Chapter 20

Translator: Caell

Proofreader: Yu Yue

In the early morning, the low sun shines through the tulle curtains into the warm and luxurious private ward.
Wen An’an felt that she had never slept so comfortably since transmigrating. She stretched her waist looking at the sun outside the window with a satisfied smile on her face.

It was great, her parents are alive again…
Thinking of how her parents lived happily in this book, Wen An’an felt that even if she became a vicious character and ends up tragically, it didn’t matter.
Because of the appearance of her parents, Wen An’an even forgot some troubles for a while, until——
“Huh… Isn’t she the Wen An’an from “Super Idol”?”
Suddenly, a crisp sound rang in Wen An’an’s ear, and that sound was full of immense surprise.
Hearing the voice, Wen An’an turned her head blankly and saw a nurse in a pink uniform standing in front of her bed, looking like she was checking her body temperature.
“Wow! You’re Wen An’an! I didn’t expect the real person to look better than on TV!”
The little nurse turned her head when she saw Wen An’an, and, when she saw her face, cried out in enthusiasm again and took out a phone saying excitedly.
“Um, do you want to take a picture with me? I like you! I didn’t think you were more beautiful than cute!”
Wen An’an, who was a little confused by the little nurse’s battle, nodded her head lightly.
Only after she finished taking the photo, did she react–
“You know me?”
Wen An’an blinked her big watery eyes and looked at the little nurse, who was looking at the phone with excitement, with a puzzled face.
“Huh? Don’t you know? The first episode of “Super Idol” has been broadcast! I just finished watching it the day before yesterday. It looks good! Many people are already fans now.”

The little nurse stayed a bit and followed Wen An’an to explain, but soon the look on her face became a little weird again.
“Ah, but if you are not healthy now, you should use less internet and take more rest. Try to go back and record the show as soon as possible…”
Listening to the little nurse’s words, Wen An’an was a little confused again.
She feels that this little nurse really likes her, but, if she does have a lot of fans, why not let her go online?
Very difficult……
Although Wen An’an was in her house for ten thousand years without going out the door, when she stayed at home and had nothing to do, she always went to post on Weibo and to read news from celebrities.
So, she knows a little bit about the entertainment industry.
Looking at the reaction of the little nurse, shouldn’t she… she was done for!
Thinking about it, her reaction when recording the first episode seems to be a bit annoying.
After all, no one likes a girl who cries inexplicably.
“That… Wen An’an, take a good rest. Hurry up and get your physique ready. We still want to see your beautiful appearance on the show.”
Looking up at the little nurse’s shiny eyes staring at her very hotly, Wen An’an lowered her head uncomfortably.
There was a random hum in her mouth and she stopped talking.
However, the little nurse was not familiar with Wen An’an and she was a fan of hers, so, when she saw Wen An’an not talking, she only regarded her as tired and she quickly did her job well. After taking the temperature for Wen An’an, she left the ward.
As soon as the little nurse left the ward, Wen An’an was about to pick the mobile phone on the bedside table when she heard the door of her ward being knocked again.

Wen An’an mumbled a little and saw a stranger, who she had never seen before, entering.
These two people, with flowers and a fruit basket in their hands, looked like they were visiting her on a special trip.
“Is Wen An’an’s body okay?”
These two people are no other than director Yang Ming and screenwriter Chen Lan of “Super Idol”.
“You are?”
Wen An’an looked at the two people in front of her with a confused expression. After thinking about it for a long time, there was nothing.
“We are the director and screenwriter of “Super Idol”.”
Yang Ming looked at Wen An’an’s pale face and gently introduced them to her.
Only then did Wen An’an understand who these two people are.
But after knowing who these two people are, Wen An’an began to wonder herself again.
Why are they looking for her here? Are you going to retire her?
After all, “Super Idol” is still being recorded, but, due to physical reasons, she has been laying down in the hospital for two days.
And it seems that she will continue to lie down…
“Wen An’an, this is the case. We want to know what is your physical condition, how long you need to stay in the hospital and not participate in the show.”
Chen Lan’s words made Wen An’an jump again. She pursed her lips and said timidly.
“What do you mean is I can still participate in the show?”
Actually… She is very confused now and she doesn’t know if she should participate in this show.

She didn’t like such a dazzling stage. She felt that she was out of place in such a dazzling scene. Now, the appearance of her parents makes her want to be with her parents every second.
“Wen An’an, do you want to continue participating?”
Because Wen An’an is a person who can’t hide what she thinks it shows on her face.
So, as two people in society who are used to observing others, how can they fail to see Wen An’an’s thoughts at this time?
She was hesitating, hesitant to participate in this audition show.
How can there be children who don’t want to participate in such a famous talent show?
It’s hard to say… Did Wen An’an see those posts and comments on the Internet?
Chen Lan and Yang Ming couldn’t help but think of this possibility.
So the two people suddenly became a little anxious. You know, their only purpose this time is to let Wen An’an return to the show and continue to participate in the competition!
Now if they want to say who in their show is the hottest and who drives the ratings and traffic the most, then this person is Wen An’an!
They all thought that Wen An’an, an incredibly beautiful little girl, would be hot, but they did not expect that this little girl would be so powerful!
It is like her own streaming body, the first episode of the show has just been aired, and there have been three hot searches in one day!
Basically, the whole network now knows the name Wen An’an. Even those netizens who have not watched “Super Idol” know that there is such a person.
Such shocking traffic enthusiasm made all the members of the “Super Idol” program group go crazy!
What do traffic and heat mean? They represent the ratings!
With such a traffic source as Wen An’an, their program is bound to be the most popular program in the summer! 

