Chapter 16

At exactly five o’clock, the first performance of “Super Idol” finally began!

Because the three celebrity mentors have quite a few fans, and among the 120 contestants, many have already made their debut in the aisle.

So many people came to watch the performance at once.

After thousands of people entered the venue, the venue was quickly packed.

Everyone was holding five lights and six colors of cheering lamps, banners or cheering cards in their hands, which seemed quite lively.

In the venue, fans are excited and waiting for the start of the performance, and so that they can meet their idols.

At this time, the 120 players backstage were both excited and nervous.

After cheering each other up, the people who had already put on their makeup started to perform nervously one after another in accordance with the arrangements of the show director.

It was originally scheduled that one of the performances of the show was the finale, but because of Wen An’an’s physical condition, the second final performance was arranged by Yan Qi and the other three instructors, and Wen An’an was changed to the finale

“An’an’s body is fine, right?”

As Wen Anan’s roommate, Yao Mengduo questioned the members of the worst team with some concern.

“We don’t know much, but the teacher said that she will come to participate in the performance, so it should be okay.”

Listening to the words of Wen Anan’s team, Yao Mengduo breathed a sigh of relief.

“Duo, I’m really sorry this time, we grabbed your final performance.”

Because Yao Mengduo team is the strongest performing team, the program group specially arranged for them to play in the finale.

However, it is a pity that, in the end, because of Wen An’an, their order was also transferred from the final.

“It’s okay, I don’t care if the finale is final or not. Don’t be nervous about performing, come on!”

Seeing Yao Mengduo’s friendly appearance, the girls in the worst group were really deeply moved. Yao Mengduo’s people are really wonderful.

Not only is she beautiful and strong, but she is also very good. If she can be in a group with Yao Mengduo, he will definitely get the first place and get a reward of 500,000 votes.

However, the members of the prison group wanted to go back, they still prefer the group they belong to.

“Well, we are waiting for An An to come back. We are practicing a few more times! An An doesn’t want to drag us down, We can’t be burdensome for her either! “

“Well! Good! We are practicing a few more times, anyway, we are the last one to perform on stage, and there is time!”

Although Wen An’an suffered a sudden illness, it actually inspired the members of the prison team who were still depressed.

One or two of them were motivated because of Wen An’an.

Accompanied by the members of the backstage group performing on stage one by one, and then the contestant seats after the show, and finally in the backstage preparation room of the show, only Wen An’an’s prison group was left.

Seeing that the last group of players was about to finish their performance, but Wen An’an hadn’t appeared yet, the members of the prison group hearts sank suddenly.

Everyone was wondering in their hearts if it was Wen An’an… she was very sick, so she couldn’t come and compete with them.

“An An… I think she can’t participate in the last performance with us.”

“Ah, what a pity. Actually, I really want to perform “Guo Se Tian Xiang” with An An. I haven’t seen what An An looks like in ancient costumes.”

“Don’t be discouraged, even if An An can’t come, but we have to finish the last performance seriously. After all, it’s been a week since we worked hard with An An…”

When He Qingqing cheered everyone up, trying to control their disappointed emotions and not let them bring it to the stage.

Suddenly, a weak voice came to their ears.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

He Qingqing and the others heard the clear and melodious voice, as if an angel-like sound of nature came to their ears

“An An! You are here!”

“It’s not too late, it’s not too late!”

“Waiting for you…”

As a result, a group of people turned their heads excitedly, and when they looked towards the door, they found, walking in from the door, a stunning beauty in ancient costume, they couldn’t speak!

“God, my god! Are you An’an?!”

It took a long while for the seven people in the prison group to come back to their senses, and the eyes of a woman are simply so beautiful.

She is wearing a vermilion ancient costume, a complicated hair bun on her head, and a very delicate retro peach blossom makeup on her face. She is almost like a lady of classical beauty from a picture.

“Uh, I, I’m An An…”

Wen An’an looked at the seven people with bright eyes that looked at her very hotly, she lowered her head a little because she was unaccustomed to it.

Who knows, Wen Anan’s shy look of bowing her head caused another scream.

“Oh my god! Wen An’an, your dress is too beautiful!”

“The face is dewy like spring, eyes are flowing, the fragrance is five-color, the charm is natural, and I am lazy and not talking. I am now looking at “Yingmeian Reminiscence” and I don’t understand what it is like to be beautiful. I can describe it in poems. But now that I see you, I understand it!”

Among the seven players, Xu Qi, who is the only composer who can compose songs and is a composer of ancient style songs, said to Wen An’an with emotion.

Listening to people praise her appearance, Wen An’an’s lips were tightly pressed, and she subconsciously looked at the pink bracelet on her left wrist.

I don’t know, if she returns the pink bracelet, will she become ugly?

If it can become less conspicuous, then it’s okay…

Wen An’an muttered, a little depressed in her heart.

