Chapter 19. 2

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At a loss, they subconsciously looked at Wen Yanan.
Soon, they saw Wen Yanan shook her hand indifferently, and they calmed down again.
At this time they remembered that Wen Yanan had discussed the countermeasures with them before that. Moreover, according to the same situation, the same plan was arranged.
Yes, although the two of them are still flustered, they are not so nervous anymore.
As Assistant Jiang, who is accustomed to seeing people, how can he not notice this little detail?
Suddenly, an absurd idea appeared in his heart, that is…
The intention to make Wen An’an replace Wen Yanan into the Shen’s house. Is it actually Wen Yanan’s own?
After all, he looked at this honest and innocent look of the Wen family, and they don’t really look like the kind of people who would have this kind of careful thinking.
It’s just that Assistant Jiang still can’t understand Wen Yanan’s motive for doing this.
Even if Wen Yanan’s identity is only an invisible illegitimate daughter, but to be the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family, there are too many people willing!
Yes, even if Assistant Jiang thinks his mind is smart, he still understands what the Wen family are doing.
After all, they have also spoken to Mr. Shen, regardless of the authenticity, only the final appraisal result will be accepted.
Yes, he doesn’t need to think too much.
“Okay, okay! A test must be done!”
Wen An’an, who was still sitting on the hospital bed, heard about the test, as if she was resurrected with chicken blood, and immediately jumped off the hospital bed.
Then rolled up her sleeves, walked up to the doctor in the white coat, and said to him.
“Doctor, do you want to draw blood? You draw!”

As if she was about to sacrifice righteously, Wen An’an frowned and placed her arm in front of the doctor.
Looking at Wen An’an’s positive appearance, Wen Yanan’s mouth twitched slightly. Now she understands this. It turns out that Wen An’an seems to be really unwilling to go to the Shen’s house?
But why?
Assistant Jiang, who was originally standing there, watched Wen An’an’s cute behavior, he laughed with a chuckle, and then asked jokingly.
“Are you afraid that after a blood test for DNA, you will find yourself a child of the Shen family?”
Assistant Jiang’s original intention was to ridicule and beat the family, but he just thought it was fun. However, what he didn’t expect was that Wen An’an answered.
“I was originally the child of the Shen family, I am the child of my parents.”
Wen An’an looked at Assistant Jiang with a firm face, and really let Assistant Jiang, who had been ‘good intentions’ questioning, not knowing what to say.
After a long while, he shook his head amused, and then left the ward.
When he left, his heart was really filled with infinite emotions, it turned out that this family actually disliked the Shen family so much!
It was really interesting that the little girl was unwilling to go to Shen’s house just now.
He is looking forward to it now. If the result of the paternity test is really the little girl Wen An’an, he is still quite curious about what will happen to the little girl entering the Shen’s house.
Especially, when they, President Shen, knew that while he disliked others, the little girl also disliked him or even the entire Shen family, how their big boss would react.
Ahh! I feel a little excited just thinking about it.
Yes… He going to give this family a chance to replace DNA.

Thinking about this, Assistant Jiang decided that he should go a little further.
Anyway, their big bosses have spoken. Whether it’s true or false, it only recognize the identification, right?
This, but his pot~
When he left, the family who was nervously thinking about how to change the DNA in the ward could not get to the thoughts of Assistant Jiang and the Shen family?
They are all staring closely at the doctor who is extracting hair and saliva from Wen An’an.
Just after the doctor had extracted Wen An’an’s hair and saliva, he was about to put it in the medical bag he carried with him, who knew——
“Arghh! The doctor is right! I did it on purpose!”
The doctor hadn’t put it in yet, and his clothes were wetted by mother Wen with a glass of water.
Because it was a cup of hot water, the doctor hurriedly put it aside, focusing on his clothes.
And at this moment, Wen Yanan moved very fast, so she replaced her hair and saliva with Wen An’an’s sample.
Poor Wen An’an always paying attention to the palm of Wen mother that may be hot. How can she pay attention to Wen Yanan when she doesn’t have time?
So, without Wen Anan’s knowledge, she, once again, is going to be the same as the plot in the book, once again, becoming the vicious side character who replaced Wen Yanan, and entered the Shen family!
After the proactive test, Wen An’an was tired both physically and mentally.
She was very sleepy, but she was afraid that her parents would disappear when she fell asleep, so she kept holding onto the palms of Father Wen and Mother Wen, and was willing to go to rest.
Such a move really makes Father Wen and Mother Wen feel very funny.
The two of them stood for a while, soothed their daughter and let her go to bed obediently.

Looking at their daughter, the two of them actually have a lot of feelings. After all, after this time, their daughter will not be their daughter again.
“Dear, you said, we did this, right? Why do I always have a strange feeling in my heart…”
Wen’s mother murmured in a sense of loss.
As a couple of honest people, this is the first time to do this kind of detrimental thing.
But, one is for their daughter, and the other, they are really moved by Wen Yanan. The most important thing is that their eldest daughter seems to really resist entering the Shen family…
“Oh! My child, since I did it, so let’s do it. From now on, let’s have a good time. Become the child of the Shen family, and she will participate in the show very well in the future. The hospital…”
“Well…I hope An An and Nan Nan can live happily ever after…”
Here, Father Wen and Mother Wen are sitting in the ward, accompanying Wen An’an.
Wen Yanan on the other hand, is in the garden in front of the hospital, was very happy to talk to Yan Qi on the phone.

Although someone asked of the name Wen An’an.
“If An’an is fine, that would be great. Which hospital is she in? I want to see her.”
Wen Yanan’s eyes were slightly cold as she listened to the pleasant male voice on the phone.
She understands thoroughly now that Yan Qi once again fell in love with the cunning woman Wen An’an.
Suddenly, Wen Yanan understood why Wen An’an was willing to enter the Shen family and become the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family.
To be sure, Wen An’an knows Yan Qi’s true identity, and also understands that what Yan Qi hates most is the illegitimate daughter, so… she is so willing to enter the Shen family and become the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family.
Thinking like this, Wen Yanan felt that she was in the truth, and she felt even more that she had to wake up Yan Qi, the man who was deceived by Wen An’an again.

“Yan Qi, actually…I know I shouldn’t tell you this…but this matter actually bothers me…”
“What’s the matter?”
“This issue, can’t be said over the phone, it has something to do with Wen An’an, we have to make an appointment to see each other.”
As soon as it was related to Wen An’an, Yan Qi, who was still hesitant, immediately agreed.
“Okay, let’s meet.”

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