Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch105

【Wen An’an V: Life has given us too many trials, but we will pass through it eventually. Hello green, may we grow together to be strong people. 【Photo】】

    Wen An’an’s Weibo has just been posted, and in just an hour, the comments, retweets, and likes have already broken five digits!

    This terrifying number is enough to see how much traffic Wen An’an’s current popularity and popularity can drive!

    At this level, it is completely slaughtering those traffic niches and florets in China!

    In addition to some passers-by and die-hard fans who are praising Wen Anan’s beauty, the comments in the reply are a lot of sunspots and keyboard warriors.

    Countless swearing and insulting words are all over the screen, which is really ugly.

    Although Wen An’an’s die-hard fans desperately controlled the field and suppressed those dirty words, it was to no avail.

    But Wen Anan looked at the vicious comments below her Weibo, but she was very calm.

    Because, before she posted this Weibo, she had already prepared herself mentally.

    And, from now on, she’s ready too! Get ready for a good fight!

    She, decided, will never run away again!

    Just when Wen An’an’s Weibo made a lot of noise, and everyone was talking about her Weibo, suddenly a careful netizen noticed-

    【Wait! Have you noticed that the background of this photo looks familiar? It seems to be the background of the movie “Doomsday”! 】

    As soon as this comment came out, all the netizens who watched Wen An’an’s Weibo were bombarded with this plot!

    【The heroine of “Doomsday” also seems to be called Green… Could it be that Wen Anan is the heroine of “Doomsday”? 】

    Under the prompt of careful netizens, all netizens were even more shocked! My jaw dropped in shock!

    When he came to his senses, there were countless ridicules and vetoes.

    【How is this possible! Doomsday is a Hollywood blockbuster! And the director is the internationally renowned Director Brad! If you want to play the director’s heroine, you must be an international superstar! As far as Wen Anan’s qualifications are concerned, let’s pull it down! 】

    【As far as the actors and cast members of the film “Doomsday” have been exposed, the Oscar winner role is the protagonist Green, how can it turn to Wen An’an. Has she acted in any movies? Have you had any representative works? PS: This soy sauce role of Princess An He is not a masterpiece at all. Thank you!】   

 【I feel like I heard the funniest joke in the world! As we all know, the heroine of the film “Doomsday” directed by Brad, domestic first-line actresses and big and small flowers dare not think about it, and even a role of soy sauce, domestic actresses have not won. Wen Anan plays the heroine? Hehehe! It’s so funny!】   

 【Is Wen Anan giving up on herself now? How dare you touch the heroine of “Doomsday”? Must be crazy! 】   


 Countless netizens are ridiculing Wen An’an, and even those netizens who were just sensible eating melons began to ridicule too.     And Wen An’an’s die-hard fans, although they don’t feel that their goddess is touching porcelain “Doomsday”, but they don’t have the confidence to think that their goddess is the heroine of “Doomsday”!    

 After all, it was “Doomsday”! 

This year’s most anticipated and most expensive Hollywood special effects blockbuster!     

The investment in special effects alone is said to have a budget of 50 million US dollars!     

Fifty million dollars! Converted into RMB, it is more than 340 million!     And it’s just a budget!   

  With such a high cost investment, how could the director of the film find a newcomer who has never acted as the heroine?  

Definitely crazy!

    Regarding the questioning and ridicule of Wen Anan by the ‘outside’ melon eaters, the star artists in the circle are also laughing at Wen Anan.

    No one believes that Wen An’an is really the Green of “Doomsday”. No matter how rich and powerful the sponsor behind Wen An’an is, he can’t control the world-class director Brad at all!

    However, what no one thought was! The fact that Wen An’an played the heroine Green of “Doomsday” turned out to be true!

    Just when Wen An’an’s Weibo was posted for a long time, it caused countless public opinions, occupied countless hot search rankings, and was ridiculed by countless people.

    Unexpectedly, the big director Brad stood up and took Wen Anan, the ‘heroine’, home!

    【Brad V: Oh~ Anan, my cutest little angel Green, I am so happy to be a witness to your growth. 【love.jpg】【 air kiss.jpg】】 

Seeing Brad reposted Wen An’an’s latest Weibo, and called Wen An’an so affectionately, everyone was shocked! 

    At this time, everyone has a kind of — ‘I’m not hallucinating, right’ this kind of painful mentality.

    And when “Doomsday”‘s supporting role a Oscar winner, supporting role b Hollywood superstar, supporting role c Hollywood popular actress, supporting role d… and so on, after the stars who are not good enough to repost Wen An’an and Brad’s Weibo, everyone They all have a common feeling, that is–

    “Hah~! My face really hurts!”

    Who would have thought that Wen An’an would be so awesome! It is really a huge investment, and the heroine of the special effects sci-fi blockbuster “Doomsday”, which has received worldwide attention and expectation this year! 

