Chapter 27 – Wen An’an who successfully counterattacked

Translator: Caell

Proofreader: Yu Yue

The second issue of “Super Idol” was broadcasted, and sure enough, it was just like what Yang Ming said!

Even though the show did not deliberately edit Wen An’an into nothing but a crying beauty.

The second episode of it also caused a lot of heat! Even Wen An’an’s traffic was even better!

Because of Yang Ming’s selfishness, as well as the selfishness of the younger brothers and sisters in the program group, even if the editing does not highlight Wen An’an’s crying, they still put a lot of Wen An’an into focus, videos of her dancing and singing.

They also cut a lot of Wen An’an’s cute and confused little shots. In this way, there is no longer a deliberate clip to make Wen An’an seem to cry for the second episode of the whole show, and instantly let everyone who looks at Wen An’an feel that it is so much better.

A lot of black fans have turned into passerby fans, because they saw Wen An’an working, and the zero-based Wen An’an was working even when others were sleeping.

The second issue of “Super Idol” can be said to be the beginning of Wen An’an’s counterattack!

Wen An’an, who is super beautiful and pure, is easy to attract fans, and now she added extra effort, only sleeps for three hours a day and practiced at other times.

Finally, with this diligence and seriousness, she won the fifteenth C with the addition of the captain’s incident. Wen An’an has become a good baby in everyone’s hearts, like a little princess.

So, Wen An’an’s fans grew like crazy in terrible numbers after the second issue.

According to the statistics of “Super Idol”, the statisticians of the program group were surprised to find that Wen An’an’s new fan growth was more than double that of other players!

That is to say, Wen An’an’s true fans voting must be the highest!

“What to do… Our An’an is not so good yet. If our baby An’an really takes the first place, she would be killed by the DISS of other players’ fans too.”

“It should be…no, after all, our An’an is so cute! And if anyone is not convinced, he will vote his idol first!

While watching Wen An’an’s votes increase crazily, many of the younger brothers and sisters of the program group who are Wen An’an’s brain fans are very worried.

But, at the same time, their hearts are even more proud of Wen An’an!

Wen An’an has seen a surge in the number of new fans from the first period of the entire network hacking to the second period. This counterattack is not a bit of a counterattack but a lot!

They can all expect that Wen An’an  will become the hottest in this talent show! The most famous player!

Regardless of whether she eventually became part of the six successful players who signed with Tianyu Company, her development is not bad!

“Chen Lan, do you believe it now? Wen An’an, she is a different existence.”

Yang Ming looked at the statistics sent by the program group, and he was very pleased to pass the data in his hands to Chen Lan.

Looking at the data in her hand, Chen Lan sighed lightly, then smiled at Yang Ming and said, “It’s me who wanted to make a mistake, but…”

 Listening to what Chen Lan said, Yang Ming was worried about Chen Lan again. What unreasonable editing is proposed…


“Are we going to have to get Wen An’an back, a little girl? She’s a sought-after baby now! Let’s tie this little girl back today! Don’t let other shows abduct people back!”

Chen Lan’s words are extremely good!

Although it is said that “Super Idol” has only been broadcast in two episodes, but in the time of these two episodes, in the entertainment industry, there is no way others didn’t see the physique of the little newcomer Wen An’an!

This is the most favorable candidate for the new generation of traffic florets!

Looking at people, the characteristics that have been searched for several times a day, this girl fits it and is very famous.

As a result, the programs all started focusing on Wen An’an’s with careful thoughts, but Wen An’an was too low-key, and the company where she worked wasn’t signed with Tianyu, so they couldn’t find Wen An’an for a while.

 If Wen An’an is high-profile, I am afraid that “Super Idol” will lose the flow of Wen An’an, this baby!

Therefore, under Chen Lan’s reminder, Yang Ming hurriedly rushed to Wen An’an that day.

He didn’t discuss with Wen An’an this time. He directly took out some posts on the Internet that praised Wen An’an and showed it to her. Without saying anything, he dragged Wen An’an back to the show group.

And poor Wen An’an, before she even had time to eat with her parents at night, she was pulled back to the program group.

When Wen An’an got into Yang Ming’s car and hurried back to the show crew, she discovered that she hadn’t done one of the most important things during this time when she was out.

That is—

Raising her left wrist and looking at the pink bracelet on her slender wrist, Wen An’an sighed.

This hot bracelet is still on her wrist.

Wen An’an wanted to find a chance to return this hot bracelet to its original owner. But since Wen Yanan came to the hospital with Yan Qi for the second time, she has not appeared in front of her…

 Alas, but forget it, let it go. Anyway, whether it was returned to her early or late, the result was the same. The female lead did not change her mind or retaliate against her.

Thinking of this, Wen An’an sighed heavily again.

Seeing the little girl beside him sighing constantly, Yang Ming not only shook his head, he found it funny.

“Why? Don’t you want to go back with me to continue participating in the competition?

Listening to Yang Ming’s words, Wen An’an blinked and did not speak.

Without Wen Yanan, she would definitely not be going back to participate in the competition. But now, in order to survive in this world with difficulty, she can only continue to mix in this dazzling circle.

“Cough! I will tell you good news now.”

With a light cough, Yang Ming smiled and looked at Wen An’an, with an infinite smile in his eyes.

“Good, good news?”

Wen An’an tilted her head and looked at Yang Ming with some doubts, wondering what the good news was.

“That’s right! Congratulations, Wen An’an! You have the opportunity to go out to participate in a hot variety show! This time, the program team personally invited you to participate. You should know that there are many variety shows that stars can’t get on even if they want to!”

Speaking of this, Yang Ming is full of warmth, peace and joy.

But Wen An’an, she is… kind of crying!


She looked at Yang Ming stupidly, and her heart was broken. God knows, she is still adapting to the show “Super Idol”, and now… there is another variety show!

Too, too terrible!

It’s scary!

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