As an otaku, a person who is not good at communicating with others, or even afraid of communicating, she is really not used to herself at all, she is so dazzling.

Along the way, when she finished putting on makeup and followed the staff to the backstage, she felt too many hot stares along the way.

The attention of the public, this kind of feeling makes her self conscious, but also a little uncomfortable…

“Looking at you so beautiful, I think our prison team will definitely not be the last!”

“That’s right! So, we must come on! Fighting!”

“Prison team! Come on!”

Looking at the group of girls who seemed to be fired up, Wen An’an’s heart was also affected a bit.

Thinking that they worked hard for seven days, in order to be able to perform on the stage today, the resistance and fear that she would perform on the next stage also disappeared somewhat.

Was replaced by something she had never expected.

“An An! Let’s cheer together!”

Speaking, He Qingqing held Wen An’an’s palm and pressed her palm under her palm, and several people also covered each other’s palms one after another.

 “The Prison Team! Come on! We are the best!”

With a sound of intense cheering, the palms of the eight people opened up all together.

“Pu, pu, pu~!”

Wen An’an’s heart is beating frantically, she has never been like that except today.

For a moment, she felt that she didn’t seem to be like herself anymore.

However, this kind of feeling… Wen An’an felt that it didn’t seem to make her uncomfortable.

In the dim venue, countless support lights were shining colorfully in the dark.

Now, the performance of “Super Idol” is already in its final stage. In almost three hours, many viewers were already exhausted and sat down without a care for their image.

“The next group of players, that’s amazing! They are probably the worst of our 120 players. However, they are the most diligent…”

The host’s words did not make the already tired and imageless audience stand up again.

On the contrary, there are some performances due to the lack of their own idols, they took out their mobile phones early, and used mobile phones to play, chat and none of them paid attention to the performance group that will appear next.

Seeing the reactions of the audience below the stage, Yan Qi’s heart couldn’t help but be violently pulled for Wen An’an.

At this time, they can’t wait to perform a song on the stage, let the stage blow up again, and then let the group of people watch Wen An’an’s performance next.

“Qiqi, don’t you worry about An An, don’t worry, her face will definitely blow up the stage!”

Looking at Yan Qi’s anxious look that he couldn’t sit still on the mentor’s seat, Jiang Yan’s lips curled up amused.

At the beginning, she still could not understand why Yan Qi was so abnormal, then after experiencing Yan Qi invite a private doctor to treat Wen An’an. How could she not understand?

No wonder that in the beginning, it was aimed at other girls. It turned out to be because they liked them, so they did that~! Like a student, is really childish to death.

“Just now my makeup artist helped Wen An’an put on makeup, and sent me a photo. Wen An’an was so beautiful today. You shouldn’t be worried.”

Upon hearing what Jiang Yan said, Yan Qi suddenly became energetic, and he was particularly curious to see what Wen An’an transformed into.

“What about the photo? Show me!”

“What’s the hurry, Wen An’an is about to appear soon, you can watch it for yourself~!”

Jiang Yan’s voice just fell, and the stage suddenly went dark when he saw it!

Wen An’an’s team is here!

The stage suddenly went dark, attracting everyone’s attention, but it was only for a while.

When we saw the seven girls who appeared on the stage suddenly dressed in ancient and modern costumes, they felt a little bit of excitement, but the songs they sang made them less interested.

Because the song is too lyrical, and they don’t have the voice and strength like the sound of nature.

So, soon, everyone’s attention was again of the matter.

Until Xu Qi sang rap‌, the people in the audience raised their eyes lazily and looked at the stage.

At one time, someone suddenly felt that something was wrong, because–

“Hey, is there one less person on the stage?”

“Yes, all groups are eight people, but I have counted it several times just now, and there are only seven people in one group.”

“Wait, have you noticed that since they took the stage as a group, there has always been a single high platform in the center of the stage?”

At that time, because some attentive people in the audience raised their doubts, many people who were not interested in the performance at first started to watch the performance again.

So, they really found out that the performance was a bit weird.

“Isn’t it… the eighth person hasn’t played yet?”

“What should I do! Suddenly I am looking forward to it!”

“Will there be any surprises?”

At that time, because of curiosity, countless people watched the performance of the prison group carefully, and their hearts were full of expectation and curiosity.

But, just as some viewers think! As the eighth player in the prison group, Wen An’an has not yet appeared on the stage at this time!

At this time, she was just hung up on a wire by the staff, hanging in the air.

“Wen An’an, don’t be afraid, remember, let’s make a beautiful appearance.”

Seeing Wen An’an, who was hanging in the air and was about to appear, was shivering, the staff behind the scenes thought it was pitiful and funny.

Under the constant comfort and encouragement of the staff, Wen An’an pressed her lips tightly and nodded stiffly.

