Chapter 26 – Hello, father of the gold master!

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At this time, Wen An’an was thinking about when to return to the recording of “Super Idol”.

What she didn’t know was that “Super Idol” had already been in a frying pan because of her delay!

There is no reason to stay! Wen An’an has been hospitalized for a long time!

The second episode of the show was about to be broadcasted, but Wen An’an has not yet returned to the show crew for shooting, so who could be in a hurry?

Especially, as the catalyst during this period of time, Wen An’an, a little girl with no background, has already become a frequent visitor to popular searches. If there are no two or three popular searches every day, it seemed to be abnormal.

Under such a large flow of traffic, the show “Super Idol” is already well known by too many people.

Don’t say, driven by such popularity, the ratings of “Super Idol” will definitely rise to a new record!

“Brother Yang, take a look, all the people on the Internet are discussing Wen An’an. I told you a long time ago that overly sentimental people will definitely catch fire.”

Chen Lan, who scanned Weibo forums to search about Wen An’an and the popularity of “Super Idol” every day, saw that Wen An’an was on the hot search again today, ten people had already said this to Yang Ming.

However, Yang Ming shook his head faintly: “The sentimental character is indeed attractive, but I do not agree with you that you will continue to edit Wen An’an into a disorganized beauty in the second issue.”

“What?! Brother Yang, don’t you understand? Now that the show has such a high popularity, it’s all because we pushed on Wen An’an, who is a silly beauty. If we don’t do this in the next issue it will not set off, the popularity of Wen An’an will definitely go down. And the ratings of our program may also drop.”

Listening to Yang Ming’s words, Chen Lan’s brows suddenly frowned tightly.

She knew that Yang Ming didn’t want her to edit Wen An’an into the negative persona of Straw Beauty.

“Chen Lan, this is not what the show does. I know you want to get ratings for the show, however, you can’t reverse right and wrong like this. Wen An’an is not a straw bag, on the contrary, she is a particularly hardworking woman. The child in order to perform a good show, didn’t you see that she was exhausted and admitted to the hospital?”

After doing shows for so many years, Yang Ming knows that many variety shows and talent shows have scripts.

Many of this script was not performed by the artists or players themselves, but all were edited by the show team later.

Even in a program, everyone may enjoy it, but in the later stage of the program, everyone has to be edited as if they are intrigued with each other, and there is a sense of anger everywhere.

And all this is just for the good ratings.

 “…Brother Yang, I understand your disposition. I also understand that Wen An’an is a good girl. But…”

“No but, Chen Lan, this is the case. It is not permitted to edit Wen An’an momentarily in the future. This program of ours does not need to use a little girl like this to achieve a surge in ratings.”

After speaking, Yang Ming looked at Chen Lan’s face as if he was a little unwilling, and said seriously.

 “Furthermore, I think the more you work hard to become the better Wen An’an, which is more attractive than the rough design you said, and can attract others. If you don’t believe it, we can wait for the second issue to see the results.”

She didn’t know Wen An’an, because of her affairs, the director and screenwriter of the “Super Idol” program group were not in a rush.

She is now looking for her while the program group hasn’t passed, and she takes time and stays with her parents.

As she saw her living parents again, Wen An’an lived happily every day, and stayed with Father Wen and Mother Wen all day long.

 Although she is a quiet person, in front of her parents, she seems to have endless words.

 Of course, she is not so stupid, telling her parents about her transaction with Shen Zheng.

After all, she also knows that compared to such a dumb-mouthed woman Wen Yanan , she was eloquent and in seconds she could coax her parents so much that they could even confess the truth.

Therefore, she did not explain to Father Wen and Mother Wen that she did not really enter the Shen family. Of course, she did not allow Father Wen and Mother Wen to alienate Wen Yanan.

Because she knows that her parents now treat Wen Yanan as a great benefactor, a good daughter, as the universe that is invincible.

So at this time, no matter what ill thing she said of Wen Yanan, her parents would not believe it.

Moreover, people will feel that she is not sensible.

Thinking of this, Wen An’an got a headache.

Fortunately, now that Wen Yanan is missing the Shen family as a backer, her parents should not be in any danger for the time being.

“Mom and Dad~ I really want to stay with you forever and ever.”

Wen An’an’s head rested on mother Wen’s body, holding her father in one hand.

 This clingy appearance makes Father Wen and Mother Wen a little bit dumbfounded.

After her daughter fell ill, she turned out to be like a baby, clinging to them every day.

 “My good girl, when you go to Shen’s house, you have to be good and don’t make people angry, you know?”

 “Yes, when you go to Shen’s house, you have to learn more from others. As long as it is for your good, you must learn well.”

 Seeing the Wen family and his wife put their minds on the Shen family’s side, Wen An’an sighed softly in her heart and muttered in frustration. This Wen Yanan’s brainwashing work is really amazing.

“I don’t need to live in Shen’s house either, Mom and Dad, have you forgotten, I am now participating in the competition, so I don’t have to go to Shen’s house at present.”

Wen An’an, who had been guilty of evasiveness again, felt all kinds of discomforts in her heart when she thought that she was going to recognize a stranger who she had never been seen before and was going to call that person Dad.

