Chapter 22 – Who is the real Miss of the Shen Family?

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In the ward, there was a freezing cold atmosphere. Suddenly, loud noises came from outside the door of the ward.

“Ahh! Mr. Jiang, it is really troublesome for you! Excuse me, please come inside.”

“It’s okay, this is what I should do. After all, Miss Wen is the sister of President Shen and the Shen family’s daughter.”

The sound coming from the door suddenly made Wen An’an, who was still afraid and helpless, feel safe.

Mother! It’s her mother’s voice!

Wen An’an looked towards the door with bright eyes and then saw Mother Wen and Dad Wen following Assistant Jiang, who had been there for the first time, to walk in.

Looking at the file bag in Assistant Jiang’s hand Wen An’an suddenly had an ominous premonition in her heart.

After Wen Yanan saw Assistant Jiang’s appearance her eyes lit up.

Just now she was still thinking about how to let Yan Qi stay here longer until when Assistant Jiang come to announce Wen An’an’s identity as an illegitimate daughter.

As a result, Assistant Jiang came.

So, the color of her face changed and she greeted Assistant Jiang with a smile in her eyes.

“Assistant Jiang, did the paternity test result come out?”

Looking at Wen Yanan’s southern face with an excited smile, Assistant Jiang raised his brows slightly and then nodded with a kind smile.

“Well, it has come out.”

Listening to Assistant Jiang say this, the smile on Wen Yanan’s face deepened.

“My sister is indeed the Shen family’s daughter, right?”

Yan Qi, who was still sad, was watching the scene now, listening to Wen Yanan’s words, ‘My sister is indeed Shen’s daughter’. After that sentence, his brows suddenly frowned.

“What does that mean?”

Yan Qi spoke coldly and asked Wen Yanan.

“Ah, Yan Qi, you may not know yet. An’an is not a sister to me. It turns out that she is the Shen’s daughter!”

Hearing Yan Qi’s question, Wen Yanan hurriedly said, not to mention how excited was her voice.

“Shen family……Which one?”

Because Yan Qi is also a person from the upper circle and knows all the connections in Beijing, so after listening to Wen Yanan mentioning the Shen’s, the first in his mind is one thing that emerged, which was the Shen’s who had the greatest power in the capital.

Now, this Shen Zheng is in power with his followers, but he is a little older than him.

And this Shen Zheng, in addition to what he learned, seems to have spread the fact that he is very rampant and lawless. After he got to university, he seemed to have become someone else, the role model of children.

While learning, he often heard his parents whispering in his ears about Shen Zheng, someone else’s child.

So, after hearing the word Shen family, the first thing that came to mind was this Shen Zheng.

It’s just that…Shen’s family has always had only Shen Zheng as the only child, and no other child.

So, the Shen’s in Wen Yanan’s mouth shouldn’t be the one he thought. 

However, what Yan Qi didn’t expect was that the Shen’s in Wen Yanan’s mouth is exactly the Shen’s that he thought of.

“I don’t know. I only know that An’an’s brother is called Shen Zheng.”


After hearing Wen Yanan’s words, Yan Qi’s brain exploded.

Shen Zheng’s sister? But Shen Zheng’s mother had only one child.

Also, he has never heard of it before, Shen’s family having a little girl living outside.

“You are mistaken. How could An’an be Shen Zheng’s sister? Shen Zheng, but Shen family has only one child.”

Looking at Yan Qi subconsciously not wanting to accept this thing, Wen Yanan’s face did not have any expression, but her heart was happy.

Now that Yan Qi does not want to accept this fact, then it means that he particularly hates the identity of an illegitimate child, and cannot accept that Wen An’an is an illegitimate daughter at all.

“We don’t know this well too. Now that Assistant Jiang is here, we can know if An’an’s identity is wrong.”

Wen Yanan looked at Assistant Jiang and then said with a smile.

“Assistant Jiang, please tell us quickly! Is An’an the Shen family’s daughter?”

Assistant Jiang, who was watching Wen Yanan’s acting straight next to him, curled the corners of his lips and turned his eyes to the side, looking at Wen An’an, who was watching nervously.

Then, slowly and systematically, he took out the final result of the paternity test.
“The result of the appraisal is 99.999%. Congratulations, Miss Wen An’an! You are indeed the female of Master Shen living outside.”

Hearing the results announced by Assistant Jiang, Wen An’an’s eyes went wide and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“No, something is wrong! I can’t be the daughter of Master Shen. You must have checked it wrong, this result is wrong…”

“Oh, An’an, you are now a recognized daughter. Even if you are an illegitimate daughter, but now society is so open and you are not a little girl anymore. There will be no prejudice against you.”

Seeing that Yan Qi’s expression was a little bit wrong, Wen An’an added and said softly.

And under the comfort of this, Yan Qi’s face successfully became more and more ugly.

If no one else knows Yan Qi’s weakness, then she must be the one who understands Yan Qi and also the person who knows Yan Qi’s weakness.

A lifetime, neither long nor short, is enough to collect all the information on Yan Qi.

And in this life, she was reborn so early, she knew Yan Qi well.

If Yan Qi matures in the future, maybe he won’t have much resistance and fluctuation to the fact that the person he likes is an illegitimate daughter.

However, Yan Qi is only twenty years old now. Rather than being a handsome man, it is better to say that he is still a naive boy who has not fully grown up yet.

So this matter was so abhorrent to him when he was young and it is determined that he cannot pass this hurdle.


Sure enough, just as Wen Yanan had expected, Yan Qi, who was still stalking Wen An’an, suddenly fell silent.

But after looking deeply at Wen An’an, his eyes…turned around, he didn’t say anything and left the ward.

Seeing Yan Qi left, Wen Yanan ignored Wen An’an and Wen’s parents. She nodded apologetically to Assistant Jiang and hurriedly chased after him.

Wen An’an, who was deeply looked at by Yan Qi, seemed to understand something, so her brows suddenly tucked up tightly.

It turns out that Wen Yanan tried so hard to get her into Shen’s family because she wanted to break Yan Qi’s love for her. Because in the plot, the male lead’s father cheated, so the young child hated him with his illegitimate children.

This is why, even though the female lead in the book is reborn, she still allows the vicious female character to enter the Shen family as an illegitimate daughter!

Figuring out to this point, Wen An’an didn’t panic anymore.

She looked at Wen father and Wen mother, who were guarding her, and looked at their faces with joy and dissatisfaction. Her feelings were slightly startled, and suddenly, in her mind, she remembered a question that was always ignored.

That is…in the novel world, as the ones who indulge the vicious female character and hurt the heroine, what will happen to them? She only watched the spoilers of the vicious female side character, but in the fragments of her memory, the end of her parents is not very good.

In an instant, the next route in her mind, a decision, was made.

“I want to see Shen Zheng.”

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