Chapter 28 – This Kid Is So Cute

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“Can I not participate…?” Wen An’an whispered weakly.

 Originally, she was a little uncomfortable with the “Super Idol” program. Now, here is another variety show… She really feels that it makes her feel drained.

 Upon hearing that Wen An’an wanted to refuse, Yang Ming really felt that the little girl’s heart was just too simple.

 For other players, even other celebrities, if they learn that a popular variety show has invited them to participate in the recording and if it is truly good, they can agree. But Wen An’an would be as nice as a little girl. She refused to even ask which variety show it was.

 “You don’t want to know which variety show invited you to participate?”

 Seeing Yang Ming’s smiling face, Wen An’an nodded her head quickly.

 She honestly didn’t want to participate at all.

For the time being, she still is adapting to the “Super Idol” program and can make a little change in the program. As for the other shows… Let’s not talk about the future yet.

 Seeing Wen An’an’s countenance, Yang Ming became more and more amused.

 “But ah… you can’t come and go as you wish. You have already signed a contract with our program group, so… Ah… you must participate in this program!”

 Hearing what Yang Ming said, the expression on Wen An’an’s face suddenly collapsed and the whole person was like a dying flower, looking pitiful.

“Wen An’an, take this opportunity. It is your first variety show, if the recording effect is good, your future star journey will be bright…”

 Knowing that Wen An’an is timid, Yang Ming patiently explained the importance of it.

 Why are there so many kinds of variety shows now? Because the audience loves to watch it! So, if a star has a sense of variety well, I’m afraid the rise to stardom of that star will not be bad.

 Even if she can only perform badly, sing badly, and dance badly, her variety show is good, right?

The audience is bound to be very good, the family will treat her a lot.

 In the circle, many stars are black material, but they rely on the scripts of variety shows to come back.

Although…Yang Ming doesn’t think Wen An’an is so timid and has a great sense of variety show, but he always feels Wen An’an is inexplicably the favorite of the audience.

Therefore, he felt that maybe the little girl in front of him would bring them new surprises.

 “I, I know. I will work hard.”

 Listening to Yang Ming’s words, Wen An’an nodded her head. Although she was really afraid to meet a group again and meet a group of new strangers, but since she has decided to mix in the circle, she must overcome it a little bit.

 Otherwise, even if she performs well in “Super Idol”, she won’t be the opponent of the heroine.

 Taking a deep breath, Wen An’an bites her lower lip lightly, “Yes. What kind of show is it?”

 But even if she made up her mind, Wen An’an still felt very panicked!

” “Real Game”. It is now a popular variety show. Isn’t it very exciting!?”

 As a result, as soon as Yang Ming finished speaking, he saw that the little girl’s face was full of confusion. At that time, he was surprised to find that Wen An’an had actually never watched a show!

 “Don’t you…you don’t watch variety shows, do you?”

 “I… almost…”

 Wen An’an nodded helplessly. Actually, as an otaku, she would definitely read the review if she stayed at home so much time every day.

Art shows, I will watch various TV movies to pass the time.

 However, this is not the real world she is in. She must not have seen a lot of the variety shows.

 “Wen An’an, I found out that you really are a…” She’s a bit weird.

 However, Yang Ming said at the end of the two words “Wonderful Flower”.

He just coughed slightly and explained to Wen An’an.

 After Yang Ming said something, Wen An’an can be regarded as knowing the show.

 “Real Game” is currently a hot variety show. The main target group is young people, and, of course, housewives.

It is also a major group in ratings. After all, the remote control is now in the hands of housewives.

 Variety shows are so popular because they are novel enough.  The theme of each issue will be different, but the theme of each one will be very interesting.

 In the first season, “Werewolf”, “Terror Cruise”, “Game of Kings”, etc., all made all the audience think it’s so fun to watch.

The program is like its name. One is realism, and the other is games.

 The recording of each episode is almost like shooting a movie, it is surely a production of conscience! So why won’t this kind of program become popular!?

 In addition to regular guests, the program group will invite various traffic stars to be temporary guests to participate in the game of the show in each issue. In each episode of the program, a champion will be selected to win the title of the final game King and will be rewarded with one hundred million game bonuses.

 The current show happens to be the beginning of the second season. Because of the perfect ending of the first season, when the second season of “Real Game” aired the first issue is bound to be a blockbuster.

 Therefore, all the temporary guests invited in the first period must be the stars with the current burst of traffic.

Therefore, Wen An’an was selected.


