Chapter 23 – Wen An’an, you are you!

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“I want to see Shen Zheng.”

Ah! Why did she say such a thing!? Ahhhhh!

Everyone left the premium VIP ward, and when only Wen An’an was left in the room, she wrapped the quilt tightly around her body and rolled back and forth on the bed.

When she finished her sentence, she immediately felt an unprecedented sense of panic.

Shen Zheng is a novel’s character… She doesn’t know much, after all, she only read the first few chapters of this book at the time and then went straight to watch the spoilers of the vicious female character with the same name.

Therefore, Shen Zheng’s personal information, what she knows about him, is that he is the half-brother of the heroine, and… he seems to be much better than the heroine.

After all, at the time when she was reading the novel, it seemed profitable and the male character that had to be the most valued man in the book was Shen Zheng, who had the role of an older brother.

There are people who are even higher than the likes of the male protagonist, Yan Qi.

In the early days of the book there were readers shouting at the brother and sister CP, but when the heroine returned to the Shen Family in the mid-term, the call from the brother and sister CP disappeared in an instant.

There is no other reason, her brother, this character, is completely emotionless, like a volcano that cannot erupt forever.

If you’re ‘crazy’, you would really have entered the Shen’s unclearly.

In the plot, after replacing Wen Yanan into the Shen Family, she did receive a lot of benefits. However, after her identity was revealed, how many benefits she took, then she had to vomit twice as much.

And the scariest thing is that when she was exposed as an illegitimate daughter, she was ridiculed to get out of the entertainment circle. When the heroine revealed that she had replaced her in the rich family, she became a cross-street mouse that everyone can shout at and beat up, and was scolded by people from all over the country.

So, even if she finally had to enter the Shen Family as in the plot, she couldn’t be passive.

One of the key figures is still there in Shen’s household.

Just now, when she suddenly thought of the fate of her parents, in her mind, she suddenly felt that if the heroine does not enter the Shen Family now, it is also a good thing.

Because, according to the current situation, the hostess, Wen Yanan, is too malicious towards them and, because of Yan Qi’s reasoning, they have formed a kind of deadlock between them.

It turns out that the plot in the book is that the female side character takes the initiative to pretend to be the heroine, and the female lead exchanges pink bracelets from time to time, so the female side character can get the heroine’s cooperation and enter the Shen Family.

But now… the plot has been messed up, the hostess took the initiative to send her to the Shen Family.

In other words, this is how much the hostess wants to kill them.

Wen An’an figured it out after a while and then had to put all her mind up, to face a heroine who had been completely blackened.

Therefore, if she is like before, only knowing that she is afraid and escaping from the realities of the world, then not only is she going to die alone but even her parents will be dragged down by her and once again lose their life…

“Wen An’an, come on…you can do it…”
Thinking of the fate of her parents in this world, Wen An’an’s eyes couldn’t help but moisten again.

She muttered softly, saying to herself.

Even though she was afraid in her heart… Yes, when she thought of her parents, she felt that she should change.

For once, she will personally guard her parents!

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Wen An’an pressed her pink lips tightly and held the phone in her hand. She watched the screen showing her Weibo fans constantly on the rise, her heart finally settled.

Wen An’an, come on! You think. You are not the original vicious female character Wen An’an, you are you, you are not a vicious female.

So, even if it is in the novel world with Wen Yanan as the protagonist, but, you know what the heroine does to you, you have half the power of a prophet in the world! So you still have an advantage over the heroine!

After secretly beating herself in her heart, Wen An’an’s nervous little heart gradually calmed down.

She has a plan now.

First, she has to go back to the filming of “Super Idol”. Now that it is understood that the heroine will also enter the entertainment circle, and finally manipulate public opinion to suppress her, then she must also become a star, and also a popular star with many fans.

In the same way, when the heroine manipulated public opinion to frame her she would not be like an ordinary person, passively struck by her to the point that she could not fight back.

And, there is no male lead yet. If she becomes a famous person, it will be exposed to the eyes of many fans, then, if the male lead wants to kidnap her, the degree of difficulty is so great that it is estimated that he will not succeed.

Second, is also the most important one of all, that is, she can’t return to the Shen’s as an illegitimate girl like in the book. If this is the case, the heroine will definitely expose something.

When she comes out as an illegitimate daughter, basically, a plan will be difficult.

Therefore, it is important to change the identity of an illegitimate daughter!