    And there is still such a large group of superstars who are matching her! !

    So scary wow! !

    【…No one agrees, uncle takes Wen Anan!】

    【What kind of background is Wen Anan! This is too stupid! 】

    【One minute! I want to know who Wen An’an’s financial master is! It’s so stupid! 】

    【Wen An’an’s gold master has exploded! Not even domestic directors! The result can also be manipulated abroad! And he’s a world-renowned director! Shouldn’t “Doomsday” be invested inbby Wen An’an’s financier! 】

    【The investment budget of “Doomsday” is at least more than 250 million US dollars, thank you! If Wen An’an’s sponsor can really spend so much money for her, I think it should be true love, thank you! 】


    Because Wen An’an’s role as the heroine of “Doomsday” was exposed, at this time, there was a lot less attention to Wen An’an’s black material.

    In itself, female stars fall in love, puppy love, it’s not a big black material, who hasn’t had puppy love?

    But because of the control of the navy, and because Wen An’an’s popularity is really high, this has attracted the attention of many people.

    Now, as soon as the big news of starring in “Doomsday” Green is exposed, who still has time to pay attention to puppy love!

    They all gossip about why Wen Anan is so awesome, how she became the heroine of “Doomsday”, why so many international superstars are willing to match her, and how she can be liked by Director Brad, etc, etc, something totally unscientific.

    Therefore, the netizens of the whole network have worked together to find out who is the gold master standing behind Wen An’an!

    As for Wen Yanan’s troublesome puppy love affair, it took a lot of time to get Wen An’an to be slandered?

    Well, it was forgotten by everyone like this!

    This really makes Wen Yanan go crazy!

    Especially Wen Anan even starred as the heroine of “Doomsday”.

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch104

Wen An’an didn’t know much about the person who cooperated with Wen Yanan to reveal the black material, nor did she know his name.    

After all, she didn’t read it in detail at that time, but read the plot summarized by the readers.    

So for the person who broke her black material now, she just learned that he was one of the N boats that the former female supporting actress Wen Anan stepped on.    

But the character of this male supporting role was not set up for the female supporting Wen Anan, but for the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

To be precise, it is a character designed for the reborn heroine.    

Just to help the original heroine Wen Yanan slap the face of the female character Wen Anan’s existence.    

This male supporting role can be said to be infatuated with the original heroine Wen Yanan, with deep affection!    

On the black material of Wen An’an, it is definitely the ultimate.    

Whether it was the bad things that Wen An’an really did or didn’t do, they were all on Wen An’an’s body.    

Because the truth and the false are said together, and there are also hard evidence videos and photos, it really makes everyone believe.    

It also made Wen An’an, the female character, the target of blackmail on the whole network.    

Even if the female character Wen An’an found the male supporting character and paid a lot of money to let him delete the post and help her clean up, the male supporting character was dismissive and just wanted to kill the female character Wen An’an wholeheartedly.    

Just because he loves the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

So now…    

“Brother, what are you going to do?”    

Wen Anan believes in the power of the plot, and also believes that the male supporting characters will never betray the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

But she also understands how powerful her eldest brother is, and he is definitely a person who does what he says.    

Therefore, Wen An’an suddenly had an indescribable worry in her heart.    

“Brother, are you going to do something illegal?”    

Wen An’an exclaimed, her tone full of panic and worry.    

Because ordinary means can’t deal with the male supporting role at all, after all, the people’s characters will never betray the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

Thinking of her eldest brother’s resolute means, she was really full of worries.    

But –    

“You silly girl, where did your mind go? Is Big Brother a bad person in your mind?”    

Hearing the light laughter coming from the other end of the phone, Wen Anan couldn’t help blushing.    

She pursed her lips tightly and muttered.    

“That’s not it, big brother is the best big brother in the world in my heart.”    

“Just the best big brother?”    

I don’t know why, when Shen Zheng on the other end of the phone said this, Wen An An’s heart skipped a beat.    

I always feel that this sentence seems to be full of other meanings.    

“Still the best and best person in the world! Big brother is a good person! I just don’t want big brother to hurt himself in order to protect me…”    

Wen Anan squeezed the phone tightly, her eyes moist.    

She has always lived alone. Except for her parents, she has never dealt with other people, let alone interacted with others.    

And this has also caused her to never like to trouble others, and of course, no one has ever helped her…    

But Shen Zheng is different, Shen Zheng is different from everyone she has met.    

At first, she thought that Shen Zheng would be like Zhong Na, and ignore her, as if he was treating the air, not caring about her.    

However, what she didn’t expect was that Shen Zheng not only cared about her, but also really loved and protected her like a younger sister.    

Whenever something happened to her, he was always by her side to protect her.    

