Chapter 29 – Game King Wen An’an

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Proofreader: Yu Yue

“Everyone, audience, welcomes to the first issue of the second season of “Real Games”! After the majority of netizens’ votes, the Werewolf Killing Special became the theme of our second season’s first issue with the highest number of votes. Players, please, don’t disappoint everyone’s love for you, just present the best werewolf kill for the audience!”

When the regular and temporary guests of the show are all in place, the werewolf killing special of “Real Game” officially begins.

Because it is a real game, the sets of each episode of the show are built according to the theme of the game.


The theme of the werewolf killing in this issue is the closed small space in the simulation movie, so everyone has a room at night to rest and sleep, ahem! More precisely, the place to be killed.

 At night, each villager can only stay in his bedroom, and only the werewolf can move…

 “Now, please take out your mobile phones and watch your cards!”

 Under the words of the mechanical voice on the big screen, all the guests took out their mobile phones and watched their cards.

After watching their own cards, everyone’s faces showed different expressions, the photographer gave them a close-up and put them in the show.

So everyone’s faces are either funny or showed exaggerated expressions.

 However, when the camera crew of the program moved the camera to Wen An’an’s place, this little girl’s calf was shaking! Her eyes were still wet, and she looked like she was about to cry.

 “Shouldn’t it be…”

 “Wen An’an has drawn the werewolf card!”

After watching Wen An’an’s close-up on the screen, the staffs of the program group were all surprised.

 Why didn’t they pass? Wen An’an actually took the werewolf card!

 What is the most important thing about the theme of Werewolf Killing? That’s guts, intelligence, and acting skills!

 Werewolf is arguably the most difficult to play in the werewolf slaying theme and is the player character with a 0 win rate in their show so far. But now Wen An’an has the most difficult werewolf card to play! No matter how you look at it, it is impossible to win!

 Because even if this little girl has courage, wisdom, or acting skills, that’s nothing to show!

 The most important thing is that after looking at your own cards, it has been exposed so thoroughly. After this, there are no acting skills!

As a result, the staff of the entire program team was worried about Wen An’an, the timid little girl.

But the thing is, Wen An’an’s lucky attribute is probably full. At this time, everyone is looking at their cards, and no one pays attention to Wen An’an.

“Since everyone has revealed their cards, then the game officially begins!”

But after seeing the mechanical sound stop, the lights in the entire studio went out, and the room was suddenly pitch black.


 It seems like the sound of water droplets and the sound of a clock running, the sound is so strangely resounding in this darkness.

This made Wen An’an, who was naturally timid to be frightened enough. Although it was said that she was shooting a show and there was no danger, she was still afraid.

What’s more, it didn’t take long for this torment, and the room finally lit up again.

However, when the room was lit up, Wen An’an found that the surrounding scenery was different from the previous one.

White walls, white chairs, white floors, white lights, white TVs… Everything, everything, is white… This kind of tone-setting makes people feel a little prickly.

In this room, there are eleven people crowded, so it makes people feel cramped and uncomfortable.

I have to say that the arrangement of the program group is simply too amazing.

Just when Wen An’an was at a loss, the other twelve guests all started to perform.


“Where is this place?”

“Ah~! Who are you?!”

Hearing the screams, Wen An’an subconsciously hugged herself and shrank, that little face was pale, like a poor man!

“It’s over, Xu Xi, Le Qing, stop acting. Look, you’ve scared our lovely little sister An An.”

Seeing Wen An’an’s pitifully frightened appearance, Jiang Long, the regular guest captain of “Real Games”, rebuked the other two regular members, Xu Xi and Le Qing.

When the others listened to Jiang Long’s words, they noticed that Wen An’an was really frightened. Not only was her face pale, but her pink and tender lips were pale.

It seemed that she was really frightened.

“Sorry, little sister An An! I didn’t mean to.”

“Yes, don’t be afraid, it’s all fake.”

Because Wen An’an was the youngest among the eleven guests this time, and everyone said that this was the little crying bag that was popular recently, so everyone softly coaxed her.

Wen An’an felt everyone’s kindness, shook her head, and muttered in a low voice, “I don’t blame you, it’s me who is timid…”

Seeing the way the little girl was talking, several regular guests of “Real Game” all complained about the program team in their hearts:

The show team is doing something wrong! Pulling such a timid and cute little girl into such a terrifying special is simply too bad!


Just when everyone’s attention was on Wen An’an’s camera, the TV hanging on the wall suddenly lit up.

