan, the article writer of the “Super Love Bean” program group, watching the video in the monitoring room, was suddenly attracted by a figure.
Then the more she looked, the brighter her eyes became, and there was an unspeakable excitement on her face.
Listening to Chen Lan’s excited voice, Yang Ming, the director of “Super Love Bean” also came over.
Following Chen Lan’s finger, in Yang Ming’s eyes appeared a beautiful and indescribable face.
“It looks really beautiful.”
I have to admit that even Yang Ming, who is accustomed to a large group of beautiful women in the entertainment circle, couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the girl in the video.
Although the girl in the video did not wear make-up, the appearance of Hibiscus in the clear water was completely impossible to remove from her face.
“No, Brother Yang, this girl is not just beautiful.”
If, just looking beautiful, she would not be so excited.
“Look at this!”
Then, Yang Lan transferred another video.
This time, Yang Ming’s face also showed a look of interest.
“But, mom, I still want to sleep a little longer … just a little while…”
Yang Ming was amused when he looked at the little girl in the video who was so cute and unwilling to get up.

“This girl is kind of interesting.”
Yang Ming touched his chin, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then he smiled and looked at Chen Lan who was standing beside him.
“What do you have in mind?”
As a variety writer for “Super Love Bean”, she not only wants to grasp the style of the show and refine the highlights of the show. Moreover, according to the positioning requirements of the program, we must dig out some interesting players.
In this way, different variety shows can stand out from the same period of the program, improving ratings.
Chen Lan, who has been a variety writer for five years, has rich experience. She is able to catch both the eyes of people and the highlights.
So, don’t look at her still very young, only 27 years old, but there are quite a lot of variety shows and even contestants from her hands.
This time, Tianhua Entertainment, a big player in the industry, combined with its own video website to create “Super Love Bean”, that is to make the show air and specialize in making stars. Whether it is the venue of the show, the star mentor, the director or the screenwriters who are behind the scenes, it is all a big deal.
Even the players have many backgrounds and support.

Therefore, this show is a dark horse in the summer. Under such a top-level configuration, it is going to be hot
“Brother Yang, I know that the show crew already has four main targets, but I think this girl named Wen An’an is very attractive.”
Then, Chen Lan adjusted the video again and adjusted it.
There are a few people with Wen An’an in the practice room.
“You look at her, she is slow-witted, it’s not like a girl group love bean, if there is no accident, she should sing and dance, it would be very bad.”
Sure enough, with the voice of Chen Lan, the boost of
​the video is insured to carefully fall to the ground.
Then … even crying!
However, the appearance of Wen An’an did not arouse Chen Lan’s resentment. On the contrary, her expression was particularly excited.
“Brother Yang! What do you think, how about we create a straw bag beauty script?”
“Well? Grass bag beauty?”

Listening to Chen Lan, Yang Ming was slightly startled. He didn’t understand what this straw bag beauty was designed for.
He has also produced a lot of variety shows. He hasn’t really seen anything like it.
“You see, Wen An’an looks like the most beautiful player in our show. With this face alone, she can attract a lot of fans. But, her acting level is not good, and look at the little girl is so cute and crying, it is definitely a straw bag beauty. Such a fragile girl, in general, will be like your straight man’s aesthetic … “
When it comes to this, Chen Lan ridiculed the more than thirty three year-old Yang Ming.
This made Yang Ming cough a little unnaturally. To be honest, Chen Lan was right. His impression of Wen An’an was quite good.
Especially when he looked at the little girl crying, he really had pity on her, he didn’t feel any disgust at all, and it was full of good feelings of pity.
“But girls, they hate this kind of beauty who has no ability and can only cry. This will make them think that this little girl is a green tea bitch.”

It must be said that Chen Lan is quite controllable to skillful people.
At this time, the three other girls who followed Wen An’an in the same practice room were not all accomodating in their hearts. They hated Wen An’an who could cry after falling.
“You mean … use her as a point of view and a controversial point of the show to increase ratings?”
Yang Ming is not stupid, of course, he heard Chen Lan’s meaning.