Every time, when she was afraid of being helpless, he always comforted her by her side and gave her strength…    

If she could, she really hoped that she could also be strong and could… repay the big brother Shen Zheng.    

“Big brother…For you, I will try my best to be bold and strong, so that you don’t have to worry about me so much…”    

Shen Zheng listened to the words on the other end of the phone, and a burst of sweet and sour suddenly rose in his heart… a feeling of…    

Sweet and a little distressing.    

This feeling was something he had never felt before.    

His sweet Wen Anan opened her heart to him and cared about him very much.    

But he was worried that to this little girl in his family he was still in a big brother position, and she really regarded him as her family.    

But…even so, Shen Zheng’s heart is still very happy.    

Because he knew that he was special, and he was the most important existence in the heart of his little girl.    

She can change for him.    

This really made him feel better than ever.    

“Silly girl, no matter what you become, I will care about you and worry about you. I will always protect you, because you are to me…” The little girl I love the most.    

With great difficulty, Shen Zheng didn’t blurt out the last sentence.    

Because he doesn’t want to scare his little girl now, don’t worry, he can take it slow, slowly invade the life and world of this little girl in his family…    

You see, isn’t it very successful now?    

The stupid Wen Anan didn’t know that Shen Zheng was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She was so moved that she almost cried when she heard Shen Zheng’s words.    

However, because she said she wanted to change, she held back her tears, sniffed hard, and made herself stronger, so she never started crying.    

“En! In the future, I will also protect eldest brother!”    

“Okay, eldest brother is waiting for you to protect him.”    

The night was so beautiful, and after hanging up the phone, Wen Anan had an unprecedented peace and tranquility.    

She clenched her fists, and after she made a plan for herself, she started her daily tasks and continued writing.    

In the early morning of the next day, she started her acting routine again.    

And this time, Wen Anan made a bigger breakthrough for the role of Green.    

Because…she acted brave and strong…    

Everyone is amazed at the progress of Wen An’an’s acting skills, but only Wen An’an knows that this is not just her acting skills, but also the beginning of her change.    

Wen Anan, come on, you can do it! You are no longer the helpless Wen Anan from before!    

Now, you have mom and dad, eldest brother, Uncle Shen, and Assistant Jiang…    

“Brother Jiang, I have something I want to discuss with you…”    


If you want to talk about who has been the most popular and topical recently, then, it is Wen An’an.    

After all, Wen An’an has been exposed to a lot of violent materials, and they are all black materials with real hammers.    

Moreover, Wen An’an has not had any positive response so far.    

This also led to the public opinion becoming more and more crazy.    

They all thought that Wen An’an might be thinking about the next move, or she might want to wait for the matter to pass, not so many people paid attention to it, and came out to make a sense of existence.    

But ah, what everyone didn’t expect was that Wen An’an would actually appear during the day of hacking her!    

And it’s still so loud!    

【Wen An’an V: Life has given us too many trials, but we will pass through it eventually. Hello Green, may we grow together to be strong people. 【Photo】】    

The accompanying picture on Weibo is a still of Wen An’an in “Doomsday”, a disgraced face of Green, but her eyes are extremely tough and strong.    

It looks really textured, giving people a sense that the girl in the photo is someone who will never be defeated.    

Coupled with such words and photos, Wen An’an’s die-hard fans immediately boiled up like a chicken blood!

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch103

【Shocking! Now the hot little flower Wen An’an’s private life is indiscreet during her teenage years! At the age of fourteen, she began to fall in love with fishing for men, and during this period, she pedaled N boats. 】   

Just when Wen An’an played the role of Princess An He, who was madly attracted to fans, suddenly, a super-rich gossip news popped out like this!    

There are really too many black materials like this, and they are all black materials without real hammers, so netizens are not surprised, and they are completely ignored.    

But this time the news of the black material is a bit different, and it is completely different from the previous black material. This time, there is a real hammer!    

In this shady news, there are not only photos, but also videos!    

It’s simply not very comprehensive!    

This stone hammer is reall  

【Shocking! Now the hot little flower Wen An’an’s private life is indiscreet during her teenage years! At the age of fourteen, she began to fall in love with fishing for men, and during this period, she pedaled N boats. 】

    Just when Wen An’an played the role of Princess An He, who was madly attracted to fans, suddenly, a super-rich gossip news popped out like this!

    There are really too many black materials like this, and they are all black materials without real hammers, so netizens are not surprised, and they are completely ignored.

    But this time the news of the black material is a bit different, and it is completely different from the previous black material. This time, there is a real hammer!

    In this shady news, there are not only photos, but also videos!

    It’s simply not very comprehensive!

    This stone hammer is really solid!

    Looking at the photos and videos, you can see that this time the black news is not groundless, let alone fake, but Wen An’an really has a bad character.

