Chapter 15

Now, after a few years, Yan Qi took the ring again and posted such a suggestive Weibo. Wen Yanan can be sure that Yan Qi may have feelings for Wen An’an again. 

It’s just that what makes her feel strange is that Yan Qi didn’t have any good feelings for Wen An’an in her previous life.

Why did Yan Qi send this Weibo this time?

Difficult to say, because she was born again, so things have changed beyond her control?

It was precisely because of this change that Wen Yanan became a Lord and completely changed and decided to let Wen An’an quickly pretend to be her and enter the Shen family and become an illegitimate daughter.

However she exposed the identity of Wen An’an as an illegitimate daughter, made Yan Qi hate her, and made all the netizens scold her.

And she, when it was time to confess to her relatives, went back to Shen’s house.

At that time, she could also manipulate a wave of public opinion, and let Wen An’an steal her identity and impersonate her into a black pot.

At that time, Wen An’an was afraid that she would always be a mouse crossing the street who was scolded by others

Thinking about this, Wen Yanan felt that this plan was really perfect.

On the spot, became more determined in persuading father Wen and mother Wen to let Wen An’an replace her and enter the Shen family.  

“Dad, mom, I really did not  joke with you. Think about it, my sister has always wanted to be a big star. But do you know how muddy the water is in the entertainment industry? Without a background identity, An An can be caught by others and eaten alive! And An An is so beautiful…

No, let alone, the person who knows father Wen and mother Wen best is Wen Yanan, especially Wen Yanan who has lived for two lifetimes.

She is well aware of the weaknesses of these two people, although these two people seem to treat her and Wen An’an equally.

But in fact, they are still close to each other, and it is better for them to hurt Wen An’an more.

Only, she puts Wen An’an into the entertainment industry without a background, what happens is exaggerated, then, these two people will definitely not escape from the game set by her

Sure enough, Wen Yanan did expect it, when she gave the Wen family a bit of science about the terrible entertainment industry, and Wen An’an wanted to be a celebrity in particular, and she was already popular, Wen’s parents hesitated.

“But, Nannan, then, what about you? Didn’t you say that you want to be a star?”

Although Father Wen and Mother Wen were already moved at this time, they still felt that this matter was not quite right.

“Dad, mom, I have been smarter than An An since I was a child. I said that the entertainment industry is not my only way, my brain is so good. It is no big deal, I will retake the college entrance exams and find a job.”

Seeing Wen Yanan’s self-confidence, the Wen family’s parents turned their heads, Wen Yanan is so good, she knows how to study.

They have always believed that Wen Yanan has great interest and can help Wen An’an.

Is just a matter of fact, at the end it is a main issue of acknowledging your parents…

“But, on your biological father’s side…it’s impossible to listen to what we say, right?”

Hearing this, Wen Yanan knew that she seemed to have made sense of the couple.

“Let us go, I will accompany An An when I go. When the blood is drawn, I will quietly exchange my blood with An An…”

Wen Yanan discussed with Wen parents.

Because of the memories of the previous life, Wen Yanan didn’t even realize that this time, there was difficulty in changing people.

Her brother, who is related by blood, is not alive. Who is the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family, right? 

“President Shen, this is all the information about your father’s illegitimate daughter.”

In the bright black and white office, there is an unspeakable atmosphere and prestige everywhere.

At this time, the man sitting on the head chair took the envelope from the assistant with a cold face.

The well-knotted palm gently opened the file bag and took the information inside.


A photo fell on the black desk first, and the man’s fingers pinched the photo.

He saw two young girls dressed alike in the photo, smiling at the camera. Although the two dressed almost exactly the same, they looked very different.

The little girl on the right is exquisite like ice and snow, and is charming and cute. And the girl on the left, is a little mediocre compared to the little girl next to her.

“President Shen, your sister is the one on the left.”

The assistant was afraid that his boss would recognize the wrong person, so he reminded him in a low voice.


Shen Zheng gave a soft hmm, glanced at the information coldly, and didn’t take a closer look, so he threw it aside.

“Then, Mr. Shen, look… Recently I sent someone to pick up Miss Shen? After all, your father has urged it many times.”

The assistant saw that his boss was very impersonal. He could only be bold and said cautiously.

“You figure it out. ‌You don’t use this kind of thing to ask me.”

Shen Zheng twisted his brows lightly, and he had never done anything to this half-blood sister.

Bring that girl back. Okay, don’t bring her back. Okay, none of this has anything to do with him.

Left and right is nothing more than a pair of chopsticks at home.

“Okay, okay, then Mr. Shen, I’m going to do this now…”

At this time, Shen Zheng was someone who didn’t know. After being replaced by another person, he gradually discovered that it was not just an extra pair of chopsticks.


Gradually, a week’s time passed quickly, and the first performance of “Super Idol” was soon over.

The time for the performance is set to start at five in the evening, which is about an hour of performance time.

When the first performance of “Super Idol” was over, the first issue of “Super Idol” began to be broadcast on TV!

As a reward, at the end of the first performance of “Super Idol”, all contestants can use their mobile phones to watch the web broadcast of the first issue of “Super Idol” online.

When all the players heard such news, they were all excited.

Everyone is curious about how they are appearing on TV, how is it? And how does the program group edit the program into?

Other viewers have seen their performance and given their comments on them.

Of course, what they are most curious about is how the audience voted for them.

After all, it matters whether they can advance!