However, if this little girl really became such an existence, he believed that this little girl will be hacked miserably.
“Yeah, Brother Yang. To be honest, our show lacks support, and the four people the show team wants to promote are all too positive. This year, if a person doesn’t havr support, It’s hard to not get upset . “
When thinking of the four players that the show group wanted to win, Chen Lan was totally not optimistic.
Since this show is the goddess idol PK, what is the highlight? Of course, it was because of the open fight between these girls and that they competed with each other.
However, if the four of the show team won all of them, then it was really boring.
Therefore, she will be so excited when she sees a real and delicate girl like Wen An’an.
She can foresee that as long as the show crew put all the shots of the little girl crying, singing and dancing, then their first episode of the show will be full of discussions.
“Brother Yang! Look, there are so many explosions on this girl, we have to do a good script for her! Can our first show be more explosive, just look at her.”
Chen Lan’s eyes were bright and looking at Yang Ming, she said complacently.

Obviously, this first issue has not been recorded yet, but her expression is as if the program of this first issue will definitely burst.
“But … this is not so good.”
Yang Ming’s heart suddenly felt a little intolerable when he looked at the little girl with red eyes and scolded by her teammates.
Straw bag beauty, crying, these attributes, which are carried out, will be sprayed by a group of people on the Internet.
Not to mention now, these two black traits, this little girl will soon be fully inclusive.
I’m afraid, this little girl’s heat in the first phase is indeed capable of being hot, but the black fans are estimated to be countless.
“We don’t actually need to cut all the scenes of her crying, it’s just a little bit more appropriate.” Seeing Yang Ming, who had always only thought about the ratings of the show, now even said such words to help the little girl, In Chen Lan’s heart, she was even more determined, and she wanted to make a script for Wen An’an.
“Brother Yang, look, this is the charm of Wen An’an. You have only seen a few of her shots, and so pity her. You can rest assured that when we do this, she definitely has more advantages than disadvantages. At least in the early stage, she completely doesn’t worry about being eliminated, and with her top standard face, it will attract many fans. And if she can really pass our show, she will sing and dance, and the level is not bad. Well, she will definitely be a star, at that time, it will be a real star. Everyone will fall in love with such a beautiful and hard-working idol”
“So, the opportunity and the risk are the same, but it’s up to her to see how she can seize this opportunity.”

At this time, Wen An’an, who doesn’t know at all, she will be created by the program team as A straw bag beauty who came out crying, consumed the players and counterattacked the script.
She, who is about to be lauded by the show crew, is now trying to follow the style of the teammates and practice dancing together.
To be honest, Wen An’an is an otaku with no extremities and no sports.
But now, she has traversed into a small star who is participating in the draft competition, and will soon be on stage to perform, which makes Wen An’an wish to pretend to die directly.
However, that Qiao Lin is really terrible, she is really afraid of her.
Plus there are girls crying and begging her, what else can she do?
She didn’t have any ideas, she could only stick her scalp, tolerate the discomfort in her heart and jumped up with them …
Fortunately, this dance is quite simple. Even if she was beaten by that Qiao Lin, she will not be unwilling to help them.
However, soon, she found that she had been alone for a long time, and it seemed that she was a bit forgetful of her illness.
Moreover, she did not expect that when she entered the recording scene of the program, she also found a thing that made her calf tremble and wanted to die in minutes.
“Welcome 120 players to our” Super Love Bean!”

Now, we have three of our star tutors debut …”

Wait! “Super Love Bean”?

Wen An’an “…”

“Shouldn’t …”

Wen An’an, who just sat on the player’s seat, unconsciously raised her left wrist. Sure enough, the goal was a pale pink jade bracelet!


I must be dreaming! I want to go home! How could I have become such a tragic vicious female character in a comic book!

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Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love (DMGFL)


Wen An’an, an otaku girl suffering from social phobia, woke up and found in horror that she had crossed! She became a little star who just made her debut! And is currently participating in a large star-making show!
But the most terrible thing is! What she traversed was actually a dog-blooded girl, the first love of an actor; a cannon fodder!
In the comics, she was a fake illegitimate girl who became a superstar instead of the heroine, and also robbed the heroine’s beautiful bracelets, doing all bad things, and finally exposed her true face, after all the betrayal, she was sold by the male lead to foreign slave traders, and eventually died.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Part I