    When I was in junior high school, I started falling in love! And also a very mature fisherman?

    Looking at the bunch of photos and videos with different little boys, the netizens on the Internet are frying!

    Originally, Wen An’an’s appearance was relatively pure, and her personality was also the kind of soft, glutinous, cute-looking little sister next door.

    As a result, now…

    such a contrasting character design has simply deceived all netizens.

    【I now believe that Wen An’an’s acting skills are very good! She really is a cow! How could she hide her true nature so well! 】

    【I have been fishing for men since I was a child, and she is a gold-worshiping girl with a bad private life, so do I have any reason to suspect that Wen Anan is being raised by a big money owner behind her? 】

    【The gold master’s black material is true, is it true! 】

    【It’s true that people can’t look at their appearance. I didn’t expect such a pure appearance and such a warm personality. It’s all fake. I’m surprised. 】

    【It’s really amazing! Wen An’an’s acting is also very good! What a terrible woman. 】


    For a while on the Internet, water army and black fans rose up wantonly, and Wen An’an began to be sprayed on the entire Internet.

    The netizens who had become fans because of Princess An He of “Palace Kill” also lost their fans all of a sudden.

    For a time, spraying Wen An’an became the correct practice in the entire network.

    This time, Wen An’an is a black fire.

    Now the Internet is either spraying her, or discussing her dark history in the past, and the topicality has reached a peak.

    However, at this time, Wen An’an did not know at all that the black history of ‘her own’ was released in advance by the original heroine.

    If she knew about this, she would be dumbfounded.

    Because of this information, it was obvious that Wen Yanan had given her up early. She had not been exposed as a fake daughter and left the Shen family!

    This black material about the female character Wen Anan was originally released by the female protagonist Wen Yanan to the male protagonist Yan Qi, in order to tell the male protagonist that the female character Wen Anan never cared about him at all.

    She also told the male protagonist Yan Qi what kind of rotten woman Wen Anan was.

    After that, the male protagonist Yan Qi really got the meaning of the female protagonist Wen Yanan, and he succeeded in being disgusted by the female character Wen Anan even more, so he lost the slightest bit of friendliness for her.

    But this plot is still in the later stages, and it is obviously too early now.

    So, when Wen Anan accidentally got her black material from the assistant, it was simply-

    “Huh?! Great!”


Assistant: Wait, why is my goddess showing this reaction? 

    Wen Anan was simply overjoyed!

    There has been a major change in the plot! And this time, the male protagonist Yan Qi will definitely hate her and will not have any entanglement with her!

    After this story is over, there will be another story about the heroine showing off the ring…

    She, the supporting actress, can retire!

    And it’s an early exit!

    She hasn’t had any entanglement with that male partner Li Xi, and she is still in the Shen family’s illegitimate daughter…

    So it seems that she… has gotten rid of the original plot!

    Is it possible that she can stop worrying about those tragic things happening to her again?

    Can she be relieved from now on and not be afraid anymore?

    Thinking of this, Wen An’an’s tears could not help overflowing her eyes, and the grains, like pearls, quickly rolled down her cheeks.

    Seeing Wen An’an crying suddenly, the assistant suddenly panicked. She thought it was because Wen An’an saw these black materials that Wen An’an was crying.

    In her heart, he was blaming herself, and she was comforting Wen Anan in a hurry.

    At this time, Assistant Jiang also came.

    He looked at Wen An’an crying non-stop while the little assistant was flustered, and his brows immediately wrinkled.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Assistant Jiang asked the assistant in a somewhat unfriendly tone. The assistant was unhappy when she saw her immediate boss, and she regretted it even more.

    I regret that I was so careless and let Wen Anan see the latest black news. It was obvious that her boss had already instructed her not to let Wen Anan see it until the matter was dealt with.

    “Assistant Jiang, I’m really sorry. I was accidentally seen by Miss Wen Anan when I was replying to those Heizi’s comments… So, so…”

The little assistant looked at Assistant Jiang’s face getting darker and darker. Her voice became smaller and smaller, and at last she was so frightened that she didn’t know what to say.

    “So, An’an already knows, right?”

    Assistant Jiang frowned tightly, he didn’t want Wen An’an to see these bad things.

    He didn’t know what kind of person Wen An’an was in the past, but the present Wen An’an, he knew.

    The current Wen Anan is like a little white rabbit, timid and fearful, but also kind and hardworking.

    This time, things were very turbulent, and it was completely different from the previous ones.

    So not only is it a bit difficult to deal with, but, most importantly, Wen An’an is now in a state of blackmail.

    Internet violence is very serious.

    With a fragile mind like Wen An’an, it’s actually not suitable for seeing these things.

    After all, she still has more important things to do now, which is to play the heavily invested “Doomsday” and play the role of green well.

