Chapter 18

‘An An… Mom’s baby… What kind of gift do you want for your birthday this time…’
‘Let’s talk, good girl, as long as you want, Dad will give you everything…’
In a white light, Wen An’an seemed to see her parents. Time seems to be back again, before when they buy birthday gifts for her…
How she wanted to jump over and tell them that she didn’t want any presents, just wanted them to be by her side forever.

Only, she knows, this will always be only a dream…
She can only dream of what she wants.
“Dad…Mom…I just want to be with you forever…”
In the warm high-level VIP ward, the girl is pale and lying on the snow-white hospital bed, making her look pale and delicate.

Here, Father Wen and Mother Wen looked at their daughter and felt as though they were sick, and they were still calling. They felt very sorry.

A sort of remorse, only this time, they have no chance to look back.
After all… they already told the Shen family yesterday that their biological daughter is the daughter of the Shen family…
Now, even if they regret it, they can only give their daughter away.

“Dad, I feel uncomfortable…”
“…think…we might as well tell…” feeling love, they wanted to tell the Shen family.
It’s a pity that when Papa Wen finished talking, he saw a beautiful figure appearing in this luxurious and warm senior VIP ward.

It’s not other people, just Wen Yanan.
She entered the ward and looked at Papa Wen and Mama Wen with regrets and tears in their eyes. I don’t know where else, the couple must regret it again.
But, where will the bow and arrow come back?

Even though, she would never let this possibility happen!
Therefore, Wen An’an must enter the Shen’s house according to her wishes.

“Dad, mom, don’t do this. Look at An An, she even wants to be a big star in order to enter the entertainment industry. Now, with the support of the Shen family, she won’t have to work so hard.”

The Wen couple, who were still regretful in their hearts and wanted to go to the Shen family to speak clearly, suddenly became sober after they listened to Wen Yanan’s words.
Looked up at Wen An’an, their hearts were both reluctant and with love for their daughter.

The youngest daughter of their family, they know very well, if she doesn’t like being a big star, how could their lazy little girl in their family suffer shock and enter the hospital because of excessive fatigue?

This daughter of their family must really want to be a big star, so… they sent her to the Shen family, it’s right.

Nan Nan said that even if their youngest daughter enters the Shen’s house, they can meet each other.

Thinking of this, the hearts of Father Wen and Mother Wen gradually calmed down.
“Dad, Mom, I just saw that the doctor seems to be looking for you, and I want to tell you about An’an’s current physical condition. I don’t understand, or you go and take a look?

Wen Yanan glanced at the pink bracelet on Wen An’an’s left wrist, her eyes narrowed slightly, and she smiled and said to the Wen couple who had been in the ward with Wen An’an. .
As soon as the doctor asked for them so as to explain Wen An’an’s physical condition, where can the Wen couple sit still?

Because Wen Yanan didn’t need to urge them at all, they hurriedly left the ward and went to the doctor.
The Wen couple left, only Wen Yanan and…Wen An’an who was lying on the bed in a coma were left in the ward.

“Wen An’an …”
Chanting Wen An’an’s name lightly, Wen Yanan curled her lips coldly, and walked towards Wen An’an slowly.
Standing next to the hospital bed, Wen Yanan looked down at Wen An’an who was lying on the hospital bed, and looked at her beautiful and remarkable face, her eyes narrowed slightly.

Reaching out, Wen Yanan gently stroked Wen An’an’s smooth face, feeling the smooth and comfortable touch of her fingertips, Wen Yanan snorted coldly.
“But this face… is yours…”, she said. Wen Yanan’s fingers moved gently towards the pink bracelet on Wen An’an’s left wrist.

At this time, when she carefully looked at the pink bracelet, she discovered that this pink bracelet had some changes.

If she remembered it wrong, when she picked up the pink bracelet, in fact, it was only an ordinary pink bracelet that didn’t seem to be very valuable.

But now, this pink bracelet looks crystal clear, like a bracelet carved from a piece of top-quality jade with a good head, and it looks very valuable.

As if attracted by something, Wen Yanan couldn’t help but touched the pink bracelet with her fingers…
But just when her finger was about to touch the pink bracelet, she saw—

“Ah! You, you…”

As soon as she opened her eyes, Wen An’an saw a stranger standing by her bed, and with a strange expression on her wrist, she was looking at the pink bracelet on her wrist…

Suddenly, a name suddenly appeared in Wen Anan’s mind.
“Wen, Wen Yanan?!” 

