Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch96

【 TV series “The Legend of Immortals” V: The long-awaited number one beauty in the two worlds, He Xiaoxian@Wen Yanan V has appeared! Come and lick the screen soon~! 


    This Weibo post aroused huge attention.

    After all, who is playing He Xiaoxian playing? Although it has been widely rumored, she has always been a mystery!

    But this time, the official Weibo of “The Legend of Immortals” posted who was playing He Xiaoxian, and also posted a high-definition photo of the character’s makeup. 

It really… surprised countless netizens!

    Because it was not someone else who played the role of He Xiaoxian, but Wen Yanan.

    Originally, many netizens thought that the role of He Xiaoxian was already played by Wen Anan.

    But I didn’t expect that when “The Legend of Immortals” was officially announced, this role was actually played by Wen Yanan!

    【Wow! He Xiaoxian turned out to be Wen Yanan! Isn’t this a victory for netizens!】

    【Hahaha! I have been posting posts for the past few days to protest Wen An’an’s coming to play He Xiaoxian, but I didn’t expect it to be a success! The energy is finally not in vain! 】

    【I can rest assured that it is Wen Yanan playing He Xiaoxian! I hope Wen Yanan can use her superb acting skills to perfectly interpret He Xiaoxian. 】

    【Fortunately, it’s not that scumbag Wen An’an who played He Xiaoxian, otherwise I really think that the super beautiful “The Legend of Immortals” will be ruined! 】

    【I would rather let Wen Yanan, who has superb acting skills, play the first beauty, He Xiaoxian, than Wen Anan, who has no looks and no acting skills, to play He Xiaoxian! Thumbs up for the cast of “The Legend of Immortals”! The right person was chosen!】

    【Happy! I hope Wen Yanan will do your best, don’t let down our support, and play the role of He Xiaoxian well! 】

    【To be honest, a beautiful woman like Wen Anan who has no other skills should just shoot commercials and variety shows, and don’t come to act to insult the profession of an actor. 】

    【Wen Anan’s appearance is what I like, but she really doesn’t have any advantages other than being good-looking. Although I support Wen Yanan’s role as He Xiaoxian, I still sincerely hope that Wen Anan can have it. Acting, I think her looks are really suitable for being an actress. 】


    As soon as the official announcement of the actor of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals” came out, it was obvious that the actor of the official announcement was Wen Yanan, but Wen An’an was the most discussed.

    Although many netizens are complaining about Wen An’an, the elites in the entertainment industry can actually see from this piece of complaints that Wen An’an’s popularity is definitely top-notch traffic!     

Don’t look at the number of netizens who complain about Wen An’an now, but seriously, if the role of He Xiaoxian is played by Wen An’an, it doesn’t matter how “The Legend of Immortals” is filmed, the popularity and ratings will definitely not be low.     Therefore, even in this game of ‘playing He Xiaoxian’, it seems that Wen Yanan won and Wen Anan lost.     

However, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Wen An’an’s commercial value is much higher than that of Wen Yanan!    

 So… this night, Assistant Jiang, who is Wen An’an’s agent, received a lot of invitation calls from various producers and directors in the entertainment industry.     

“Yanan, the official announcement on “The Legend of Immortals” has been published, and now the public opinion is all about you. Now you repost the official Weibo of “The Legend of Immortals”.” 

After washing up, she was just about to lie down.Wen Yanan, who was watching the script quietly for a while in bed, put down the script immediately after receiving a call from her agent, Sister Hong.

    After hanging up the phone, Wen Yanan turned on the computer and read the official announcement on the Internet. When the public opinion about her was posted on the Internet, she realized that she was the one who was announced as the official announcement of “The Legend of Immortals”, but on the Internet it was her. More is still to be discussed on Wen Anan.

    Looking at this, it was enough to make Wen Yanan angry.

    After reading the comments one by one, she found that although many readers were complaining about Wen An’an, the meaning was more that if Wen An’an had acting skills, they would definitely support Wen An’an in acting as He Xiaoxian in this role.


    Wen Yanan threw the tablet in her hand aside, her dark eyes were full of gloomy anger.

    “Why… She’s obviously a rubbish who knows nothing, but so many people still have expectations for her! Is it just because of that face! I have it too…”

    Wen Yanan’s palm slowly stroked her beautiful cheek.

    Compared with the previous Wen Yanan, the current Wen Yanan’s beauty value has not increased a little bit.

    If the former Wen Yanan was just a delicate little beauty, then the current Wen Yanan is really a radiant beauty.

    It’s just… that beauty is beautiful, but it’s too aggressive. It’s so beautiful that it looks like the template face of a villain. Looking at it, it makes people feel that it’s so beautiful that it doesn’t look like a good person.

    But just when Wen Yanan raised her hand and stroked her cheek, she didn’t know that the gold inlaid jade powder bracelet on her wrist was still floating with black energy.