Chapter 6 Part II

Chapter 6 Part III

Chapter 7

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Chapter 9

DMGFL Chapter 1

At two o’clock in the morning, Wen An’an finished writing the next day’s update. After putting the draft in the novel website’s manuscript box, then later washing and tidying up, she lay on the bed, picked up her phone and looked at the comic.
Recently, there is a comic called “My Handbook of Abuse” on the Internet. Although the name looks ordinary, the content is particularly exciting.
Therefore, Wen An’an, who loves to read comics, decided to read this comic all night after writing tomorrow’s update.
Who knows, when she just read the beginning, she found that her name was exactly the same as the name of a female partner.
Looking at the female target with the same name as her, Wen An’an felt so uncomfortable.
After reading a few pages of comics, when she saw that the female rival had snatched the golden finger of the female heroine; as a senior online author, she deeply understood that the future of this female rival must be very miserable!
Looking at the exact same name as her, Wen An’an felt uncomfortable from the comic to the browser page, and then searched for this female rival with her same name and surname. What was her ending?
However, the search results, as she expected, it was very miserable.
Alas … there is no better comic to pass the time.
After reading the introduction of the female rival, Wen An’an lost her mind and went to read the novel.
Wen An’an is always sensitive, and her parents are present when she was a child, she can still be more cheerful.
But since she was 14 years old, her parents died in an accident and left her with a large part of their legacy. After all her relatives and friends have changed their faces and wanted to scheme for her property, she was socially phobic.
Her mind is sensitive and fragile, especially insecure. Because of the wishes of her parents, Wen An’an tried hard to suppress the fear of the crowd, and was admitted to her parents’ alma mater, the best university in the country, and studied the same Chinese department as her mother.
After graduating from university, she fulfilled her parents’ wishes, she stayed at home completely, and no longer contacted outsiders.
Relying on her parents’ legacy and the money she earned by writing novels on fiction websites on weekdays, she spent five years at home.
These five years, she never seems to leave, nor spoken with people in the open, which also makes her heart more closed, social phobia also more and more serious, more and more reluctant to let her go out ……
” An’An … An’An, it’s time to get up, we should go to rehearse … “
Wen An’An in a sleepy state, after hearing the noisy sound in her ear, she thought she was dreaming, so turned , tucked her head into the quilt again and did not want people to disturb her sleep.
Looking at a certain person who shrank herself into a ball and hid in the bed, the others were a little dumbfounded. They couldn’t figure it out at all. On normal days, relying on themselves to look beautiful, particularly arrogant and gentle , there is still this-soft cute gesture?
Is it because she knows that after entering the program group, she intentionally pretends?
Thinking this way, the girl who originally called Wen An’an to get up became more gentle.
Humph! Who will not to be pretending?
“An’an ~ Get up, we are on stage for the first time today, and decided on the first final class. You don’t want us to be assigned to class F without rehearsal?”
Listening to the tenderness of the words in her ear, Wen Anan, who was sleepy, thought she was dreaming of her mother and couldn’t help but wake up to the voice of her mother.
“But, mom, I still want to sleep a little longer … just a moment …”
And I don’t know, she is so coquettish, but it shocked a large group of people!
“Wen An’an, you’re confused!”
Suddenly, someone couldn’t bear it, and she shouted at Wen An’an loudly.
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to rehearse yourself, but don’t delay our promotion! If you don’t want to participate in the competition, please withdraw early!”
“Qiao Lin, don’t say that, An’An should just be too tired.”
“She’s tired? She’s careless! After arriving at the dormitory prepared by the program group yesterday, she took a shower. Instead, we were in the practice room rehearsing all night! “

Listening to the noisy quarrel in her ears, Wen An’an’s sleep suddenly disappeared. She opened her eyes vigorously and saw herself sleeping on a strange bed.
And even more terrifying is that there are three strange girls around her bed!
“… You, you, you !!!…” Who are you?
Because she hasn’t spoken to people for a long time, her language ability is degraded, and her speech is very stuttering.
Before she could finish the rest of the speech, Jolin, who had always been eager in character, dragged Wen An’an out of the bed.