    In this way, after they solved this matter, Wen Anan was able to quickly attract fans and gain a firm foothold in the entertainment industry.

    In this way, in the future, even if there is any black material, Wen Anan, who has actual performance and good acting skills, will not be so passive.


 The little assistant’s voice was like a mosquito, she lowered her head after muttering, and no longer dared to look at Assistant Jiang.

    Assistant Jiang looked at Wen An’an who was still crying, and he sighed helplessly.

    Ask him to say that his own little star is good at everything, but she is a little too timid and unable to handle things.

    “An An, don’t take this matter to heart, we will deal with it soon. You don’t have to take these bad comments to heart.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan raised her head, but to the surprise of Assistant Jiang, he smiled.

    Although he said, he was crying and laughing at the same time.

    But he laughed anyway, and it didn’t look like he was crying because he couldn’t bear it.

    “Assistant Jiang, I, I’m fine.”

    Wen Anan sobbed and talked to Assistant Jiang while wiping away her tears.

    That look is really funny.

    “Then why are you crying?”

    Assistant Jiang was confused this time. He didn’t understand at all what was going on with his little star.

    If it’s okay, then why are you crying?

    But if something happens, then why… laugh again?

    “I-I just can’t control my own emotions.”

    It’s true that I can’t control my emotions. Even ordinary people, after knowing the fate of their own death and being changed, will not be able to control them. I want to cry!

    But it was a cry of joy that escaped death.

    It can be said that Wen An’an is a little crying bag that is more vulnerable than ordinary people. After knowing this, shouldn’t she cry ‘heroically’?

    “Can’t control your emotions?”

    Listening to Wen An’an’s words, Assistant Jiang was really dumbfounded.

    “Do you want to rest?”

    “No, no, I’ll be fine soon after I cry!”

    Wen Anan immediately shook her head and said happily.

    At this moment, looking at the bright smile on Wen An’an’s face, although her eyes were still full of sparkling water, Assistant Jiang also believed that Wen An’an was not affected by those black materials.

    On the contrary, in his eyes, Wen An’an at this moment seems to be a little different from before.

    It seems that it looks a lot brighter, and it seems that it is really happy and confident?

    It’s as if the person who was originally shrouded in a cloud of mist, all of a sudden, cleared the cloud and mist to see the sun?

    After thinking about it, Assistant Jiang felt that he seemed to think too much.

    He also felt that he was thinking too much and shook his head.

    “You don’t have to worry about the black material this time, we can always solve it.”

    Assistant Jiang looked at Wen An’an with a smile. Even if he couldn’t solve it, there was the pair of Shen’s family behind Wen An’an who held her in their hands. The domineering father and son in my heart.

    “Well, Big Brother Jiang, I believe in you.”

    Seeing Wen An’an trusting him so much, Assistant Jiang wanted to rub the head of this little white rabbit like his big boss.

    However, before he raised his hand, he couldn’t help thinking of the icy black face of his own Boss Shen, so he instinctively controlled it.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! The boss’s wife, can’t be bullied~


    Although this matter seems to be easy to solve in Assistant Jiang’s mouth.

    However, to really solve this matter, it is really not that easy!

    After all, what happened this time is too real. Those photos and videos are not forged!

    And the person who broke the news has also been confirmed, that is the man who was once caught by Wen An’an!

    So to solve it, it is really difficult to say.

    “What kind of bastard is it! How dare you make rumors about our family’s An’an! Brat, you quickly settle this matter for me! You will pay me any money to help An’an settle it!”

    God, that stinky boy and Assistant Jiang didn’t settle this matter, so Mr. Shen found Shen Zheng and got angry!

    Shen Zheng, who was scolded by his father in the office, felt even more depressed in his heart!

    He is more concerned about this matter than the old man Shen.

    Although in his mind, this matter is a rumor, it is fake.

    But he was still jealous. Looking at those ‘fake photos’, he couldn’t stop muttering in his heart. He was a thousand times better than those hairy boys. How could the little girl in his family like that kind?

    If you want to catch that man, you should also catch someone like him.

    “Dad, don’t get too excited, I’ve already asked someone to handle this matter, and this matter will be over soon.”

    To talk about the power of the Shen family, that’s really not a problem.

    Shen Zheng found out long ago that this matter was related to Wen Yanan.

    And it’s actually pretty simple to fix this.

    As long as you find out where the man who claimed to be caught by Wen An’an, as soon as you find the address, give the person some money, play a show, and clarify that this matter is fake, in fact, this matter is basically solved.

    The address is easy to check. For Shen Zheng, it is really not a troublesome thing.

    However, what Shen Zheng didn’t expect was that the ‘man’ was actually an infatuated kind of lover.

    Of course, this kind of infatuation is not for Wen Anan, but for Wen Yanan.