At the moment when the TV lit up, everyone’s eyes turned to the screen of that TV.

“The game starts now.”

The mechanical sound that disappeared just now appeared in everyone’s ears again.

For those who have watched “Real Game” and other players, this is definitely the classic opening remarks of the werewolf killing theme.

However, Wen An’an, this little rookie, has never experienced it before.

So, the more I watch it, the more I think—this variety show is too scary!

“Everyone is a villager, but a celebrity wolf is mixed in among the villagers.

The following is the composition of this game camp:

Human wolf camp: 3 human wolves.

Villager camp: 1 prophet.

1 Guardian.

There are 6 villagers. ”

“Turn-based! Each round takes days as the unit, and vote to choose the wolf you think.

The one with the most votes will be eliminated.

When the werewolf wants to leave the room to eliminate the villagers at night, the villagers can only stay in their rooms.

The Night Prophet can choose a player and predict whether this person is from the wolf camp or the village camp.

The guardian chooses a person to protect him from the wolf attack every night, and the selected room is automatically locked and cannot be opened.

If the wolves die, the villagers will win.

If the number of villagers and wolves is the same, it is counted as a victory for the wolves.

The final winner will receive a reward of one million yuan.

Next, please everyone.

Work hard to live ^-^”

After reading the rules of the game, Wen An’an only felt that this game was too embarrassing!

Because it’s a werewolf who is winning!

“I recommend the Prophet to verify Brother Long’s share, he easily gets the Werewolf’s card!”

“I agree! Brother Long is surely the best player among us all!”

“Hey! You can’t eliminate me so quickly just because I’m not playing!”

Seeing how the other guests were fighting together, Wen An’an tried her best to reduce her sense of existence and not let others pay attention.

One is because she really doesn’t have contact with strangers, and the other is… she is a werewolf! Her acting is so bad! Psychologically, she can’t hide anything.

Therefore, if you talk too much, you will be wrong, so you should hide and talk less, and let others pay less attention.

It’s just a pity that, as far as Wen An’an’s appearance and the popularity on the Internet are concerned, as the regular guests of the program group, how can they be spared?

So, poor Wen An’an became the most popular temporary guest on the show again.

It’s not easy for Wen An’an to endure the ‘night’, and everyone has to go back to their bedroom, waiting for the werewolf’s arrival. Can’t come out!

“Pfft hahaha! Xu Xi, the guardian, did not guard his partner CP Le Qing, but chose to guard Wen An’an!”

“Hahaha! This episode is too interesting! The weakest werewolf in history! The confused guardian guards a werewolf hahaha!”

When the show crew watched the werewolf Wen An’an that Xu Xi was actually guarding, they were all overjoyed.

Everyone’s hearts are thinking, this episode of the show is absolutely stable! So stable! With such a miraculous start, the script dare not write it like this!

At this time, Wen An’an, who was a lone man at the time, was in a state of confusion.

“Why can’t I open it…”

Wen An’an twisted the handle of the door, and found out, why can’t the door be opened.

Is the door broken? Wen An’an blinked, and after trying again patiently, she completely discovered that she was locked by someone from the outside.

So, the rules of the game suddenly came back to his mind.

“Could it be… I was guarded by a guardian?”

No! such a pit…

Wen An’an’s expression suddenly froze, but she did not need to go out to kill people if she was locked up.

So Wen An’an, a werewolf who was super unlike a werewolf, obediently went back to the bed in the room and lay down.

As for Wen An’an’s other two werewolf companions in the voting hall, they were really confused.

“Didn’t you say there was a werewolf?”

“Is there one more?”

So, on the first night, the two hard-working werewolves just wasted a night and failed to kill because they were waiting for the first werewolf to come.

After the second night, they saw that the first werewolf still did not appear, so the two of them could only ignore the other missing werewolf.

“So, who do we kill?”

“Kill Brother Long! I think Brother Long should have a share!”


“It’s dawn. Last night, Jiang Long was killed.”

When all the players gathered in the voting hall, they heard such a message.

All the players looked at Jiang Long in an obvious way, but Jiang Long had a stinky look on his face.

“I’m a prophet, I tested a werewolf last night…”


As the game continued round by round, the staff of the show group was almost going to die.

Although Wen An’an didn’t do anything and didn’t say anything, but, worthy of the werewolf’s share, the whole person is a scene that makes people want to explode!