 “Why does  the  variety show sound… a little scary…”

 Wen An’an pressed her lips tightly, what kind of werewolf killing, horror cruise ship, king game did she just hear…

They are all related to horror elements, right?

 “It’s not scary. It’s a variety show. It’s more funny. Don’t worry.”

 Yang Ming looked at Wen Anan’s timid face and was speechless. To be honest, Wen An’an, a little girl, is definitely the cowardly girl kind.

 “But if you are participating in a variety show right away, don’t tell other players. Although it was the other party’s initiative to invite you to participate in the program, but, if you have a reward, you have to say that it is because you got the praise. That’s why you have the opportunity to participate in the program.”

Listening to Yang Ming’s words, Wen An’an nodded obediently.

 She knew in her heart that Yang Ming was reducing the hatred value. After all, the program team took the initiative to invite her alone and get points. The rewards of praise king, among them, there is a very special area.

 Soon, the car went back to the filming building of the program group under Yang Ming’s arrangement for Wen An’an.

 After following Yang Ming’s report, Wen An’an returned to her dormitory.

 About her return, the people in the dormitory were simply surprised. All of them thought that Wen An’an wouldn’t come back long after she left.

 However, after watching the last performance, her group was entirely changed for her, so many people always asked her about her body.

 Facing the hearts of so many people, Wen An’an only felt embarrassed, but unfortunately, after knowing that she came back, everyone came to see her.

There are more and more people.

So on the first day of returning to the “Super Idol” program, Wen An’an felt exhausted. She just wanted to be alone.


 Although Wen An’an’s return on the first night was indeed with the heart and encouragement of many people, the program team waited until the next day.

The members of the program group who are doing closed training then learned that the “Like King” in the last performance will be able to participate in the “Real Game” show.

After knowing of the recording of this variety show, everyone was jealous and hated Wen An’an. But fortunately, because of the first performance, Wen An’an was really amazing, so, even if they are envious, they can only be envious in their hearts.

The feeling of jealousy is there, but they are not too contradictory to the news.

 After all, it is the regulation of the program group. So, everyone is thinking, when they wait for the next performance, they will also add oil and work hard! Maybe they will be the ones who can participate in the recording of “Real Game” next time!

 Ever since she just returned to “Super Idol”, the group who started retraining with Wen An’an, how long will it take?

Just once again, she was picked up elsewhere–

 The recording site of “Real Game”.

 Fortunately, Real Game only needs to be recorded for one day and Wen An’an will not have too much contact with other guests.

Therefore, Wen An’an was painted by the stylist and makeup artist of “Super Idol” with the little brothers and sisters. It is said to be a new look of the innocent makeup of his first love girlfriend that appeared in the recording studio of “Real Games”.

 After watching Wen An’an, the staff of the “Real Game” program group was all surprised.

 Although they have also watched Wen An’an’s “Super Idol”, they have also watched no less than Wen An’an’s videos and photos on the Internet.

 However, in the first two episodes of the show, Wen An’an didn’t put on makeup and had a clean face. But today’s Wen An’an puts on a very delicate light makeup, specially designed for her by the stylist and makeup artist.

Put on her sense of innocence and it was determined, with the blessing of makeup and styling, she will capture the hearts of a multitude of people.

 Seeing an innocent and beautiful girl in front of them, she stands in front of them timidly.

In “Real Game”, the group is known to be filled with vicious screenwriters and directors who are ruthless and dedicated to playing guests. They can’t help but cover their conscience.

 “What to do! The child is so cute, I can’t get enough!”

 “I think… our program is too bloody, too cruel… too unsuitable and it is a little pitiful. In case it scares others, what to do?”

 “I’m ahh! You always want to scare people into tears and tell what ratings will pop. That’s why you invite the little girl here. “

“Oh~! What a good-looking child! I think she will be the first to be out of the Werewolf Killing Special.”

 “In case the child gets the Werewolf card, she will undoubtedly be the first to get out. It depends on the girl’s timidity.”

“No, I suspect that the guests with the Werewolf card will not be willing to kill her at all…Who will do it!?”

 Wen An’an didn’t know that her appearance caused the screenwriters and directors of the show crew to complain about her discomfort.

The theme of the scheduled program will definitely die early, etc.

 She is full of thoughts now–

 What!? Why was the theme of the issue werewolf killing!? And it’s still right. Death will give you a simulated scene, like it was the werewolf who made the movie!

 Woo-! Director Yang deceived her… How is this show funny? Obviously, it is a horror show! Too scary!!

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