So she has to meet the heroine’s half-brother, Shen Zheng!

But, after thinking, Wen An’an sighed again.

“Oh! The plan is simple, but will anyone see me as a little shrimp?”

After all, Shen Zheng, a big BOSS, is a cold-blooded figure who is not even giving face to the heroine.


“Mr. Shen, the paternity test has been sent to the Wen’s.” Assistant Jiang looked at his boss and then handed over the paternity test.

Although their boss said that it doesn’t matter who the illegitimate daughter is, but he is an assistant and can’t fool his boss casually.

Therefore, even though he is interested in watching the show, his job is still done well.
“Ms. Wen Yanan is indeed your sister, and Miss Wen An’an is Wen’s biological daughter.”

“Ms. Wen Yanan seems to be the child but doesn’t want to enter the Shen Family. So she directed and acted out a play, a wildcat was swapped for the prince. That day she used the Wen couple to replace the sample of Wen An’an with her own DNA sample. However, she didn’t know that at the doctor’s place, at my order, she had backed up a copy and put it away.”

Assistant Jiang shrugged a little helplessly. It was the last time he saw the weird relationship between Wen Yanan, Mr. Wen, and his wife.

However, what he didn’t expect was that she actually did it right.

Wen Yanan took the initiative to replace hers and Wen An’an’s DNA samples.

“So, when doing the DNA test, Miss Wen Yanan’s and Miss Wen An’an’s DNA, together with your father’s DNA, did the test. What you are holding is the result of the second test.”

At the words of Assistant Jiang, Shen Zheng, who had been sitting on the black leather chair, raised his head and, after taking the appraisal report, had his brows coldly twisted together.

Yes, he allowed an illegitimate girl to enter the Shen’s and had an impression.

It’s just that, looking at the expressions he showed, it seemed a bit unpleasant.

“I said, whoever it turned out to be. Since Wen Yanan doesn’t want to enter the Shen’s, then let her never come back.”

After speaking, Shen Zheng threw the paternity test of Wen Yanan in his hand into the trash can.

“Send her to my father.”

Shen Zheng handed the copy of the paternity test that belonged to Wen An’an to Assistant Jiang and the expression on his face was one of no concern.

Originally, letting him take care of something, which bore him down.

After all, no matter how you say it, it is his father’s illegitimate daughter, which is also evidence of his betrayal of his mother.

Even if his temperament was cold and he was asked to pick up something, he responded a bit.

Now, it turns out that a little illegitimate girl has a twisted heart, playing so many lines in front of him, it is simply even more disgusting.

He really doesn’t care about one more illegitimate sister, but he doesn’t want it.

Seeing Shen Zheng’s attitude, Assistant Jiang understood clearly what Shen Zheng meant.

It was the same as he thought, no matter if Wen An’an or Wen Yanan was the Shen’s illegitimate daughter, it was just an object to comfort Master Shen and cure his illness.

Instead of taking a scheming illegitimate girl back to comfort Master Shen’s heart, he might as well… take a well-behaved and sensible girl back.

For an instant, Wen An’an’s pitiful and affectionate face appeared in Assistant Jiang’s mind.

The corners of his mouth hooked slightly, and then he smiled and said to Shen Zheng.

“Mr. Shen, if Miss Wen An’an came to be your sister, it would really be a good fit. Miss Wen An’an is a very well-behaved and loving little girl…”

Noticing Assistant Jiang, praise Wen An’an, Shen Zheng raised his brows slightly in surprise.

It is rare for his assistant to compliment others, especially a little girl.

“But… the little girl doesn’t seem to be willing to be an illegitimate girl.”

Sure enough, just after his words fell, Assistant Jiang saw a look of surprise on the face of his boss.

But soon, the astonishment on Shen Zheng’s face returned to indifference again, his fingers tapped on the desk lightly, and he groaned for a while before he said.


“I think Miss Wen An’an has a deep affection for her parents, and she also seems to know that she is not the Shen’s illegitimate daughter.”
Shen Zheng frowned again at Assistant Jiang’s words. He suddenly discovered that what was originally an extremely simple thing in his eyes, now that it has caused trouble, it seems that it has become more complicated.

“Also, President Shen, Miss Wen An’an, she wants to see you in person.”

After he finished speaking, Assistant Jiang looked at Shen Zheng with frowning brows cautiously.

“President Shen, can she see you?”


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