They saw that all the guests were eliminated one by one, and the stage was already in a period of intense heat.

In the end, no one was there, and Wen An’an survived to the end!

The players who were eliminated, because they didn’t get any spoilers, they didn’t know who the last werewolf was.

“Our companion is certainly hiding too deeply! I have never seen him come out to vote and kill.”

“You said… Could it be Wen An’an?”

“Impossible! How could Wen An’an be a werewolf!”

“Uh… I think it’s possible. Maybe, because Wen An’an is a new player, so she doesn’t understand that werewolves want to kill people at night, so she doesn’t come out to kill people every night.”

“Well, this makes sense. Why did the game ended last night, but Wen An’an still didn’t come out to kill and end the game?”

Just when the eliminated players were guessing who was the last werewolf, this issue of “Real Game” had the most exciting ending

“Le Qing! There really is no werewolf left, you are the last werewolf!”

“Nani? Xu Xi, you are funny, I am a villager.”

“Hehe! Come on! You ruthless werewolf! On the first day, you scared our lovely An’an sister. On the last night, you even killed our lovely An’an sister! An’an sister, yes Werewolf! Come vote with me!”

“Bah! Xu Xi, I never knew that you were a werewolf. But now it seems that you are the last wolf! I want to vote for you! Sister An’an, I am not a werewolf and I will vote for him!”

Seeing the last remaining two villagers looking at each other, Wen An’an looked blank.

She felt that the whole game was paddling, but somehow it ended up in the end? And neither of these two have ever suspected that they were werewolves?

And… as a werewolf, I’ve been locked in the room… I can’t go out, it seems truly embarrassing.

However, this is a piece of shit luck, isn’t it?

Seeing the two piercingly roaring and throwing at each other, Wen An’an’s lips moved slightly.


“I am sorry.”

Wen An’an decisively voted for Xu Xi, who had guarded the entire game.

When Xu Xi saw that Wen An’an had voted for him, he said to Wen An’an with a face full of despair.

“An An, if you vote for me, then we will lose!”

However, as soon as Xu Xi’s voice fell, the big screen suddenly lit up, and countless streamers landed beside Wen An’an.

“The werewolf wins! Congratulations to Wen An’an for being the King of the first issue of “Real Game”!”


Accompanied by this mechanical sound, there was a moment of silence in the field!

“What, what?! Wen An’an is a werewolf?!”

“What’s so special! Xu Xi, you idiot! You protected a werewolf! You are awesome!”

“…I’ll go! No wonder, I’m still depressed. Why doesn’t the first werewolf show up? It turns out that she was locked in the house by the funny guardian Xu Xi.”

“Hahaha! I’m going to be killed! This werewolf game is so exciting!”

“Hey! I’m sorry everyone, I’m guilty! But who made Sister An An look so cute, so she needs someone else to protect her!”

“But Little Sister An An’s luck is really good!”

“It’s the first time I’ve recorded a show and I’ve encountered this situation. I’m looking forward to recording the show with little sister An An for the second time!”


The first issue of the second season of “Real Games” has come to an end in such an explosive manner.

After watching the recording of the entire show, the staff was all very happy!

According to their experience, their first issue is definitely going to explode! And it’s still a blast!

And among all the guests, Wen Anan is undoubtedly going to explode!

Although this little girl didn’t say much and was even the quietest guest in the field, she is clearly the soul of this show!

All the focus is placed on the girl on stage.

“I am now looking forward to the effect of the show after the broadcast! I am so looking forward to it~! The effect of this episode is really amazing!”

“Oh, this little girl Wen An’an is going to be famous!”

“Yeah, it’s definitely going to be hot!”

“Haha~the aura is too strange, obviously not as much as other people, but the variety show that was filmed is the best.”

“Well, I kind of asked Wen An’an to be our regular guest on this show.”

“This proposal is not bad…”

Unfortunately, if Wen An’an says it, then she will kill him. No, she promises to be a regular guest of this terrifying brain-burning game!

Wen An’an felt that she had spent all her brain cells and courage in the recording of this episode.

Although as he said… she didn’t do anything.

Just after Wen An’an finished the recording of “Real Game”, the first episode of “Super Idol”, Wen Anan’s first public performance, was officially broadcast on the show.

And this time, Wen An’an, who sang “National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance” in ancient costume, set off a new sensation again. Once again, it became a hot search and successfully attracted a large number of fans, becoming a well-deserved popularity Queen.

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