Chapter 21

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It’s just a pity that Wen An’an’s wish is destined to be only an extravagant hope.

Here, she is still thinking of taking her parents out of the country to avoid the male and female protagonists. She is making plans. On the other side, someone rushes over angrily.

And this person who rushed over angrily also shattered Wen An’an’s thought of escaping.

Wen An’an searched on her mobile phone and felt that the website is troublesome with her mobile phone. She wants to wait for her parents to come back and let them bring her a computer.

As a result, she heard the doors of the ward bang! With that sound, they were pushed open from the outside.

Listening to that bang! The sound shocked Wen An’an, who was looking at the phone. She was wondering who came in without knocking and also pushed the door so hard.

As a result, she saw a person, who shouldn’t be here, appear.

Seeing the person coming and still staring at her angrily, Wen An’an subconsciously shrank her neck, grasped the quilt tightly with her palm, pressed her lips tightly, and looked through the door without blinking, as a man came in from the outside.

“Wen An’an, I found out that I am a fool!”

Yan Qi looked at her neck shrinking and gazed at Wen An’an with horror. He sneered a few times, staring fiercely at the girl sitting on the hospital bed.

“Did you know, when you fainted, I was worried about you again? Did you know, what I was thinking about that day? Do you know? I fucking fell into your pit again, and I fucking like you again, this woman!”

Yan Qi’s series of roars completely shocked Wen An’an.

Originally, she was only frightened by Yan Qi’s fierce expression. As a result, Wen An’an was shocked and trembling by what Yan Qi said.

Wow, just now, the hero said he likes her? Like her? Did she hear it wrong? Oh…terrible, she must have heard it wrong!

“But what about you!? Wen An’an, what do you think of me? A good fool? A stepping stone?”

Seeing Wen An’an not speaking, her body a little trembling, Yan Qi felt that he was crazy, and he felt distressed at this woman, who kept brushing and playing him like a monkey.

“Speak! Tell me what you want. Yan Qi can help you. As long as you don’t play like this, can I play it?”

Yes, Yan Qi really feels that he may already be irrational.

When he saw the diary that Wen Yanan took out, he was already in a rush.

He had always said that Wen An’an is different from the vain gold worshiper he imagined. In the past, she dumped him because of difficulties.

But, the result?

The result…that diary hit him in the face severely!

It turned out that this girl appeared in his world, coming to participate in the show “Super Idol”,was really just to approach him, not as he thought, just working hard because of her dream.

“Unexpectedly, it was only two years later, you have become so smart, you know, and I was fooled by roundabout tactics. You can do it, Wen An’an! You are really good!”

Listening to what Yan Qi said, Wen An’an was sitting on the bed stiffly. She looked dazed and scared. She didn’t understand what Yan Qi suddenly rushed in and said to her.

And also didn’t understand at all, what did Yan Qi mean.

However, the only thing she understands is… All of this should be Wen Yanan doing the work of a ghost…

“Wen An’an! You speak! Why don’t you speak!?”
Yan Qi stepped to Wen An’an’s hospital bed, trying to grasp Wen An’an’s shoulders with both hands, but was dodged by Wen An’an with a look of horror.

“Ah! Go away! Wuu…”

Seeing Yan Qi rushing over with an angry face, Wen An’an was frightened. Her body hurriedly moved backward, her back leaned tightly on the back of the hospital bed, but she shivered and put the quilt on her. The whole person is covered.

Wuu wuu… What kind of madness is the protagonist emitting? It is terrible!


Yan Qi saw this Wen An’an and seeing that she was so afraid of him, his heart twitched slightly, then he took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

It’s just that, no matter how he wants to calm down, the result is that he can’t calm down no matter what.

He only needs to think that Wen An’an doesn’t love him, and when he thinks that Wen An’an has only wanted his help, so she approached him, his heart was as if he was stabbed by a knife, and he was weakened by the pain. …

“Wen An’an, tell me, have you ever liked me? Even if once, have you ever loved me?”

Wen An’an, who was originally scared to get out of the quilt, this time when Yan Qi said so, she was scared, and she didn’t even dare to get out of the quilt!

She never thought that the male lead would say these things to her.

Ying ying, these dramas are not in the books, right? Vicious female characters have always been slapped in the face by the hero and heroine, and the male lead has never fallen in love with the malevolent female partner.
The person he fell in love with the most was only the heroine in the book, Wen Yanan.

But, but what? The hero now tells her these terrible things! If these words are heard by the heroine. ..

While Wen An’an was thinking about the hostess, as a result, Wen Yanan’s voice reached her ears.

“Yan Qi, forget it. She has never fallen in love with you, don’t you know this?”

Wuu wuu! Mommy! The heroine is here! And she also heard the confession of the male lead just now!

