Chapter 17. 2

Is Jiang Yan a patient with severe facial paralysis? And already dying ill? ?
“Yes, Wen An’an performed very well today. There was a dance that was slightly weaker.”

He Yuxi also clicked, and smiled at Wen An’an, who was shrinking her head.
Seeing that the little girl looks like an ostrich, her head is almost out of sight of her chest, and he has finally come to the point seriously.

“Today, Wen An’an must have shocked everyone as a dark horse. Then, I want everyone to guess, which team will be the one team today?”

Jiang Yan smiled and glanced at the 120 contestants on the stage.
Everyone said Yao Mengduo’s name without hesitation. After all, Yao Mengduo’s team performed very well on stage today.

The super explosive songs and dances directly ignited the entire stage, causing all the audience to be excited.
Therefore, in their hearts, Yao Mengduo team is the well-deserved champion.

“Well, look, Yao Mengduo is very popular among the players. Now, I will take a look at the number of votes.”
Because of the need for program effects, the number of votes in the final group was not announced all at once.

Rather, the announcement starts with the lowest player in each group.
This method of announcement like this really makes the players and audience on and off the stage very anxious.
Watching the number of votes in the groups be revealed little by little, everyone else held their breath.
   101 votes, 300 votes!
   99 votes, 202 votes!

After the votes of the seven players of each team have been reported, the number of votes for Yao Mengduo’s team is simply an overwhelming number of votes for Wen An’an’s team.

The number of votes per person is all one hundred votes lower than Yao Mengduo’s team. Such a number of votes is very eye-catching. There is no need to count it. Everyone feels that for Yao Mengduo’s team, it is a sure win.

“Wen An’an, do you think your team will be one or two?”

Just when the votes of the last contestant, Yao Mengduo and Wen An’an were announced, Jiang Yan suddenly smiled and looked at Wen An’an, trying to amuse the little girl.

After hearing Jiang Yan calling her name, Wen An’an, who had been wandering throughout the entire process, looked at it blankly, and then muttered quietly under the reminder of others with a blank face: “, two……”

In fact, she thought these two names were a little too weird.

Seeing Wen An’an’s cowardly appearance, Jiang Yan didn’t bother her anymore, but smiled and looked at the other players.

“Who do you think, Yao Mengduo or Wen An’an, who will win?”
After Jiang Yan’s voice fell, many contestants started to talk about it.

“It must be Yao Mengduo!”
“Unless Wen An’an can get a thousand votes, the one must be Yao Mengduo.”
“The highest number of votes in the audience is only 700 votes. There is not even a thousand votes. How could there be a thousand votes? Therefore, Yao Mengduo must have won.

Listening to the rushing voices of the players on the stage, Jiang Yan and He Yuxi gave each other a glance.
I don’t know why, watching the celebrity tutors showing this expression, Yao Mengduo suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

“Now, we have our mentor Yan Qi to announce for everyone, the final vote result of this contest~”
Speaking, Jiang Yan handed over the most important content below to Yan Qi.

After Yan Qi took over the vote list in Jiang Yan’s hand, he saw the final number of votes for Wen An’an. After seeing the end of the number of votes, he was a little stunned.
However, he soon recovered. After reading the votes, he seemed to have some slight smile on his mouth.

“Now, I announce that the final number of votes for Yao Mengduo is… 985 votes.”
All the players heard Yao Mengduo’s votes, everyone applauded.

This is only 15 votes to 1,000 votes, which is the highest number of votes in the audience!
“Really deserves her name! Popular Queen Yao Mengduo!”

Wen An’an’s votes have not been announced yet, and many players shouted and cheered Yao Mengduo.
However, it is a pity that she will be slapped in the face soon.
Yan Qi glanced at the group of players who had ignored Wen An’an, he gave a cold snort, and then announced it again.

“Wen An’an’s final votes——”

Hearing that Yan Qi was about to announce the number of votes for Wen An’an, everyone was quiet. Although she felt that no matter how high Wen An’an’s votes were, it would not be higher than Yao Mengduo’s 985 votes.
Moreover, even if it is higher than 985 votes, it is impossible for her team to win as today’s championship team without a thousand votes.

Therefore, no one thinks that Wen An’an will win the title of today’s champion team.
What everyone didn’t expect was that Wen An’an, her number of votes was indeed not as high as a thousand votes.
But, what they got is–
“Three thousand and eight votes!”
After hearing the data, everyone in the room was in a panic.

To know the number of spectators in the audience, there are more than four thousand people. Moreover, these four thousand people are still fans of various families, so when this group of people vote, they will not all vote for a number of people in their hands.
But, Wen An’an did it so that almost everyone in the audience voted for her!
“This, how is this possible?!”
“It’s too exaggerated! Three thousand votes!”
“It is three times higher than Yao Mengduo!”
“Oh my god, Wen An’an’s votes are too high…”,Yan Qi walked to Wen An’an with a smile on his face.

He glanced up and down at Wen An’an, and then put down the crown that she had on.

“Congratulations, Wen An’an, you are today’s popular Queen and today’s champion team.”
At this time, his movements are so gentle, so careful, as if they are a treasure of the world.
He put the shiny diamond crown on Wen An’an, and after carefully correcting it, he seemed to be satisfied with it.

“Very beautiful.”
But seeing this look of Yan Qi, Wen An’an couldn’t help but tremble.
Mummy, why should the hero want to be so gentle to her. This is too scary…
Taking a quick step back, Wen An’an resolutely kept a certain distance from Yan Qi.
Seeing Wen An’an actually reacted like this, Yan Qi’s face suddenly sank, but now this is on the stage, his reaction is not very obvious.

“So, Wen An’an, you won today’s championship team, and you also got such a good result of 3,000 votes, how do you feel?”
Seeing that Yan Qi was upset, Jiang Yan hurriedly went out to round the field.
Listening to Jiang Yan’s question, Wen An’an blinked her eyes very dazedly, and then whispered, “I think the number of votes is a bit too high…”
Was so high that she thought it was a little weird.
In the end, no matter what Wen An’an thinks, she is the last big winner. She fell through everyone’s glasses and became the champion team in a performance! Successfully for the whole team, won a total of 500,000 votes.

Excluding the 150,000 votes received by the popular Queen, the remaining 350,000 votes were all equally divided among the seven.
When the performance was completely over, Wen An’an, who returned to the backstage, felt that she was going to collapse, like a robot that was going to be scrapped, and the whole person did not listen to her brain’s orders.
She wanted to speak, but when she opened her mouth, she found that she couldn’t say anything.
“An’an! You are amazing!”

“An’an, without you, then I will definitely be eliminated this time!”
“Yeah! An’an, your three thousand votes are simply amazing! It’s incredible, three thousand votes! All the audience voted for you, you are simply amazing.”
“An’an? Why is your face so ugly? Is it uncomfortable?”
“An’an, can you hear me?”

The sound in her ears became smaller, and Wen An’an felt that the picture in front of her became more and more blurry, until before her eyes became pitch black.

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