“An’an, you are awake, the parents are worried about you.”

Wen Yanan looked Wen An’an in surprise, she smiled and said softly.

It’s just that, from the corner of her eye, she glanced at the pink bracelet on Wen An’an’s wrist.

When the strange girl in front of her spoke, Wen An’an was completely sure in her heart, that the girl in front of her was Wen Yanan, the heroine of this book.

My God! Why did Wen Yanan appear beside her bed? No, that’s not right! Where is this place?

At this time, Wen An’an discovered that the place where she lay was not her dormitory, but… in a ward.

“You, even if you want to be a star, you can’t disregard your own body. Otherwise, your parents would follow you to watch your performance, and no one would know that you were so ruined by yourself outside.”

Although Wen Yanan’s face was gentle and worried, in fact, her heart was already gloomy.
Yesterday, she and Wen family were picked up by the Shen family. She learned that Wen An’an happened to be performing, and she wanted to see Yan Qi. But, thanks to the relationship between the Shen family, they all watched Wen An’an’s performance together.

However, who knows, when it was over, she went to find Wen An’an with Father Wen and Mother Wen, only to see Yan Qi holding Wen An’an panicked.
His appearance made it clear that he fell in love with that vicious woman Wen An’an.
This is unbearable for her!

Thinking of this, she just felt that she was about to lose her control. Lowering her head, Wen Yanan took a deep breath, then looked at Wen An’an with a smile.

But she didn’t know that the smile on her face made Wen An’an feel terrible.
Wuu——! Why is she and Wen Yanan alone in the ward, so terrible…
In the novel, Wen Yanan just laughed so softly and kindly, in the end, the vicious girl was matched with her and her mother didn’t even know her.

Compared with the male lead, the female lead is more lethal!
Here, Wen An’an rarely misses Yan Qi.
As a result, when she just thought of Yan Qi here, she met Wen Yanan and suddenly mentioned Yan Qi.
“By the way, you and Yan Qi have reconciled again? Seeing that Yan Qi cares about you so much, shouldn’t you be here again?

As soon as Wen Yanan said so, Wen An’an’s heart rang an alarm!
She didn’t care that she was still weak, so she hurriedly got up from the bed, her head swaying wildly with her two small hands.
“No, no, no! I have nothing to do with him! I am very innocent with him! It is impossible to reconcile in this life! No love!”
This Wen An’an is almost crying, my god, she is going to be misunderstood by the heroine that she is with the hero, then she has to go to the west right away!

Too frightening! Never let the heroine misunderstand her!
It’s a pity, no matter what she says or does, Wen Yanan, who thinks she knows Wen An’an, will never believe her when she says anything.
After all, in her previous life, she had suffered too much from Wen An’an.
In this life, Wen Yanan made up her mind and must take revenge! If you owe her, take her word for it, she is bound to repay it in multiples!

“Puff! Alright, alright, what are you excited about. We are all sisters, so why are you hiding?”
Seeing Wen Yanan not paying attention to her at all, Wen An’an became weaker.
She is so afraid that the original heroine will control her, and she will kill her.
Thinking of this, looking at Wen Yanan’s smiling face, her mood suddenly fell.
Although she seems to be very successful in her performance, she should not be eliminated, but… the heroine in the book appeared in her world ahead of time.

By the way, in the comics, she met the heroine, because of what…?
Wen An’an carefully recalled when the vicious second female lead in the book met Wen Yanan at this point, she heard a voice from her ear, and made her pause her dumbfounded words——
“Ah, that’s right. Wen An’an, we seem to be sisters who are not of the same father, but yours is rich and you should have the name Shen. Shen Zheng is your brother! Now you are the daughter of the Shen family and they want you to live in a big villa. How about the servants, they will envy you?”

Wen An’an listened to Wen Yanan’s words and looked at her with a dumbfounded expression, and there was almost a question mark on her forehead.
What kind of story is this?
Why would the female lead say these… terrible words to her? It’s so scary! As though tempting her?
What’s wrong with her? What direction is the plot now going to?

There is so much regret in Wen An’an’s heart! If she had known that she would transmigrate into this book, she would definitely had read the original work honestly and carefully several times, and memorize all the plot!
Oh no! If she knew that she would pass through to this book, then! She will definitely not have read the book!
Looking at Wen An’an who had a dazed look, Wen Yanan said this when Wen An’an had just woken up, and her mind was still slow, when she spoke in a bewitching voice.