    Especially after she said the cruel words behind her to herself, those black anger swept into her beautiful face…

    “Wen An’an, no matter how many people your beauty can make you feel good about you. If you have a good impression, have expectations, and I will too, make everyone disappointed and disgusted by you…”

    After that, Wen Yanan picked up the phone again and dialed a familiar number.

    “Hey…I’m working together once…yes, or…she…”


    And whether it’s what happened on the Internet or what’s about to happen, Wen An’an, the party involved, is a little bit of a I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

    After having dinner with Shen Zheng, Wen An’an understood, a rich man spends money, it’s really terrible!

    Obviously it was just a dinner for two people, but this dinner cost five-figure RMB! 

    The most terrifying thing is that this price is still discounted with Shen Zheng’s VIP Gold Card!

    Wen An’an’s heart was bleeding when she left the private restaurant after paying the money!

    No way, she was born an ordinary person, and she has never lived such a luxurious life!

    No, maybe she lived such a luxurious life, but it wasn’t her who paid the money at that time! So she didn’t expect it to be so expensive!

    “What’s the matter? The little face is wrinkled? Is it not delicious, or not full?”

    Shen Zheng looked at Wen An’an who had paid the money, and her face was always unsightly. He had already seen through the girl’s mind, and deliberately teased her on the road.

    “Brother, this restaurant is delicious, but the price/performance ratio is too low, I don’t like it.”

    Wen Anan didn’t hide anything, and directly expressed her feelings.

    “I think it’s too expensive? But what should I do? The restaurants I usually like are at this price…” 

    I still want to continue to tease Wen Anan and I want to make some jokes, but these teasing words before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Wen Anan.

    “Brother, if you want to eat in the future, you, you can tell me, I, I can make it for you…”

    Wen Anan lowered her head embarrassedly after muttering these words in a low voice.

    “Although, although the ones I make may not be as delicious as those restaurants you eat in… But, but it shouldn’t be too bad… The most important thing is… it is cheaper…”

    After saying these words, Wen An’an’s face was flushed red, she actually understood that Shen Zheng was originally a rich local tyrant.

    The concept of consumption is definitely different from that of the poor, but she doesn’t know why, so she couldn’t help but say these words.

    Originally, she actually regretted saying these words, thinking that Shen Zheng might be angry, and when she wanted to take back those words, who knew –

    “Okay, I will not eat out in the future, I will only eat at our house. An An’s will cook dinner for me…”

    Shen Zheng looked at Wen An’an sitting in the passenger seat with a smile, raised his hand, he touched Wen An’an’s head, his face was full of happiness and doting.

    “Ah? Ah? Big brother?”

    Wen Anan looked at Shen Zheng with some unresponsiveness. She never thought that Shen Zheng would react this way.

    She looked up at Shen Zheng dumbly, her face blank.

    No, no, when did she say that she would cook for Shen Zheng every day from now on? 

    “It’s a matter of words! Tomorrow, eldest brother wants to have a good taste of our An’an’s craftsmanship.” 

  As  he spoke, Shen Zheng leaned his body and fastened the seat belt for Wen An’an very carefully and gently.

    It wasn’t until the car started that Wen An’an came back to her senses.

    Feeling the incomparably fresh smell of Shen Zheng spreading all around him, for a while, Wen An’an’s heart was beating uncontrollably.

    In her impression, her father eats meals made by her mother every day, and her mother once said… If you like someone, you will be willing to cook for him for the rest of your life…

    No, no! Wen Anan, what are you thinking about!

    Shaking her head, Wen Anan finally woke up a lot at this time.

    Just before Wen An’an had time to think, how could such a strange thought appear in her mind just now, her cell phone suddenly rang.

    “It’s so late, who called you?”

    Shen Zheng, who was driving, heard Wen An’an’s cell phone ringing, his brows wrinkled slightly, and he asked Wen An’an with some concern.

    “It’s Assistant Jiang.”

    Picking up the phone, Wen Anan glanced at it, followed Shen Zheng and answered the phone.

    “Hey, Brother Jiang, it’s so late, what’s the matter?”

    When he heard Wen An’an’s voice call Brother Jiang and Shen Zheng, who was driving, he was a little unhappy again.

    In my heart, I began to think about whether to transfer Assistant Jiang back.

    “Ah? What did you say? You gave me a cameo role in a movie? But, but I said, I don’t want to take a domestic script. And… we’re not going abroad to shoot Doomsday soon. Why? Where do you have so much time to make a cameo role?”

    Wen Anan said with some doubts after hearing the reason for the call from Assistant Jiang.

    However, Assistant Jiang only gave her a very brief reply.

    “An An, if someone wants to hit us in the face, we have to hit back beautifully, don’t we?”

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