    Life and death is not willing to take money to cooperate with them, so this matter has dragged on for so long.

    “What did you do? Where did you do it! I can see that all the people on the Internet are scolding our family An An! The fan support club I manage has lost a lot of fans! It’s maddening me!”

    The old man Shen was so angry about this incident, he wanted to eat the initiator behind it.

    “Dad, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be able to solve it today.”

    Seeing his father so angry, in fact, Shen Zheng’s anger was no less than that of Mr. Shen.

    He was also angry, angry that he didn’t protect his little girl well.

    Even more angry, Wen Yanan was hurting his little girl again and again.

    “You promise? Can it be resolved today?”

    Old Shen gave Shen Zheng a suspicious look, with some disbelief in his eyes.

    “En.” Even if he used unlawful means, he had to settle the matter.

    And after solving the ‘kǎi zi*’, next, he has to deal with the woman Wen Yanan.

(*kǎi zi: slang for rich, good-looking guy)

    He wants to get rid of all those who dare to hurt his little girl.

    Thinking of this, Shen Zheng’s eyes darkened, and there was a hint of sternness in the dark, bottomless eyes.

    “Dad, you go back. When this matter is resolved, I will bring An An back to have a meal with you.”

 When he heard that he was going to eat with his precious heart, Mr. Shen’s anger disappeared at once, but instead is happy.

    “Eat? Alright, alright! I really miss our family’s An An, you quickly resolve this matter, and bring An An back to accompany me for dinner tomorrow.”

    Seeing the happy expression of the old man, Shen Zheng slightly hooked his lips, thinking of Wen An’an, and a smile appeared on his face.

    He planned to confess to his father when he had dinner this time that the little girl in his family was not his daughter.

    If you want to get rid of Wen Yanan completely, you have to clarify the identities of these two people first.

    Otherwise, the little girl in his family will talk about him again.

    But, of course, this is also his selfishness.

    The earlier he said, the earlier he could be with his little girl.

    Mr. Shen didn’t know what that stinky boy in his family was thinking. He was still thinking stupidly, should he eat at home or take his sweetheart out to eat~


    Wen Yanan, the manipulator behind the scenes, But little did she know that she was going to be in trouble.

    Now she is wondering why she can’t get in touch with the backup ‘Kaizi’ classmate who helped her deal with Wen Anan.

    “Strange, why hasn’t Hao Jian been able to get in touch?”

    Wen Yanan suddenly found out that she couldn’t get in touch with Hao Jian these days.

    Hao Jian, who usually has a crush on her, is sending her messages every day to gain a sense of existence.

    But recently, one day, this Hao Jian stopped sending text messages, which really made her feel a little wrong.

    However, because Wen An’an was still being scolded on the Internet, this made Wen Yanan suppress the doubts in her heart again.

    Anyway, all she wanted was the black Wen An’an on the Internet, and… let Yan Qi know Wen An’an’s true face, that’s enough.

    Thinking of this, Wen Yanan left Hao Jian, a man who was insignificant in her heart, to the back of her mind.

    “I don’t know… Did Yan Qi see it…”

    With a soft murmur, Wen Yanan opened Yan Qi’s Weibo again.

    However, Yan Qi’s Weibo has not updated any new developments.

    Yan Qi disappeared when this incident broke out.

    No, to be precise, she hasn’t seen Yan Qi in the entertainment industry for a long time.

    Not even the news was heard.

    It was obvious that they belonged to the same company, but she didn’t know anything about Yan Qi’s news.

    It was as if Yan Qi had completely disappeared and ceased to exist.

    “What happened…?”

    Wen Yanan frowned tightly, staring at Yan Qi’s Weibo profile picture.

    Obviously in his last life, Yan Qi was still in the entertainment industry, with entertainment news everywhere and fans everywhere.

    But now… this man who was supposed to be glorious has disappeared.

    “No matter where you are, I hope… you can see the news, I hope… you can see the real face of this bad woman…”

    ——Los Angeles——

    Wen Anan, who just finished a day of drama, just returned to the hotel I want to take a shower and start today’s update.

    As a result, she received a call from Shen Zheng.


    Wen An’an happily called out Shen Zheng after he answered the phone.

    Listening to the sweet brother on the other end of the phone, Shen Zheng’s mind was really both sweet and distressed.

    He found out that this little girl in his family really trusted him like a brother.

    Really a sweet burden.

    “An An, have you been working very hard recently?”

    “It’s not hard, it’s quite fun, everyone takes care of me, and I have a good time.”

    Just like that, Shen Zheng took Wen Anan over and over again. All the circles of life have been figured out.

    Although, Assistant Jiang would usually tell him about Wen An’an’s recent situation and his friendship.

    However, Shen Zheng was still a little uneasy, and he still wanted to understand by himself.