In this kind of excitement, the one hundred and twenty contestants of “Super Idol”, were even more energetic to make the most preparations for today’s performance!

Seeing that everyone is so serious about doing the most rehearsals, the members of the Wen An’an group are all the more nervous.


Judging from the rehearsal situation of other players, their performance is really amazing, much better than them.

“What should I do, I’m so nervous.”

“Yes, I am also nervous, I think the performances of other groups are better than ours…”

“Now, you believe in An An, An An is our biggest weapon!”

One of them said, all the members of Wen An’an’s team looked at Wen An’an.

Wen An’an is the killer of their group, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Although they didn’t think Wen An’an could sing that high-pitched Beijing accent at first. However, what no one thought was that within a week, Wen An’an could actually sing that short passage!

Although the singing is not as good as Jiang Yan, but, after all, she can sing it!

Moreover, the most important part of this performance is the beautiful face of Wen An’an!

Even if their performance is mediocre, with Wen An’an, they shouldn’t be in the bottom group?

“An’an? What’s wrong with you? Why is your face so ugly?”

Suddenly, someone found that Wen An’an’s face was particularly ugly, and the expression in her eyes seemed to be enduring pain.

“An’an, are you sick?!”

Wen An’an’s group members were shocked when they saw Wen An’an’s pale face holding her stomach.

Several people supported Wen An’an, and ran to the director amidst the doubtful eyes of other players.

It’s just that they need a few people to help Wen An’an to find the director. Halfway through the walk, they bumped into Yan Qi.

“What’s up with her?”

Yan Qi watched a few people panicking  holding on to the pale Wen An’an, his brows suddenly wrinkled together tightly.


“Teacher Yan Qi, An An, An An seems to be sick!”

Yan Qi’s expression changed when he heard them say this. Without thinking, he dragged Wen An’an from their hands into his arms.

Hugging Wen An’an in his arms, he felt…

 At this time, Wen An’an was uncomfortable and her whole body was shaking.

“Wen Anan! Where are you uncomfortable!”

Yan Qi looked at the girl in his arms nervously, and pulled her together tightly.

“Everywhere, very uncomfortable…”

Wen An’an, who rarely gets sick, was really uncomfortable this time. She only felt that her head was muffled, and her stomach was as uncomfortable.

She knows herself, it should be that she hadn’t slept much a while ago, and she hadn’t eaten too regularly, so she had this physical condition.

However, she really didn’t want to have a problem at this juncture.

Thinking about the other seven people in her group, they all did the most serious exercises, but because she was alone, and ruined their performance, she didn’t want to.

“I will take you to the hospital!”

Speaking, Yan Qi hugged Wen An’an around her waist, and wanted to send her to the hospital immediately.

However, Wen Anan broke away from Yan Qi’s embrace, and endured the uncomfortable pain in her body that made her feel uncomfortable.

“No, I’m participating in this performance. I can’t drag them down.”

Wen An’an said, the eyes of the other seven girls suddenly became red.

“Wen Anan! It’s just a show! Where is your body weight! You are still dead!”

Yan Qi listened to Wen An’an’s words, but he was not pissed off by Wen An’an.

Thinking of it, Yan Qi yelled at Wen An’an.

This time, it was difficult, Wen An’an was not going there and was very scared, timidly looking at him.

It’s because of being sick, Wen An’an’s temper has grown a bit, and she has become brave.

“This is a performance that we have worked so hard to prepare for a week, and if we don’t perform, we may be eliminated, so I will stay.”

Looking at Wen An’an so determined, Yan Qi suddenly didn’t know what to say.

He looked at Wen An’an in a daze, as if he had met her for the first time, and finally clenched his fist, then put it down again.


After saying this, Yan Qi turned and left.

And the other seven girls were all moved by Wen An’an’s words. All seven of them cried while holding Wen An’an.

They were still screaming words of thanks to Wen An’an, because they knew that if their performance lacked Wen An’an, then they would really be eliminated.

Seeing the other seven people crying, Wen An’an wanted to cry.

However, she wanted to cry because of the uncomfortable feeling on her body.

However, these eight people have not finished crying happily, Wen An’an was pulled back into the arms of someone again.


She exclaimed, Wen An’an found out that Yan Qi was dragging her into his arms again.

“You, what are you doing?

Wen An’an looked at Yan Qi tremblingly, and wanted to leave the arms of this dangerous man, but unfortunately, Yan Qi used a lot of strength this time and completely imprisoned her in his arms.

“Go to see a personal doctor! I just called my personal doctor to come over, forget the rehearsal, you don’t need to go. Follow me to see the doctor first!”

Speaking, Yan Qi couldn’t help but take Wen An’an away.

Only one group of seven people were left stunned.

“So, what, I always feel Teacher Yan Qi seems to like An An?”

“I have this feeling too…

“What if the scandal spreads, did An An give it to Yan Qi’s fans?”

“Should, maybe not…”

“Suddenly there is a picture of An An and Yan Qi together…”

“What, I don’t want to think about it…I just want to finish this performance well. Alas, I think this may be my best performance.”

“Oh~ I feel.”

“Everyone do not be discouraged! Even if this is our last performance, then we should go to finish this performance well!”

“Hmm! Go team! Come on!”

“Come on, Go team!”

However, these seven little girls at this time do not know the performance that will usher in Wen An’an who has the most performance? And on the contrary, their group is not only not the worst group, it will also be…

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