Chapter 25 – I Am In Everything.

Translator: Caell

Proofreader: Yu Yue

When Wen An’an heard that she was going to see Shen Zheng, she was in a state of confusion.

She discovered that all the plots that she thought were familiar had begun to change.

For example, the female lead of the book took the initiative to send her into Shen Family, also, the male lead actually said he likes her.

And now… the heroine’s half-brother unexpectedly named her to be his sister and to become the daughter of the Shen family to accompany the female lead’s father.

My God! Can you still talk a little bit?

Also, this is not the book she read!

Why is it so terrible!?

Because they all walked away from the original, it made Wen An’an feel a little bit insecure.

She was wandering all the way. In the VIP ward where she lived, a little Wen An’an who couldn’t figure out the plot could only insecurely retract into the quilt.

After burying herself in the quilt, she felt a little bit of security.

After winning a little sense of security, Wen An’an’s brain woke up.

Because she was too frightened by Shen Zheng’s words just now, Wen An’an’s brain crashed and she didn’t give any quick responses on the spot.

However, the person, Shen Zheng, was pretty good. He didn’t immediately force Wen An’an to give an immediate response but gave her a day’s consideration.

With a little bit of this, Wen An’an felt that Shen Zheng personally was quite reliable and made her feel safe.

But it also made her, who had originally planned to refuse, have a different idea, and begin to quickly analyze the proposal that Shen Zheng mentioned earlier.

If the Shen family knew that she was not the right woman, and also under the Shen family’s promise not to be exposed, then she felt that at present entering the Shen’s house and getting shelter from Shen Zheng is definitely the best choice for her so far.

After all, Shen Zheng’s power is more strong than the male and female lead’s. Having Shen Zheng was like being covered by a ‘big brother’, she thought, she should not be following the old path of a vicious female character.

And… Shen Zheng also said that when his father’s health improves, he won’t need her anymore. She will go wherever she wants to go when she is ready.


“A transaction is still something that can be done…”

Wen An’an, who was shrinking in the quilt, blinked her big eyes and murmured softly.

Her little brain, which is not too smart, thought and thought carefully and felt that this proposal was really profitable and harmless to her.

Except for not being able to live with her parents, everything else is extremely beneficial to her.

However, thinking about it from another angle, she is now participating in the variety show “Super Idol”, and there is no time to live with her parents.

What!? Yes! She will be participating in the closed training of “Super Idol”! There is no time to accompany the female lead’s father, so, the deal is definitely a big advantage!

After thinking about it, Wen An’an felt that the transaction was good and could be done.

Thinking about it again, Wen Yanan’s face, staring at her with a sneer, suddenly appeared again in Wen An’an’s mind.


Wen An’an couldn’t help but shudder and then she suddenly thought that, when the vicious female was exposed about that matter, it seemed that there was the female lead involvement.

So, she is sure that when she agreed to enter the Shen’s house, then Wen Yanan will definitely bring out a black material…

Wen An’an, who had already made a decision, after thinking about Wen Yanan, began to hesitate again.

She was tangled in annoyance for a while, then she exhaled deeply and lifted the quilt suddenly.

A small face that was flushing red suddenly appeared.

As if she had made some decision, her shell teeth lightly bit her lower lip, and then she took a deep breath. Just like a hero who went on bravely and righteously, with a trembling palm she took the mobile phone placed on the bedside table.

After staring at the phone for a few seconds, Wen An’an turned on the screen of the phone, and then… stared at the phone again in a daze.

“If I call him all of a sudden, it would be a little weird…”

“It’s not yet the time to give him an answer…”

“Will he be angry…”

Wen An’an bit her finger and stared at a strange number on the phone screen.

Not the number of others, but Shen Zheng’s.

When he was leaving, Shen Zheng gave her a private number, and it’s also the number for her to call after she made a decision.

Just, when the timid Wen An’an was entangled not knowing whether to dial the number, she saw her finger accidentally touch that number, and then—

“Hey, Wen An’an! Have you made a decision?”

After the call was made, Wen An’an didn’t have time to hang up since he answered the call in seconds!

Hearing that low and indifferent voice coming from the phone’s microphone, Wen An’an felt guilty and terrified.

“Wuu wuu…”

Wen An’an, who was almost crying after a few seconds, thought Shen Zheng would impatiently hang up on her phone, but who knew that there was a sound in her ears and he let out some words to calm her down.

Although it’s said that she calmed down, she was scared…

“Don’t cry, speak slowly.”

