Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch98

 “An’an’s style is a little more immortal, just like the feeling of He Xiaoxian’s makeup photo in “The Legend of Immortals”. However, it must be more delicate than that style.”

    Assistant Jiang said these words, for the sake of Wen An’an, the stylist who was doing the styling, understood what drama this big guy was singing about.

    Originally, the stylist who designed and styled Wen Anan was a well-known stylist in the circle, and he had more than ten years of qualifications in the circle.

    For those twists and turns in the circle, people are very clear.

    What this assistant Jiang said actually means very clearly, that is, he is going to fight with Wen Yanan, who has recently become popular as He Xiaoxian.

    If he didn’t guess wrong next, it is estimated that Wen Yanan, who just exploded, would be out of luck.

    After all… thinking of this, the experienced stylist lowered his head and looked at the beautiful and immortal beauty he just created.

    After all, this Wen Anan really has a background and good looks!

    Even though he has put on makeup for so many years, he has designed styles for so many male and female stars.

    However, no matter how many stars he has designed and how many people have done makeup, no one can look better than Wen Anan!

    So, now, don’t look at the public opinion that the Internet is full of people arguing that Wen Anan is not good at acting, and that Wen Yanan is the most suitable public opinion to play He Xiaoxian.

    When Wen An’an’s style comes out, everyone in custody will change their minds!

    Although it is said that in the entertainment industry, it is necessary to have acting skills. If you have good looks but no acting skills, then no matter how beautiful you are, it is useless.

    He used to think so too, but now, after seeing Wen An’an’s superb appearance, he realized that those words were farts!

    For a top beauty like Wen An’an, that suit can’t be put on her at all!

    Moreover, Wen Anan may not have no acting skills!

    At least just having such a face like her is half the battle for a character.

    In the circle, at least, in the movie circle, too beautiful female stars do not actually have much advantage.

    Because the appearance is too dazzling, then, for many characters, it is not easy to play, and it may also be called a vase.

    However, he felt that after the makeup of Wen An’an was drawn, it was simply… that character, not Wen An’an!

    “Brother Jiang, your family…is really extraordinary. Would you like me to take a picture of Wen Anan and help you…’spread propaganda’?” 

The stylist followed Assistant Jiang, half joking, half expecting. .

    It is said to be propaganda, but it is actually the stylist because Wen An’an’s look is so beautiful!

    Moreover, it is also the most flawless look since he made a star look.

    So, he can’t wait to show off to the Internet.

    After all, if he sends out this set of photos of Wen An’an, then he is guaranteed to be popular!

    And it is very likely that his status in the entertainment industry will likely improve a lot after passing by Wen An’an once!

    “Thank you. But, no need.”

    Assistant Jiang politely refused.

    He asked Wen An’an to make soy sauce for the movie. It was not as simple as asking the stylist to expose Wen An’an’s new look.

    “Ah, okay.”

    The stylist who was about to take out his mobile phone to take pictures of Wen Anan had no choice but to withdraw.

    However, soon after hearing what Assistant Jiang said next, his eyes lit up again.

    “However, you can take a few good-looking photos of An An first. When our new look of An An is broadcast in the trailer of the movie and becomes popular, you can post it.”

    Assistant Jiang’s statement After talking, it made the stylist fully understand his plan!

    “Okay! No problem! I will definitely take some nice photos for An An!” 

Thestylist agreed with a full mouth, and kept muttering in his heart that this Assistant Jiang was really a good trick.

    It turned out that Wen An’an appeared in the movie’s trailer!

    It’s just…as far as he knows, Wen An’an’s role doesn’t seem to be a role with a lot of drama.

    Moreover, it seems that this role was not originally planned to be played…

    This Assistant Jiang is really capable!

    The dynamic video of the trailer is much more lethal than his photos!

    It seems that Wen Yanan is really miserable this time~

    Soon, after the stylist took pictures for Wen Anan and left with all his little assistants, Wen Anan followed him with a worried expression muttering.

    “Brother Jiang, I-I’m afraid that I won’t act well and I’ll screw you up…”

    This is Wen An’an’s first time acting, although it’s just a soy sauce role.

    However, it is still acting!

    In particular, this role was created by Assistant Jiang in order to slap Wen Yanan in the face and for the sake of her image… her pressure is even greater!

    “It’s alright, don’t worry. This character doesn’t have a few lines. Especially, this character fits your image very well, so it’s not difficult. Don’t worry.”

    Assistant Jiang also knows Wen An’an’s character, and also understands what a little coward she is. It was her first time acting, so he comforted her very gently.

    Under the appeasement of Assistant Jiang, Wen Anan finally summoned up the courage.

    “Brother Jiang, I understand. Don’t worry, I, I will definitely act well!”

    Although she was very cowardly and timid. However, she also didn’t want to be pressed and beaten by Wen Yanan.

    Since the direction has been completely different, she doesn’t need to be the heroine in such a fear.

    From this moment on, she will start to change herself well…

    Wen An’an did not expect that this ‘small’ change of hers would cause a great miracle.

    A ‘miracle’ that no one thought of, including herself.


    “Cut! It’s great! Wen An’an, you act so well! It’s so good!”

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