“We came to the city, the Shen family took over the whole process, and they also arranged the best hotel for us …”
Seeing Wen Yanan sparing no effort to talk about how the Shen family is good and how she feels, Wen An’an shuddered.
Although she doesn’t know what story the female lead is making up, but this Shen family…definitely can’t go!
If she goes, then how will she leave the plot again! So terrible and scary!

“No, not envious! I don’t want! Since you are the daughter of the Shen family, then go and enjoy your own blessings, I give you my blessings from my heart!”
Wen An’an’s trembling hands embraced her arms, and she looked at Wen Yanan cautiously, as if Wen Yanan would eat her.
Seeing Wen An’an’s reaction, Wen Yanan’s brows wrinkled slightly, and a hint of doubt appeared in her eyes.

The difference between today’s Wen An’an and the Wen An’an she knows is too big, right?

In the last life, Wen An’an knew of her being the daughter of the Shen family, so she replaced her without hesitation.
Why did she say that this time, she Wen An’an didn’t want to replace her?
Could it be that she was born again, what else has changed? What made Wen An’an transform?
But soon, Wen Yanan shook her head, this possibility was suppressed.

Dogs can’t change from eating shit! How could Wen An’an, a vicious and vain woman, change for the better! Now it is estimated that she only thinks that the deal is done and she has returned to the Shen family, so she said that to please her, the daughter of the Shen family.
Thinking of this, Wen Yanan’s lips curled up coldly and looked towards Wen An’an.
Looking at Wen An’an’s beautiful face, she suppressed the jealousy in her heart, and thought decisively in her heart.
This Shen family must let Wen Anan in!
As long as she becomes the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family, Yan Qi will never fall in love with her!
“Puff! An’an, I was joking with you just now. Actually, you are the daughter who is going to be recognized by the Shen family~”
Originally, Wen Yanan thought that if she said this, Wen An’an would jump out of bed ecstatically.
However, she didn’t think of—

After being silent for a while, Wen An’an actually cried without image! Cried!
Seeing Wen An’an staring at her so pitifully crying, the perfect smile on Wen Yanan’s face stiffened, as if it was cracking again.
Looking at Wen An’an, who was crying more and more, Wen Yanan’s mouth twitched slightly, thinking in secret, is it…this is too exciting, so she cried with joy?
However, how would Wen Yanan know that Wen An’an is no longer the previous Wen An’an.
Mommy, it’s terrible! Why did the heroine of the book tell her so tenderly, what she said about the daughter of the Shen family? It’s terrible, terrible…
The original heroine has made up her mind, she must be killed, what should she do…

“Mr. Shen, I think, I need to report this to you.”
Just after taking the Wen family to the capital, Jiang Zhu who was tasked to take Wen An’an to the hospital looked at the man who was looking at a lot of documents with a little embarrassment.
But seeing the man with his head lowered and didn’t even raise his head, he only made a low voice of acknowledgement.
“There seems to be a little problem with your sister.”
When Jiang Zhu talked about this, he felt like he wanted to die.
He thought, he would go to a remote town and pick up an illegitimate girl. How he would love it if it can be done in minutes!
That was what he thought of!
This task is so special that it can be completed within minutes, who the hell would have expected that such a small thing can even make a dog-blooded top package case!

Hearing Shen Zheng’s voice, Jiang Zhuo swallowed, then said cautiously.
“We found out that Wen Yanan should be your sister, but… now that family, including your sister herself, says Wen An’an is your sister.”
To be honest, at first he thought that the Wen family were greedy and wanted to send their own daughter to enjoy the blessing, but Wen Yanan actually said that, making him a little puzzled.
He thought that the little girl was pitiful, and he also hinted to the little girl in private that she was the daughter of the Shen family.
In the end, the girl knew and still told her, Wen An’an, this always made him feel strange.
But, he couldn’t tell, it was very strange.
But can only take it over to the Wen family.
“Mr. Shen… do you see?”

Jiang Zhu looked at his boss nervously, praying in his heart, his boss shouldn’t be angry because he managed this relationship.
“Do a paternity test first, whoever turns out to be.”
What is the difference between real and fake? For his father’s sake he just wanted to ask for comfort, he probably didn’t care about it himself.
Take it back, but just kept it one by one, so that his father was at ease.
As for their Shen family? Not his sister? In his eyes, they are all the same, they are all strangers, so there is no need to worry about them.

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