In a low and indifferent voice, there is no impatience or irritability, it’s only calm and deep. After Wen An’an was frightened, all of a sudden she calmed down instead.

“Right, right, Shen Xian, Shen Xian. I have not made a decision yet. Only that… I was a little scared.”

Shen Zheng, on the other end of the phone, seemed to be busy, and Wen An’an could hear the sound of his pen writing on the paper from the phone’s microphone, which also made her heart gradually calm down.


A soft hum was extremely magnetically transmitted into Wen An’an’s ears and then she listened to the low male voice that said, “What are you afraid of?”

“If I agree with you, Wen Yanan will expose the Shen Family’s affairs…”

After Wen An’an finally uttered the words, the whole person relaxed.

However, the next answer Shen Zheng uttered made her dumbfounded.

“Wen Yanan? Who is that?”


Wen An’an listened to Shen Zheng’s words, she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t stammer when she was talking, and the volume increased a few decibels as she said, “She is your sister! She is the only one! The daughter of the Shen family!”

Listening to Wen An’an’s outburst, the man on the other end of the phone didn’t care at all.

“Wen An’an, you knew? If I said that something will not be reported, it will not be reported. As for Wen Yanan, she is just someone who doesn’t need to be remembered, right out consideration and will not cause any impact.”

“Yes, okay. But she, your sister, she, she is the woman that Mr. Shen was looking for…”

Now, Wen An’an has been completely overwhelmed by Shen Zheng. Then Wen Yanan, the heroine in this world, does Shen Zheng treat her differently?

“Wen An’an, remember, only you agreed. So Wen Yanan will never be the daughter of the Shen family, and even less my younger sister from the Shen family. She may come to the Shen family, I say, but as a dispensable person. Maybe, at first, I thought about following my father’s wish and she would be picked up. But since she herself didn’t want to come, then I felt that she would not have to come anymore. “

It is rare, Shen Zheng patiently followed Wen An’an to explain a long passage.

Put it in the past, that is impossible.

But wait, because Wen An’an is too weak to watch, and also because he is too lazy to continue tossing about certain things.

So, when he was dealing with Wen An’an, there is really rare patience.

After listening to Shen Zheng’s so long explanation, Wen An’an was completely frightened.

She didn’t even think about it, Shen Zheng would actually say, ‘Since she doesn’t want to come, then there is no need to come in the future’.

Meaning, the Shen family won’t recognize Wen Yanan in the future. Did Wen Yanan go astray?

Ah! How is it possible!? Transmigrating into the book she had read, the original story in this world is gone! How is it? It’s so strange! It’s scary to death!

“That, that Wen Yanan wants to leave the Shen family?”

“The Shen family, she doesn’t come as she wants to come or go whenever she wants to go. As I said, it’s only you as promised. Then Wen Yanan can only be surnamed Wen in her life, it’s impossible to take the last name as Shen.”

Listening to Shen Zheng’s domineering words, Wen An’an’s little heart throbbed with excitement. I don’t know why, she always feels an indescribable sense of security from Shen Zheng’s body!

Especially the words he said to her now! It’s so safe!

After all, Wen Yanan was able to slap her face like that thanks to the Shen family behind her, a big tree for her to rely on!

If, if what Shen Zheng said is true, then now it is equivalent to breaking one of Wen Yanan’s wings and cutting her combat power in half!


  “So, Wen An’an, can you answer now?”

“Promise, promise! But is what you said really true? Ah, I am afraid of Wen Yanan…”

Wen An’an, who was as timid as a mouse, told him what she was most afraid of in her heart very honestly.

“Don’t worry, you only do your duty, and everything else is there.”

That sentence, everything is there, it’s like an injection of blood to Wen An’an, making her eyes light up suddenly.

“Then, after that, I would like to ask you for your advice…”


After solving the problem, Wen An’an was relieved a lot.

Although she has just met Shen Zheng, she doesn’t know why, the man inexplicably makes her feel at ease.

Maybe because of his strength in the novel, maybe because the man moved her in some details.

But, no matter what, Wen An’an feels that…she seems to have taken shit luck and hugged a thigh!

In fact, Wen An’an was like a little hamster, and she rolled a few times on the hospital bed with excitement.

“So, now that the private women’s affairs are settled… Then, we should now prepare for the recording of ‘Super Idol’…”

After the excitement was over, Wen An’an thought about being a star.

Although she said that now there is a thigh like that of Shen Zheng covering her. But people always rely on their own ability.

And, now Wen Yanan has decided to become a star… So, she can’t fall behind! Now that there is nothing wrong with her body, she should hurry up and record.

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