    “It’s good if you have a good time.”

    Shen Zheng chuckled lightly and said in a low voice.

    Hearing Shen Zheng’s deep laughter, Wen Anan only felt a sense of security in his heart.

    “I’ve asked Assistant Jiang to take a few days off for you and Director X. I’ll pick you up and have a meal with Dad tomorrow.”

    As soon as Shen Zheng’s voice fell, Wen An’an became a little puzzled.


    “Well, don’t you want to confess your background to your father? This time when you come back for dinner, let’s talk about it together.”

    Hearing the words on the phone, Wen Anan’s eyes widened.

    On weekdays, she was clamoring to confess to Mr. Shen, but her elder brother kept stopping her and said to see the timing.

    Why is Shen Zheng taking the initiative to confess this matter now?

    “Brother, is something wrong?”

    Wen Anan whispered uncomfortably.

    “No, I just don’t want that woman to hurt you again.”

    At this time, Shen Zheng wanted to touch his little girl’s head and tell her how much he missed her, how much he loved her, and how much he loved her. How…he loves her.

    However, he didn’t want to scare his little girl. He understood the character of his little girl. Now he can only ‘boil a frog in warm water’ step by step, slowly.

    Lest his little girl be scared away by him.


    Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen An’an called out with some emotion.

    Her brother is really good to her, she is not his sister, but Wen Yanan is his sister…

    “An An, don’t worry, I will solve this matter today. Internet You don’t have to worry about the comments on the website, after today, everyone will apologize like you.”

    Shen Zheng said in a deep voice, his voice was full of tenderness.

    However, listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen An’an was puzzled.

    “Ah? Solution?”

    Shen Zheng didn’t understand the plot, but Wen Anan did!

    Now she is cooperating with Wen Yanan to expose her black material, that is Wen Yanan’s number one crush!

    The character of this crush, but even if she is killed, she will not betray Wen Yanan’s character.

    So… how does her eldest brother solve this matter?

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch102

Shen Zheng actually understood that the little girl in his family was an artist and a female star.    

Whether shooting commercials or acting, she will cooperate with other male artists. 

 However, his psychology is to resist this kind of cooperation, and even he wants to refuse this matter without even thinking about it, without considering the pros and cons at all.    

Now Shen Zheng has to admit that he really has too many true feelings for his little girl.    

He is so rational and someone who values ​​interests so much, how could you be so unlike yourself because of his little melon…    

What kind of self-esteem, pride, at this moment, when Shen Zheng thought of his little girl, he gave up everything.    

Taking a deep breath, Shen Zheng picked up the phone and sent a text message to Assistant Jiang.    

Shen Zheng: But I like her, so I don’t allow her to have close cooperation with other male artists. You are her agent, I hope you take good control of it.    

After sending this text message, Shen Zheng’s heart suddenly relaxed.    

He liked Wen An’an, and no one knew or told anyone about it.    

Now that someone knows about this, Shen Zheng’s heart is still quite happy.    

This kind of secret love, finally let other people know… Shen Zheng has an inexplicable feeling, a feeling…soon, he will be able to be with his little girl.    …    

When Assistant Jiang received a text message from his big boss, he was stunned.    

Although he had already guessed in his heart his big boss’s unusual feelings for Wen An’an, he had already felt it, but in fact, Shen Zheng liked Wen An’an.    

It’s not a brother-sister relationship between a brother and a sister, but a man’s liking for a woman.    

However, this layer of window paper has never been pierced.    

So, he doesn’t have a sense of reality either.    

But now… When Shen Zheng clearly told him that he liked Wen An’an, and there were some threatening words, wouldn’t Assistant Jiang be stunned?    

After a long time, Assistant Jiang came back to his senses, but there was complexity in his eyes.    

As Wen An’an’s agent, he didn’t want to follow Shen Zheng’s text message.    

After all, as a female artist, especially as an actress, it is unavoidable to cooperate with male artists.    

And the role of filming…if there are these constraints of Shen Zheng, then Wen An’an can take too few scripts.    

This is not at all conducive to Wen An’an’s development in the entertainment industry.    

However, as Shen Zheng’s subordinate…he hopes that his big boss can be happy.    

He has been by Shen Zheng’s side for many years. It can be said that he joined Shen’s group as soon as he graduated and followed Shen Zheng’s side.    

For so many years, he stood by Shen Zheng’s side, and all he saw were businessmen who were decisive and cold-hearted.    

There has never been a woman by his side, and it seems that he is not interested in women.    

Live like an iceberg, cold and without any temperature at all.    

As a result, the people around him once thought that Shen Zheng might be a bachelor for a lifetime, and there would be no more women.    

But now…with his eyes down, Assistant Jiang looked at the tough and domineering text message declaring sovereignty.    