“Okay ! Don’t pretend here with us. Go to the bathroom and change your clothes to go to the practice room for the final rehearsal!” Frightened and confused, Wen An’an was pushed into the bathroom by Qiao Lin.
After entering the bathroom and closing the door, when she was alone in the small bathroom, the panic and anxiety in her heart eased a lot.
It’s just, it just eased a little bit, because, now the situation is obviously beyond all her knowledge.
Where is this? Who is she? Who are the people outside?
Is she still dreaming?
Wen An’an was confused, holding the clothes in her hand, dazed and muddle-headed , whispering in her heart …
Wake up quickly, wake up quickly …
But the reality is

“Wen An’An, can you hurry up! If you are not coming out, the recording of the program will begin immediately! “
This sudden roar and kick sound made Wen An’An startled and shivered.
Frightened and helpless, she really wanted to hide in this bathroom at this time.
However, she was also afraid that the girl who had just forced her into the bathroom was going to kick the door angrily, so she was trembling and shaking like a sieve, and removed her clothes very slowly.

After changing into new clothes, Wen An’an didn’t look in the mirror, but was dragged out by Jolin who broke in.
Along the way, Wen An’an was like an object in Jolin’s hand, and she was dragged into the practice room by her.
Such a picture has attracted the attention of many people. Basically, everyone is looking at Wen An’an wherever she goes.
“Who is that girl? So pretty ?”

“It looks good and cute, I really want to touch it “
“I found that the people who came to participate in the draft this time are so high!”
“Uh huh! Especially this girl has the highest face value. With this face, I think she must be able to advance …”
Being stared at by so many people, Wen An’an shook her body even more, suffering from social phobia. She is really terrified that others’ eyes are focused on her.
At this time, she wished that there was a hole in front of her, and then she got in and never came out, so that she didn’t have to face so many eyes.
“Wen An’an, what’s wrong with you today? Did you take the wrong medicine?”
“Yeah, An’an, are you sick?”
Although they and Wen An’an, the trainee who was just recruited by the company, weren’t very familiar, but after a few days of getting along, they still know her a little bit, so of course they found that Wen An’an was abnormal.
Their teammates, because of their super high face value, although they have just entered the company, have become the target of the company.
Originally, they thought it was a pleasure to form a temporary small group with Wen An’an to participate in this competition. After all, Wen An’an looks really beautiful! It is good to see that the facial features in the entire entertainment circle, no one can match the kind.

However, after getting along for a few days, they realized that this girl had only a beautiful face!
And that character is simply awful, and has nothing to say at all! Relying on her beautiful appearance, all kinds of beauties and admirers , she does not take anyone’s eyes at all.
This hasn’t officially debuted yet, the faction is already a pair of Uranus superstars, so that they look really uncomfortable.
Of course, the most important thing is that this girl also has a pretty face, as for the other … what sing and dance, this girl has no foundation at all!
However, they now find that their teammate should probably not be a star idol and should be an actor!
Look now, how great this performance is! I can’t see her at all, but she is a kind of girl,
but she also has to admit that Wen An’an’s current look is much more pleasing than her real character, and it looks too much. !
If she can keep this state all the time, maybe it’s really going to be hot.
But … the premise is that her business level can pass.
“Okay! We will be on the stage to record the show in an hour. We are practicing a few times.”

The temporary captain Wang Weiwen’s voice just fell, and a sweet and gentle accompaniment sounded.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight …”
Wang Weiwen followed the beat of the music while dancing.
Soon, she discovered that Wen An’an, who was standing in position C, was motionless, as if she was stupid.
“An’An! Jump! Why are you stupid?”
Because Wen An’An standing at the C position stood still, all of them stopped.
“Wen An’an! Are you ill! Do you even want to participate in the competition to make a successful debut!”
“An’An, don’t you look forward to this competition? “Can’t you jump well?”
“An’An … I beg you, you should help us and finish this performance well, we don’t look as good as you, we only have this chance …”
Listening to the cursing and pleading, Wen An’an only felt her brain seemed to have been smashed by something, buzzing.
Because she saw a completely different self from the full-length mirror in the practice classroom …
So beautiful that she was so dazzling that she didn’t value her appearance.
Is this … her?
Raising her hand, Wen An’an touched her face, and the big beauty in the mirror also touched her face.
If someone else has changed from a beautiful young lady into a beautiful woman, it is absolutely crazy to be happy.
However, Wen An’an was terribly crazy! God knows that looking beautiful means attracting more attention!
What she was most afraid of was the attention of others. She wished she was a transparent person, not being noticed by anyone, being ignored by everyone, but now …
oh my god!

She, who is she?

Where is this now?
Good and horrible!

Very scary!

She really wants to go home!

Chapter 2