Chapter 17. 1

“Wen An’an! Wen An’an! Wen An’an!”

When Wen An’an finished singing the last sentence, the audience was silent for a few minutes, and the applause and screams from the back seemed to rush through the venue.

At this moment, where can anyone fail to recognize who the girl in a vermilion costume is?

The C-ranked team must be Wen An’an!

Everyone screamed and shouted Wen An’an’s name loudly. At this time, the people in the audience had already forgotten who they were fans for and who they were watching.

At this moment, in his whole heart, in his eyes, there is a beautiful girl like Wen An’an.

“Wen An’an! Wen An’an! Wen An’an!”

After singing, Wen An’an heart was still beating frantically.

 At this time, after the performance, she dared to look down the stage.

One look, she felt a little dazzled, countless light sticks flashing for her under the stage, countless people shouting her name.

The shout was almost about to rupture her eardrums.

This… is the feeling of being a star on the stage?

To be honest, it seems, some of them are crazy.

Wen An’an discovered that although she didn’t like this feeling, she didn’t hate it.

“An’an! I succeeded! I succeeded!”

“Awesome! An An! What you did just now is amazing!”

The other seven people were called by the sky-shaking shouts. After returning with a look of excitement, she took Wen An’an who was still on the central high platform, as if she was crazy, hugging Wen An’an.

At this time, no matter what her final outcome was, she already felt that she had won.

On this stage, she performed this song perfectly.

This is enough!

Wen An’an, who was embraced by the seven, was a little stiff to accept her embrace.

She has never been so close to so many people.

“Oh my God! Wen An’an’s stage performance was a blast!”

“I really didn’t expect that she could perform on such a great stage!”

“But to be honest, her song is a good choice.”

“Yes, that’s right, this song is too scratchy. If it weren’t for Wen An’an, she would have sung this song better.”

“But today Wen An’an’s dress is really beautiful. Is the makeup artist that put mine so good?”

“I didn’t see Wen An’an in the dressing room. I didn’t see her appearing at all tonight.”

After the other fourteen teams watched Wen An’an’s performance, they all started talking in the lounge.

She never thought that Wen An’an could perform so well.

Even if she is very jealous of Wen An’an’s face in her heart, she still has to say that Wen An’an is really beautiful today.

And her performance has become remarkable because of that face.

Beijing accent, although there are flaws in singing, but the perfect voice can make everyone ignore this.

At this time, everyone realized that the words Jiang Yan said at the time, and Wen An’an’s voice, were absolutely perfect.

“Now, the most critical time has come! I don’t know, which team will be my champion team today?”

After Wen An’an finished performing, 15 teams from the audience appeared on the stage together.

One hundred and twenty players filled the stage all at once.

All the contestants, dressed in all kinds of colorful costumes, stood on the stage, and each of their faces was very beautiful.

It was a great pleasure to look at, but everyone’s eyes were all staring at Wen An’an, who was wearing a vermilion ancient costume.

No way, Wen An’an is really so beautiful. Even though the other players are big beauties and little beauties, standing next to Wen An’an, they all became foils.

All the brilliance of the body was obscured by Wen An’an.

“Now, announce my fourteen teams for this performance!”

On the big screen directly above the stage, along with the host’s words, the name of the C team quickly appeared.

Although the members of this group can’t accept such a knot, she’s also thankful, she is not the lowest rated player in the group of players.

After all, the group with the lowest score will be eliminated.

Soon, the host reported all the results of the twelve groups.

The rest, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen group score winners were not reported.

Looking at the remaining three teams, all the players became nervous.

Say, by coincidence, the remaining three teams are all players from Wen An’an’s dorm room.

One is Yao Mengduo, and the other is Zhou Jia.

Looking at the remaining three teams, everyone guessed that the first and second should be between Yao Mengduo and Zhou Jia.

As for the last fifteenth place, it should be Wen An’an properly, after all, all the members of this group are a bunch of waste wood!

At this time, all the players thought this way, including Wen An’an and her teammates.

She thought, the last one must be her.

After all, she doesn’t seem to be on a high-level team that can be selected for the first and second.

However, what everyone did not expect was that she had guessed wrong!

“Now! I will first announce who won the last place this time. The fifteen-member team is—”

Under everyone’s attention, the host soon read the team that had won fifteenth place.

“Zhou Jia Team!”

When the host’s voice fell, everyone found it incredible.

She looked at the host in unison, and every face read: Host, are you kidding me? Did you read it wrong!

“Is something wrong?”

As a small team, Zhou Jia really couldn’t accept this, so she asked the host with a very ugly face.

Facing the reaction of these people, the host touched his nose a little awkwardly, then raised his hand and pointed towards the big screen.

“Now! The live voting status of the 15 teams can be announced!”

This time, when everyone saw the voting on the big screen, everyone was silent.

It was not the host who made the mistake, but she was the one who made the mistake.

Originally, the results of Wen An’an’s group were really… the best results of the top two.

Looking at the voting status on the screen, Zhou Jia and her teammates were extremely sad. Obviously, it is impossible to accept this conclusion.

Her face suddenly collapsed. After all, for the members of the last group, the three players with the lowest votes, the like channel will be suspended, it will be very likely that she will be eliminated in the next issue.

As a result, everyone’s mood was terrible, and the eyes of Wen An’an’s team became more complicated and uneven.

Because she can see with her eyes, her performance is better than that of the people in Wen An’an’s group.

And the person with the greatest emotional reaction is Li Feiwei, who has always been hostile to Wen An’an.

She is the bottom person in this group of votes, that is to say, her like channel will be closed and she faces the risk of being eliminated…

“The votes for the thirteenth and fourteenth team below will be announced by three celebrity tutors.”

After the host smiled at Wen An’an and Yao Mengduo, they saw the three celebrity mentors and walk unto the center of the stage.

They are dressed very formally today, and everyone’s aura is overwhelmingly powerful.

Compared with the hundred and twenty little girls on the stage, the three celebrity mentors can be called celebrity auras.

“Your performance today is very exciting, no matter what grades you get today. But in the eyes of my three teachers, you have broken through to me. You are all great.”

As soon as Jiang Yan took the stage, she poured a pot of chicken soup for everyone, which made the players who were a little sad and depressed, their moods a little better.

“But the one who surprised me the most today was Wen An’an.”

With that said, Jiang Yan looked at Wen An’an gently, and at this moment, her eyes were full of admiration.

“Wen An’an, you performed very well today and sang very well. You did not disappoint the three teachers.”

Listening to Jiang Yan’s words, the other players looked at Wen An’an with envy and jealousy.

She just doesn’t understand why Jiang Yan likes Wen An’an so much.

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