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“Palace Kill”.

    The name of this movie doesn’t look like the name of a martial arts movie, but it is indeed a martial arts movie, and it is based on a classic martial arts.

    This movie is a martial arts movie that revolves around the court seizing power and betraying martial arts warriors and so on.

    The protagonist of the movie is a martial arts knight who works for a prince in the imperial court.

    This “Palace Kill” is exactly the film that Assistant Jiang prepared for Wen An’an to ‘slap in the face’.

    And the films that Assistant Jiang received for Wen An’an must be excellent scripts.

    Not to mention Assistant Jiang’s ability, Wen An’an’s current status alone, the script he received could not be bad.

    She is only playing a role of soy sauce. If Wen Anan can play a role of soy sauce who is not even a female supporting role in the movie, then the script of this movie is definitely not ordinary!

    The fact is that the movie “Palace Kill” is very famous in China from the screenwriter to the director.

    And “Palace Kill” is the originator of martial arts.

    The author of the book, Mr. Wen Er, is known as a writer by everyone. His book is not just a book, but can be called a work of art.

    Many of Mr. Wen Er’s martial arts works have also been remade into film and television works, and the ratings and audience base are numerous.

    It can be said that no matter which of Mr. Wen Er’s works is remade for film and television, it is a time when he has never hit the streets.

    Even if the remake is not the first time it has been remade, it still attracts a large number of audience fans to watch it every time.

    After all, each of Mr. Wen Er’s films is very classic and very good-looking.

    However, “Palace Kill”, a martial arts masterpiece that can be called Mr. Wen Er’s masterpiece, has never been talked about by film and television.

    This is really what all fans and audiences want to watch as a movie.

    Therefore, “Palace Kill” is about to be made into a film, and it has not been finished yet. It is already predictable how popular this film will be when it is moved to the big screen.

    After all, this has never been filmed, Mr. Wen Er’s masterpiece “Palace Kill”!

    It was really difficult to get a role in this movie.

    And in fact, it is.

    The reason why “Palace Kill” can be made into a film is because Mr. Wen Er personally participated in the casting, and he was the one who decided the roles.

    Therefore, the set of the gold masters in the entertainment circle is completely useless. Mr. Wen Er is not short of money and sponsorship.

    If you want to enter the crew, you have to look at the image and acting skills.

    If your acting skills and image are not enough, then I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter how big your celebrity status is, and what kind of money masters are behind you, you don’t have to talk about it.

    Therefore, although “Palace Kill”  was approved first than “The Legend of Immortals”, as the network project, the progress is far slower than “The Legend of Immortals”.

    Even because the casting was dragged too slowly, until the end, the heat was forcibly dragged away.

    However, it is precisely because of the delay in the movie “Palace Kill” that Assistant Jiang was able to obtain such a ‘soy sauce role’ as Princess An He for Wen An’an.

    In fact, although the character of Princess An He is a soy sauce character, this soy sauce character is not simple at all.

    In “Palace Kill”, Princess An He is actually the fuse and the most crucial character in the change of the palace.

    In the middle, Princess An He is innocent, pure and kind, and all the beautiful words can be put on her.

    She is the most beautiful princess since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and also the most lovable princess.

    She is the most beautiful female character in the whole book.

    Even when Mr. Wen Er was interviewed, he bluntly said that Princess An He is the most beautiful character among all his creations.

    And such a beautiful little princess, the fate is very ill-fated.

    When she was a child, she helped her cousin, King Heng, and saved his life, so that he left a big trouble for himself and his relatives.

    Because of King Heng’s perverted obsession, he finally rebelled, triggering a palace change to seize power.

    In the end, the rebels entered the imperial city, but the little princess jumped from the high tower in front of King Heng and the male protagonist, ending her life forever.

    This role can be said to run through the entire movie. Although the role of Princess An He is not very much, it is definitely the soul of the movie.

    Originally, when selecting actors for the role of Princess An He, because no suitable actors were selected to play this role, this role that could become the most beautiful woman in the world was cancelled.

    Because Mr. Wen Er, the author and producer, did not want to ruin the perfect role of Princess An He.

    If he can’t meet a suitable candidate, then he would rather not take this role.

    Therefore, the movie “Palace Kill” did not have the role of Princess An He at the beginning. This role only appeared in the mouths of everyone, and did not appear in the movie.

    It is precisely because of this that Assistant Jiang was able to arrange Wen An’an into the crew that was destined to explode after the filming of “Palace Kill” was already halfway through.

    In particular, the grade of the movie “Palace Kill” compared to “The Legend of Immortals” that absolutely beat Wen Yanan.

    Not to mention other things, just talking about movies and TV series, Wen An’an has already won.

    However, it is worth mentioning that this large-scale movie “Palace Kill” was not won by Assistant Jiang’s ability, but Wen An’an’s own strength.

    Coincidentally, after Mr. Wen Er saw Wen An’an’s EL Flower Fairy by chance, he thought that Wen An’an was the fairy-like Princess An He in his mind.

