Chapter 19

“Ohh! An An, what’s wrong with you, why are you crying so hard? Is it uncomfortable?”
As soon as Father Wen and Mother Wen walked into the ward, they heard the cry of their baby girl in the ward, it was a tragic sight.

Never has anyone seen the Wen couple whose daughter cried so poorly, and they were shocked.
They thought that Wen An’an was physically comfortable, and hurried to the hospital bed.
“An An, where is uncomfortable, tell mom, mom will tell your dad to go to the doctor!”
“Yes, An An, what is it so uncomfortable? Tell dad, dad will call you a doctor.”
She was originally covering her eyes and crying, and after hearing these two familiar sounds in her ears, she immediately stopped crying.
Inhaled through her little nose, and gently removed the palms of her hand from her eyes. The misty eyes looked towards the two people standing by the bed.
At the end, she was dumbfounded.
This, this is really father and mother!
Wen An’an widened her eyes and fixed her eyes on the worried father and mother Wen.
“Dad, mom…”
She murmured softly, Wen An’an’s eyes were filled with a lot of emotion.
These were her father and mother!
When she was young, mom and dad died in a car accident just because they left to buy her birthday presents…
Is she dreaming? Why, her parents are here now? !
“Mom and Dad? Is it really you? Am I dreaming?”

Wen An’an still felt like it was a dream. She looked at Father Wen and Mother Wen with water in her eyes, her lips pressed tightly, both surprised and scared.
Surprised that she saw her father and mother again, but she was scared again, this was just a dream of hers.
“You stupid girl, are you sick and stupid?”
Wen An’an cried when she saw them, but looked at them dumbfoundedly, and shook her head, it was funny.
They reached out and stroked Wen An’an’s head.
“You, the door has been around for so long, and we all know to call home. Your father and I are doing it for you, but we have a good night’s sleep all night long.”
“Yes, An An, this child. Even if you want to be a star, you have to still take care of your own body. Fortunately, we came to the capital this time. If we had known that you are ruining your body so much.”
Feeling mother Wen warm palms and listening to father Wen caring words, Wen An’an only feels that she is really dying of happiness now.
What traveling through a book, what become of a vicious side character? Even her body will end badly, who cares!
When she saw them, she was so grateful that she was able to transmigrate and became a vicious side character, and more importantly, she became the child of her parents again…

“Mom and Dad, I miss you so much…”
Wen Anan cried and hugged Mother Wen and Father Wen tightly, buried her head between the two of them, crying very happy.
This time, she really cried with joy.
It’s nice that her parents are alive again.
Father Wen and Mother Wen were surprised when they were embraced by their daughter.
Their daughters have never been so close to them since they grew up.

They didn’t think too much about it, they just felt that if the child was away from home for too long, she would be more vulnerable as if she was sick for a lifetime.
So they feel more distressed by Wen An’an.
“An An, don’t cry, don’t cry anymore.”
“Yeah, An An, are you hungry? What do you want to eat? Dad will buy it for you.”
Wen Yanan, who was standing by looking at the intimacy of this family, only felt as if she was a statue, they were very eye-catching.
She curled up the corners of her lips coldly, and scanned the room.
She was more determined in my heart that she wanted revenge against this family! If it is this family, the older generation, may they also be so miserable!
“Dad, mom, the Shen family will come and take An’an to do a DNA test soon, you should talk to her well.”
Wen Yanan’s opening words clearly broke the warm atmosphere of this room.
The originally very warm family, after hearing Wen Yanan’s words, were all stunned.
The faces of father Wen and mother Wen were embarrassed.
And Wen An’an is–
“I am the daughter of Mom and Dad, not the kind of daughter that is from the Shen family!”
Wen Anan finally became brave because she found her biological parents.
Now she it is so easy to meet her biological parents again, how can she leave them?
She just thought, to be with her parents forever and ever, everything else doesn’t matters!
When Wen An’an said this, only Wen Yanan was dumbfounded. Even Wen father and Wen mother were shocked.
Although they said that they love their baby daughter very much, but as a parent, how can they not understand the differences of their children?

Their youngest daughter is not as filial and sensible as their eldest daughter.
But this sentence from Wen Yanan, and they were really surprised at it.
But, now that this sentence actually came from Wen An’an, that’s surprising.
“An’an…you don’t really want to go to Shen’s house to spend a good day and enjoy your luck?”
Wen mother gently stroked Wen An’an’s head with the palm of her hand, and asked softly.
Wen An’an immediately shook her head, looking at Father Wen and Mother Wen with wet eyes.
“I think, I just want to be with my father and mother, and I want to be with you forever.”
Listening to Wen An’an’s words, Wen father and Wen mother looked at each other, and they gave in to their little daughter in their hearts.
However, because of the attitude of the youngest daughter, they want to give her the best.
Their daughters are so good, so filial, worthy of the best.
It’s useless for them to be parents. Such a good child might be treated badly.
Wen An’an understood it now, Wen Yanan was too successful in brainwashing, and turned to grasp the weakness of the two.
Yes, even if Wen An’an now expresses that she wants to replace Wen Yanan into the Wen family, it is a pity that she can only strengthen the two ideas even more.
That is…we must give them the best things for their daughters.
Gives her the capital to pursue the dream she wants.
“An An, even if you arrive at Shen’s house, we can visit you at any time.”
“Yes, even if you arrive at Shen’s house, you will always be my baby daughter with your mother. This will never change.”
Hearing what Wen father and Wen mother said, Wen An’an was really anxious. She doesn’t want to enter Shen’s house and only wants to be with her parents.

But now, her parents were obviously fooled by the female lead and walked the old path of the original plot, letting her replace Wen Yanan in the Shen family.
“But, Mom and Dad, I…”
Wen An’an hadn’t finished speaking, and suddenly a few people walked into the ward.
Seeing a man dressed in a suit, with a man in a white coat who was behind him who seemed to be a doctor walked in.
“Assistant Jiang, why are you here?”
After seeing the man, Wen Yanan smiled and said hello.
“Mr. Jiang? Are you here for something?”
Papa Wen and Mama Wen also turned their heads and looked at Assistant Jiang.
“Mr. Wen, Mrs. Wen, Miss Wen…”
Assistant Jiang first greeted Wen family who he had met before, and when he saw Wen An’an sitting on the hospital bed, he was slightly startled.
Pass, he passed quickly.
In his heart, he stopped and sighed, this Mr. Wen and Mrs. Wen really gave birth to a beautiful and lovely little girl.
Now, he seems to understand why the Wen family wants their daughter to replace Wen Yanan.
If he has such a beautiful and pitiful daughter, he would definitely want to give her the best.
“Because Mr. Shen wants to see his daughter sooner, Mr. Shen, asked me to take a doctor to give Ms. Wen An’an a DNA test.”
“Pro, pro-test?!”
Wen father and Wen mother were panicked when they heard that these people were the doctors who had come to do the identification for Wen An’an.

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