Chapter 30 – The Throne Of The King Is None Other Than The Peace Of My Family.

Translator: Caell

Proofreader: Yu Yue

After the third episode of “Super Idol” was broadcasted, it literally made the entire network boil!

Who didn’t expect that Wen An’an in the second phase was still a waste? Although they said she worked hard, she was still a waste.

However, when it came to the third stage performance, it was a blockbuster!

It also let everyone see that this young lady is really working hard to improve herself!

As a result, Wen An’an quickly made it to the hot search list.

# Prosperous beauty Wen An’an#

# Wen An’an “National Beauty and Fragrance”#

# She is also working very hard today! #

# Come on! My little Ann! #

When others are on the hot search, they are in only one, but Wen An’an’s hot search is always so unique.

There are solely a few hot search spots, but every time Wen An’an can occupy several spots!

It can also be said that Wen An’an’s hot search was not bought! It’s a real fight made by people with their own popularity!

【Ah ah ah! How can my little An’an be so beautiful! Lick the screen! Lick the screen!】

【It’s really a national beauty! Oh my God! I’m a straight girl, but I’m going to bend because of Wen An’an’s performance!】

【I think the Beijing accent sung by Wen An’an is really good! Now that I know Jiang Yan, why wouldn’t she praise Wen An’an so much, she is really talented! 】

【Miss, you surprised me so much! Originally, I thought it would take a long time to see the progress of the young lady, but I didn’t expect the young lady to improve so much!】

【Calling my family’s little public servant An’an crazy! Don’t say it! Vote, vote! I want to give my family An An Xiaogong the throne of the king! 】

【Don’t vote for just one! I am so timid, if I really vote on the throne of one, I am afraid that I will be scared and cry.】


Because after the release of “Guo Se TianXiang”, it made all the sunspots who were still in the dark, completely shut their mouths.

After all, after the performance of this song, Wen An’an’s performance, there is no black spot that can be darkened.

Except… If you want to be embarrassed!

Now, Wen An’an’s momentum is so strong. Now that she is popular, they are just waiting to be sprayed to death by the whole network!

Wen Yanan looked at the Internet. All of the public opinions were praising Wen An’an, and her eyes were full of resentment.
Why Wen An’an’s star path has been smoother in this lifetime?

In her last life, she was famous because she rubbed against Yan Qi’s thighs. However, now that Yan Qi can’t be her help, why is she still popular? And even more ferocious than the fame in the previous life?

Could it be… because of the Shen family? That’s right! It must be the Shen family! Now that the Shen family has recognized her, the Shen family must have helped her!

At that time, it was Wen Yanan who had been fascinated by hatred and didn’t think about it. In fact, the real change lies in Wen An’an herself.

In the past life, Wen An’an only knew how to rub the fame everywhere and take shortcuts, but never realized her ideals by her own efforts.

However, Wen An’an in this lifetime has taken one step at a time, using her own efforts to gain this popularity.

But, how could Wen Yanan, who was forced to death by Wen An’an’s fans and public opinion in her last life, easily reflect on herself and admit that her enemy had really become better?

She couldn’t get rid of her hatred, so she could only make mistakes again and again…

Taking a deep breath, Wen Yanan picked up the phone and decided to reveal that Wen An’an was an illegitimate daughter!

“Hey, Gossip Weekly? I want to break the news that Wen An’an, who is now popular, is actually the daughter of Xiaosan, an illegitimate daughter…”

What Wen Yanan didn’t expect was that, even if she threw out all the evidence, people would just—

“Sorry. This lady, what you broke has no value to me.”

After making a few calls in a row, Wen Yanan came with such a result, and she instantly became ignorant. This was because someone had helped in advance and suppressed all the information related to Wen An’an.

There is no need to think about it. Wen Yanan just thought of it and the only ones who can do this are the Wen family.


For what? Why is everything different from what she thought?

At this time, Wen Yanan truly realized that something was wrong.

She originally thought that after she pushed Wen An’an into the Shen family, exposing her illegitimate daughter status would smear her.

As a result, now this trick is completely useless!

What kind of charm did Wen An’an use in the Shen family to let them help her like this?

How could Wen Yanan think that all this is just the result of her own doing?

“Forget it… Now, the main thing is that Yan Qi’s plan didn’t go wrong, that’s a good result.”

Although Wen Yanan was depressed because exposing that Wen An’an was an illegitimate daughter might not work, however, when she thought that Yan Qi had completely cut off his relationship with Wen An’an, her heart was filled with hope.

Bowing her head, Wen Yanan looked at the outrageous girl who appeared on the computer screen. The corners of her lips were slightly raised.

“Wen An’an, let’s take it easy for a while. There’s absolutely no way you know, did you miss it?”

Which of the Shen family’s illegitimate daughters was Yan Qi’s wife, and that the Yan family’s daughter-in-law’s share is important?

Now, you can make up your mind! In the future, when you know Yan Qi’s true identity, there will be a time when you cry!

At that time, I am taking back your share as the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family. At that time…you will truly have nothing!

Thinking about it this way, Wen Yanan was in a bad mood at first, but she suddenly got better.

But she never imagined that the messy things she was thinking about were completely impossible to happen to Wen An’an!

Moreover, Wen An’an will never cry because she knows Yan Qi’s true identity ~! She will only cry when Yan Qi says he likes her!

Just when she was thinking about the tragic future, of Wen An’an being trampled under her feet and unable to turn it over, her phone suddenly rang.

“Hey, Yan Qi! Well, I see. I will definitely be there on time for the MV shooting.”

Wen Yanan’s face was full of sweet smiles, her voice was sweet and polite.

“Yan Qi, I really appreciate your willingness to help me this time.”

“Well, I know. I will certainly not embarrass you, don’t worry.”

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yanan’s mood was a little more cheerful again, with a look of impending doom on her delicate face.

Wen An’an, you can’t hold Yan Qi’s thighs in this lifetime. In this lifetime, Yan Qi can only be mine!

Caell: Someone please tell this girl that she can never come back.

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