But it was the first time she was lifted on a wire and moreover, she flew over from such a high place… ah too frightening! Why is it just singing a song? What a terrible thing to play!

“Three, two, one! An An, come on!”

With a sound of cheering, Wen An’an only felt that her body was light, as if there was wind in her ears, floating in the air.

Originally, she suddenly wanted to scream, but when she saw the teammates struggling to perform on the stage, she abruptly endured it.

And very seriously imitated the actions He Yuxi taught her back then.

After the arms and palms assumed that kind of graceful posture, Wen An’an fell from mid-air, like a fairy, onto the high platform in the center of the stage.

A vermilion shadow, as if it were a fairy, fell onto the stage with the posture of landing on mortal dust, all the audience let out a cry of exclamation.

But seeing Wen An’an falling on the high platform, her brain was suddenly in a state of crash as she felt there was huge crowd under the stage.

Fortunately, before she sings in a Beijing accent, there is still a little buffer time for the accompaniment. Therefore, the audience under the stage did not realize that at this time, the girl standing on the stage had already had an accident at the scene.

But the audience didn’t notice it, but Wen An’an’s teammates and the staff of the show have all noticed.

However, now Wen An’an’s teammates are all on the stage, and Wen An’an is also a little away, there is no way to wake up the scared Wen An’an.


“Wen An’an! What are you doing in a daze! If you don’t want to be eliminated, perform well for me!”

In Wen An’an’s ears, Yan Qi’s fierce voice suddenly came.

All of a sudden, Wen An’an, who was originally stupid, recovered.

Listening to Yan Qi’s voice in the earphones and the words eliminated, Wen An’an suddenly became sober!

No, can’t be eliminated!

After taking a deep breath, Wen An’an was afraid to look at the audience below the stage. She tilted her head and raised her chin so that her eyes were only on the ceiling of the stage, just as if she was there at rehearsal, and there was no audience under the stage.

With her arms raised slightly, her red sleeves covered half of Wen An’an’s face, only her big round eyes with pink eye shadows were exposed.

When the close-up shot reached Wen An’an’s face, all the audience couldn’t help feeling dry in the mouth.

Although the girl only showed one eye, her contemptuous and arrogant expression made everyone’s hearts hang up, the heart was throbbing crazy because of the cold eyes.

Until, when the girl in a costume sings…

“Looking back and smiling, Bai Meisheng, Liu Gong have no color…”

The clear Beijing accent sounded, and the clear and high-pitched fancy singing suddenly caught everyone’s ears.

At that time, whether it was the audience who was watching the stage seriously or the audience who was doing their own thing lazily, they all pricked their ears and looked at the stage seriously.

But seeing the girl standing alone on the central high platform, her body is moving very gracefully, she has an indescribable style.

Accompanied by the clear and melodious Beijing accent, the girl’s movements have gradually changed. The red sleeves that were originally raised and covering her face are slowly lowered, a face that is so beautiful that everyone is almost suffocating. Unsuspectingly, they appeared in the eyes of everyone little by little.


There was a violent gasp, everyone’s eyes widened, looking at the photographer’s close-up face on the stage.

OMG! Someone can be this beautiful!

But when they saw the girl on the stage, she had a vermilion red dress, her flowing hem and sleeves, all embroidered with delicate golden patterns, the thick black hair draped behind, the lazy hair bun, loosely inserted with luxurious and exquisite golden jewelry swaying between the hair, looks so unmoving, and a smile is so touching.

“Natural beauty is hard to abandon, and once elected on the side of the king…”

The treble was graceful, clear and smooth, as if it were the sound of nature, making everyone indulged in the feast of audio-visual enjoyment, and they could only be obsessed with looking at the vermilion shadow on the stage.

At this time, what Wen An’an didn’t know was that her performance on stage for the first time was already over, it was a luxury that many people could not finish in their entire lives, that was the overlord who controlled the stage.

“Oh my God, Wen An’an has made so much progress, she actually did it!”

Among the three star tutors, if one is the most excited, then it is Wen An’an’s vocal music teacher, Jiang Yan.

At this moment, she was listening to Wen An’an’s Beijing accent, and she was so pleasantly surprised!

In just seven days, Wen An’an has changed from a blank paper with no foundation to what is now a glorious song. How can Jiang Yan not be excited!

“Yeah… I sing so well…”

If Jiang Yan is excited, then Yan Qi is obsessed than excited, and Wen An’an is completely amazed! I also understood thoroughly, damn it fell into a big pit in Wen An’an again!

Looking at the stage, such a dazzling, unbelievably beautiful girl, whose heart was beating frantically, knew that his heart was beating because of Wen An’an.

However, I am also happy… 

Caell: The chapters are really long. I only wanted to put all the exciting parts together and avoid any cliff hangers. It will be split from now on till any more exciting parts.

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