Therefore, she was cheeky again and discussed with Shen Zheng, took “Super Idol” as a guise, and frankly said that there is no time now, and that she can only go to accompany the Master Shen who she has never met after this show is finished!

 However, how did Wen An’an know at this time, she made a reasoning casually like this, it has given her a super invincible fan! And with plenty of money! The golden father as a giant brain fan!

 Ahem! From a certain point of view, this is indeed one of a kind of father!

——A private hospital——

 “This is my daughter who I have never seen since?”

The old man Shen who was living in the hospital recuperating at this time, looking at the information that Assistant Jiang had handed over, he was so excited that it was surprising he didn’t jump out of the wheelchair.

“Yes, sir.”

“Haha! I didn’t eat any loss! So beautiful! Look at her, she is so likable!”

Master Shen was too muddled in his early years, so he was tied up by the elders of the Shen family and went to the team for training.

They thought that when a little bastard like Master Shen arrived in the team, his temper would have improved a lot.

However, the group of big men in the Shen family never thought that Mr. Shen would be muddled out of the team!

Therefore, until now, Old Man Shen has a kind of soldier’s aura on his body.

The more he looks at it, the more Mr. Shen feels that this cheap girl in his own family is too sweet and pleasing.

Look at those big watery eyes, just like a little rabbit, ohh! It hurts too much!

“Where is my daughter, why doesn’t my daughter look for me?”

Mr. Shen, who was holding the photo of Wen An’an, blushed with excitement. He kept yelling endlessly.

Looking at the appearance of Mr. Shen, Assistant Jiang silently complained in his heart, Mr. Shen and the big boss of his house are really not the same!

These two father and son, except for their looks being so similar, but they are really different everywhere.

And looking at this good appearance, where does he look like a sick old man?

The all doubted whether this old man Shen was in order to toss the boss of our family and wanted to recognize the illegitimate daughter, so he was hospitalized.

“Ms. Wen An’an is currently participating in the recording of a talent show, and this show requires closed training and shooting. Therefore, Miss Wen An’an has no time to see you at the moment. However, Miss Wen An’an said she only needs time and after recording the show she will come see you.”

Jiang Zhu idealized Wen An’an’s cowardly character, so he could only help her say some good things that would increase her favorability.

Although she was very clear in her heart, though the little girl didn’t even want to go here, she recognized Master Shen as her father.

“Daughter in labor and needs closed training? Which program did she participate in! Direct money! My daughter, that must be the first priority!”

The old man Shen heard that his cheap daughter was actually recording some bad show, and he slapped the table aggressively.

Seeing Mr. Shen’s appearance, Assistant Jiang twitched his lips feebly, thinking silently in his heart that if the girl Wen An’an was here, she would be scared to cry by Mr. Shen.

“Master, do you want to give Miss Wen An’an a good impression? I met Miss Wen An’an. She is a very well-behaved little girl, and she would not like you to do this…”

In Assistant Jiang’s patient explanation, Mr. Shen finally eliminated the idea of ​​building a relationship and directly made Wen An’an the default first.


“Hey, by the way, what’s the name of the talent show that our family An An participated in? Is it on TV?”

 “It just broadcasted, sir, do you want to watch it? But that show… seems to be something that doesn’t suit your taste.”

As he said, Mr. Shen came to the mind of Assistant Jiang. Seeing this file, it was all young girls who were fighting against each other, and there were false sisterhood everywhere… the scene of a large-scale audition show.

Thinking about it, it makes people feel weird and scared! This thing is comparable to how big men like pink, and people feel frightened!

“It is my daughter’s show, dad must support!”

Seeing Master Shen’s words in such a straightforward manner, Assistant Jiang felt for a moment that it was not the body but the brain that was sick with Master Shen…

I have never seen anyone who hurts this much before, my boss, how come this illegitimate girl who suddenly appeared gained this love so much?

Could it be… because Wen An’an has grown too much appetite for Master Shen?

Assistant Jiang guessed nothing wrong! Isn’t this the type of charming girl that Mr. Shen who has a big man’s arrogance likes?

Maybe Master Shen dreamed of the girl who was abandoned, and felt guilty.

Now, after seeing his daughter who looked so delicate and small, who needs protection at a glance, he decided that there is not much paternal love, and so everything must be covered.

Excited for Wen An’an! As for the son? It’s not good to think, haven’t you heard of the poor raising children and the rich raising daughters! The daughter they just want to hold in the palm of their hand!

Son? Where does that bastard need someone? It hurts! They will calculate their own Laozi in the opposite direction, and it is painful!

However, what Assistant Jiang never expected was that after watching the first issue of “Super Idol”, Master Shen would be full of paternal love for Wen Anan!

“Oh! My baby An An is too pitiful, and the program team is bullying our An An! Go! Find me the phone number of Tianyu boss! I have to scold him! What a bad show! Check it out! Wen An’an was scared!”

“If you don’t have enough votes, we will be eliminated? We must cry again after being eliminated? Assistant Jiang! Let everyone in the company vote for her! If you get more people to vote, there will be rewards!”

“Someone on the Internet is scolding our An An? Let the public relations quickly solve it for our An An!”

Poor Wen An’an didn’t know. With the strong support of this golden father, she was about to get to the top and sit on the first place where all 120 players in the program group wanted to sit – The throne.

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