    So, the director of the “Palace Kill ” movie was asked to contact Wen Anan.

    On the side of Assistant Jiang, after reading the script and character design, he hit it off and helped Wen Anan take over such a role.

    Although there is still a big difference between the roles of Princess An He and He Xiaoxian, but! The difference in shape is not very big.

    Moreover, in a sense, Princess An He’s image is a little more likable than He Xiaoxian.

    Innocent, pure, kind, etc., all of them are positive and cute images, which can be described as characters that kill both young and old.

    In addition, there are not many scenes for the role of An and the princess. The crew also promised Assistant Jiang that they could arrange Wen An’an’s scenes more compactly and finish the filming at one time as soon as possible.

    So, of course Assistant Jiang agreed happily.

    Wen An’an, who joined the crew and started her filming career, also started her acting career for the first time.

    As Assistant Jiang said, the character of the Princess is very similar to her.

    However, her character is not as outgoing as Princess An He, so she has a naive and undisciplined feeling, and she still needs to think about it and listen to the director’s speech.

    And it is because Wen An’an worked so hard and earnestly to act, and this role matched her appearance and temperament very well, so Wen An’an’s first experience in acting was very easy and smooth.

    Although there are not many lines, Wen Anan is one of the characters in the crew who has received the most praise from the director~!

    “You acted so well!” 


“I think Princess An He is you!” 

And so on, countless praises of Wen An’an’s acting skills seem like they don’t want money. Wen An’an will be praised fancily by the director.

    So even a timid and shy little girl like Wen Anan seems to have lost confidence in her acting skills.

    Soon, the scenes filmed in the crew ended.

    And because Wen An An’s crew came in late, after she finished filming the scenes of An He Princess, the film “Palace Kill” was about to end shooting and was finished.

    When Wen An’an finished filming, the entire crew was reluctant to part on the day she left.

    There is no way who made Wen Anan have a good personality, good popularity and beautiful appearance.

    In the face of such a soft and waxy girl, not to mention men, even women can’t resist.

    So on the day Wen Anan left, it was quite lively, and such scenes were also filmed by the photographers of the program group, and they were kept as tidbits when promoting the movie.

    After saying goodbye to everyone in the crew, Wen Anan got into her nanny car.

    “An An, after the filming of this movie, we are going to prepare to go abroad. The “Doomsday” crew has already started filming.”

    As soon as he got into the car, Assistant Jiang had already explained the next itinerary.

    “An An, in the film “Doomsday”, your role is not as small as that of Princess An He and your character will be a little different, especially when you use all English lines to act, so you may be a little hard at that time.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan nodded, actually speaking in English was not a problem.

    In fact, what she is most worried about is the problem of acting.

    “Okay, Brother Jiang, I know, I will definitely work hard.”

    Work hard to play that role!

    Taking a deep breath, Wen Anan secretly cheered for herself in her heart.

    Time gradually passed in the preparations of Wen An’an and Assistant Jiang.

    The news and gossip about Wen Yanan and Wen An’an on the Internet gradually faded away.

    And just when Wen Anan was on a plane and flew to the United States with Assistant Jiang to shoot the movie “Doomsday”.

    The preview trailer for the TV series “The Legend of Immortals” has already been put on TV and the Internet.

    Because He Xiaoxian was promoted in the early stage, it can be said to be the most popular character, so after the first preview trailer came out, the most attention was He Xiaoxian played by Wen Yanan.

    【Wen Yanan’s He Xiaoxian is so beautiful! This is really the most beautiful woman in the world! Lick the screen!】

    【Wen Yanan’s eyes are very playful! Looking forward to the broadcast of “The Legend of Immortals”! 】

    【He Xiaoxian is prettier than the heroine! I hope Wen Yanan is the heroine! 】


    The trailer has only been released for a day, and Wen Yanan has already become the focus of discussion.

    At the same time, because of the company’s marketing, Wen Yanan has also successfully entered the hot search, which is even more popular.

    And just when Wen Yanan saw that her He Xiaoxian was all praised on the Internet, she didn’t have time to be proud.

    As a result, soon, a touch of ice water poured down her head.

    And the person who poured this basin of ice water was none other than Wen An’an.

    It was only one day after the first preview trailer of “The Legend of Xiu Xian” was broadcast, and the current version of the trailer for the movie “Palace Kill” was released!

    Originally, there were many fans of the original work of “Palace Kill”, and the movie itself was highly anticipated.

    Although it is said that the hype of the topic is not as good as “The Legend of Immortals”.

    And the movie is not much marketed, and the popularity is not very high, but! After the trailer is broadcast, the big IP is the big IP, and the traffic is still there!

    Therefore, as soon as the current version of the trailer of “Palace Kill” was posted on the Internet, the popularity was instantly there!

    Many people are watching the trailer of “Palace Kill”, and after watching the trailer of “Palace Kill”! The popularity of “Palace Kill” is even more explosive!


    【Wow! Wen An’an played the most beautiful little princess in “Palace Kill”? 】

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