Therefore, how could they let her leave the show? Such a big traffic baby like Wen An’an!
“An’an, in fact, you don’t need to pay attention to those posts on the Internet. For public figures, if you follow someone, you will get attacked. None of us is RMB, so everyone can’t like it.”
“Yes. Wen An’an now has a lot of haters on the Internet, however, there are more fans who support you. Think about it, don’t make the wrong decision.”
Listening to the winged words of the two, Wen An’an was even more sure that since she is online now, she must have been attacked.
Thinking of this, Wen An’an’s lips pressed together tightly.
She now… seems to be a celebrity?
They only played the first episode. Why does it make her feel that everything on the side seems to have changed a lot?
“I…I don’t know… Let me think about it.”
She is honestly very confused now. Because she wants to avoid appearing on TV and the dazzling stage.
There are so many people and such high-intensity performances, all of these make her very uncomfortable…
“Okay, think about it slowly. Don’t rush, but, An’an, you know, not everyone has such good luck. In the entertainment circle, how many people want to become famous overnight. Unfortunately, few people have done it. However, they have done it. I hope you don’t waste your talent or this opportunity.”
Chen Lan and Yang Ming left Wen An’an’s ward after leaving such a sentence, as if no one had ever been there before.
Looking at the flowers on the bedside table, Wen An’an took a deep breath, took the phone in her hand, and then paused for a while after entering her name on the search page before clicking on the search.
As a result, a lot of information related to her was quickly displayed on the phone page.
And the information was not beyond what she expected. It was exactly the same as she thought. She was being attacked by the netizens on a large scale.
【Wen An’an has no skills but only knows how to cry. Annoying people like this, why does she have a face to appear on the show!? 】

【Ha ha! Wen An’an is really good at selling it. Look at how many shots the first episode of the program gave her because she was crying! 】
【Is it not strange why do people like Wen An’an? Yes, her face is pretty, but this show is for idols! It’s not a beauty pageant! There is a P for a good-looking face! 】
Looking at the words insulting her on the Internet, Wen An’an’s lips were pressed tightly together, her reasoning becoming a little dull and uncomfortable.
However, she also knows that her performance in the first episode was too bad. She kept crying all the time and she doesn’t blame others for thinking she looks annoying…
Sniffing, Wen An’an suddenly remembered Chen Lan’s words when she asked her to log in to Weibo, so she opened Weibo again, entered the username and password, and logged in.
As a result, when she opened Weibo, her phone crashed.
Countless private messages, comments, and fans made her mobile phone lag for a long time, and then she had a heavy ‘live’.
When Weibo was restarting, Wen An’an was surprised to find that her Weibo fans, who had actually registered 0 fans from the beginning, have now reached——
“Two million?!”
Wen An’an can’t believe her eyes. It seems that it hasn’t been a few days since she registered on Weibo and the first episode of “Super Idol” was broadcast the night before, right?
But she has more than two million fans now! This is too scary!
Wen An’an knows her two million fans had risen after the end of the first episode of “Super Idol”!
While the other players have tens of thousands of fans, Wen An An’an is starting from one hundred thousand to a million. In just two days, her Weibo account has changed from a pitiful number to the current number of two million fans.
Just as Chen Lan said, Wen An’an was popular!

After the first episode was broadcasted, Wen An’an, an empty-looking little crying girl, jumped to the top and became the hottest star in the entire network now!
Wen An’an rubbed her eyes in disbelief and watched her first photo of Weibo after opening her account with the help of the staff.

At this time, the number of comments on that only Weibo post has exceeded one million.
After she clicked on the comment, Wen An’an’s phone plopped frantically.
It is densely packed with words that support her and although she was also a relatively popular novel author in the real world, and had a lot of fandoms, compared with the current situation, that is surely a little bit insignificant.
Haha…This is the star…
For the first time, Wen An’an felt the difference between ordinary persons and stars.
This kind of atmosphere that is admired and loved by countless people does make you feel a little ecstatic.
However, this does not include Wen An’an, because it will make her feel uncomfortable.
She is not the kind of person who likes the attention of others, also, the attractive face now is not hers and for her to become a star with millions of fans, she has no such qualifications.
She has so many fans, but she has no strength and it is really too stressful.
So…she should quit from the show, right? The pressure of being a star is really too great.
And she also thinks that she might not do well…
Otherwise, she should go back to her old line of writing novels!
Anyway, as long as she does not enter the Shen’s house for the female lead, she is returning the pink bracelet and then following the heroine to explain clearly. At that time, she will work hard to write a few popular novels, make a fortune and then take her parents with her to leave China and live a secluded life outside.

This… should be fine, right?

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