It’s over! It’s really over! The female protagonist is simply paranoid towards the male protagonist! Loved for two whole lives! In this heavy life, it is even more imperative for the male protagonist!

And now… the male lead confessed to such a vicious female character… it is absolutely impossible for the female lead to let her go…

So, the thought of going abroad and living in seclusion that Wen An’an was still thinking about just now was suddenly shattered.

“No, I want to listen to her personally!”

As soon as the voice fell, Yan Qi grabbed the quilt wrapped around Wen An’an and threw it away.

For an instant, Wen An’an breathed the long-lost fresh air, but, in the same way, she also felt the long-lost sense of fear!

Looking at the scene where the hero and the heroine appeared together in front of her bed, Wen An’an only felt that she was in a terrible Shura field!

For a moment, Wen An’an only felt that she was in hell and the male and female masters were black and white impermanence were after her to claim her life.

Looking at the male and female protagonists, they stared coldly at her, Wen An’an curled up her whole person insecurely.

Wuu…it’s terrible, what are the hero and heroine doing by showing up in her ward together?

My God, who will save her? It’s terrible…

“Wen An’an, have you ever liked me? You say it. Whether you lied to me or not, as long as you say, I will believe you.”

Looking at the appearance of Wen An’an trembling with fright, originally he was still angry as if he wanted to eat her, but then Yan Qi’s tone suddenly became gentle.

His voice is so soft, so gentle, but in that voice, there is something unspeakable… sadness and homesickness.

Because of this, Yan Qi sadly discovered that even if he knew that Wen An’an had been deceiving him all the time, in his heart, he still hoped that Wen An’an could be with him.

If it is a lie to him, it doesn’t matter.

Wen Yanan, who was standing next to Yan Qi, heard these words and looked at the man beside her in shock. She didn’t expect that even if she showed him Wen An’an’s diary, this man would still continue to like Wen An’an and wants to be with her.

For an instant, there was a wave of fierce anger in her heart, as if it was about to burst through her chest.

Taking a deep breath, Wen Yanan’s palm was tightly clenched into a fist and she didn’t care even if the fingernail pierced her palm.

Also, she prepared two cases in advance that will make Yan Qi give up on Wen An’an.

Thinking this way, Wen Yanan’s heart gradually calmed down.

She glanced lightly towards Wen An’an, then said softly.

“An’an, please tell Yan Qi. Don’t let Yan Qi be disappointed, no matter what you want to say.”

Originally, Wen An’an, who was panicked by the begging tenderly of the hero, was even more alarmed when she heard Wen Yanan’s words like this!

Don’t mention the original heroine in the book. This vicious heroine doesn’t allow her to like the male lead. If it is her, it is impossible to like the male lead who will end up with the female lead in the ending!

You, the male lead, were so dangerous! What if there is any reason that she can’t think about it, so she likes this male protagonist, who finally caused a devastating blow to her?

Besides, stepping back ten thousand steps, the male lead really likes her, but he is the male lead of this book! That is the official match with the heroine! He likes her now, but what if one day the film “god” goes online and he likes the heroine again, what should she do?

So, speaking of it, it is impossible for her to like this man who sprinkled dog food with the female lead in the drama.

In the eyes of Yan Qi and Wen Yanan, Wen An’an hardened her scalp and opened her mouth with difficulty.

“No, I don’t like it, I don’t like him.”

This sentence isn’t very clear, but it can be distinguished. In the sentence, Wen An’an said that she does not like it, indeed, she does not like him.

“…You lie! You can’t not like me!”

However, Yan Qi couldn’t accept this answer. He stared at Wen An’an, his expression uncomfortable and unwilling.

Looking at Yan Qi’s appearance, Wen Yanan is really distressed.

She feels sorry for the man she likes, that he was deceived twice by a vicious woman like Wen An’an. But she is even angrier that Wen An’an was able to hurt Yan Qi twice!

So, an uncontrollable Wen Yanan looked at Wen An’an with a vicious light in her eyes.

Wen An’an has been paying attention to Wen Yanan and Yan Qi, so of course, she caught this look. At this time, she was extremely scared in her heart.

At the same time, she also knows that the entanglement between her and the heroine must not be fruitful.

The relationship between both of them is destined to be the way it is in the book…It’s not you who dies, it’s me who lives.

Thinking of this, her heart suddenly fell and she became more sober.

This is not the real world she stays in, this is a book world of revenge.

She is the worst villain in this world…

And the heroine’s goal is to kill her, the villain. Of course, so that she can be with the male lead happily.

At this moment, she wants to tell the heroine that she is not a vicious female character and she does not want to participate in their world, but she knows that she now has nothing to say because of the relationship between her and the male lead again.

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