Assistant Jiang’s mouth curled up slightly, and murmured softly.    

“An An… I’m sorry, this time, I’m on Mr. Shen’s side.” There’s no way, he can’t watch his big boss fight for a lifetime as a bachelor…    

No matter what happened to Shen Zheng and Assistant Jiang, the current Wen An’an was on fire.    

A trailer for “Palace Kill”, three sets of advertisements for Noble watches.    

Especially the third set of advertisements for the Noble watch!    

The close cooperation of the third group of male and female image spokespersons of Noble watches has simply boosted Wen An’an’s popularity to the peak!    

It is obvious that both men and women are Wen Anan herself, and these ‘two’ image spokespersons are still Wen Anan alone.    

However, when the ‘two’ male and female image spokespersons stand together, there is really no sense of disruption at all!    

What’s more terrifying is that there is also a sense of honey CP!    

This made all the netizens on the Internet boil!    

【The male version of Wen Anan is like an extravagant little prince, and the female partner Wen Anan is like a arrogant queen, standing is so perfect! 】    

【If no one says that the two spokespersons are Wen An’an, I really think that these ‘two’ image spokespersons are not Wen An’an at all! 】    

【Suddenly I feel that Wen Anan is very malleable, like an actor’s face! She looks so beautiful and has such a strong personal temperament, but there is no violation of the style of the ‘two’ spokespersons. Now I’m really looking forward to Princess An He played by Wen Anan! 】   


The people in charge of Noble watches never thought that their president would rarely show favoritism, but they didn’t expect that it would cause such a huge amount of heat.    

Wen An’an’s endorsement this time has really greatly improved the popularity of Noble watches.    

In particular, the watches that Wen Anan wore when shooting commercials are even more popular!    

Even if the watch is really not cheap, there are really many people who buy it!    

Looking at such obvious big data, the staff of Noble watches had to say that the president of their own family is awesome!    

Just have a vision!    

Emotional people are really good at favoritism!    

Seeing that the popularity of Noble’s ‘male and female’ spokespersons is still high, the “Palace Kill” publicity team simply took advantage of this popularity and posted all the makeup photos of all the “Palace Kill” characters on Weibo.    

Among them, Princess An He played by Wen Anan is also among them.    

With Wen An’an’s current popularity, the popularity of the movie “Palace Kill” is even more popular!    

Even with a lot of unknown supporting roles also attracted attention.    

This time, the Noble watch and the “Palace Kill” crew really had a good effect of mutual promotion.    

The rise in popularity of Noble Watch and “Palace Kill” has also led to the recent popularity and topics being contracted by Noble Watch and “Palace Kill”.    

It made “The Legend of Immortals”, which had attracted much attention, cooled down a lot, and its popularity dropped a lot.    

Seeing such momentum, Wen Yanan couldn’t sit still.    

In her last life, the Noble watch had never been so popular, not even a topic of conversation.    

And “Palace Kill” is popular, but it is not so hot. This movie is a dark horse with excellent quality and a big explosion in the later period.    

But now…    

Seeing such explosive momentum, Wen Yanan had an ominous feeling in her heart.    

She can’t wait any longer.    

In case, if Wen An’an really relies on a face, relying on the Shen family to market her a number of characters, so that she has a large number of fans, then even if her rumors come out.    

It may not be of any use to Wen An’an, who is already up…    

So now, should she take advantage of the fact that she doesn’t have any representative works yet, and the cohesion of the fans is not strong, and there are not many die-hard fans, should she directly release those fierce materials of her…?

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch101

“Hey… this bracelet, why does it feel colder and colder?”

    Wen Yanan looked at the pink bracelet on her wrist, it was no longer shiny, and it looked dark.

    Although it was still pink, it was extremely dim, and she could even see some black in the pink.

    This pink bracelet looked completely different from when Wen An’an wore it.

    When Wen Anan wore it, it could really be called a pink bracelet.

    The powder is very crystal clear, very shiny, and a very clear pale pink.

    However, since wearing it on her wrist, the pink bracelet has gradually dimmed.

    Wen Yanan also thought about whether there was something wrong with the pink bracelet, but her own appearance was indeed becoming more beautiful.

    So, this also made her give up the idea.

    In the end, I just thought that maybe because this magical pink bracelet was broken, it gradually darkened.

    Wen Yanan touched the pink bracelet on her wrist, and said with some discomfort in her eyes.

    “Can’t you make me more beautiful and Wen Anan even uglier! It’s useless!”

    After saying this, Wen Yanan turned her attention back to the news about Wen Anan.

    I was also thinking about how to deal with Wen Anan next.

    But because Wen Anan’s acting skills are very bad, Wen Yanan didn’t immediately use her brains to smear Wen Anan.

    She is just waiting for Wen An’an’s movie to be released with great confidence. After all, Wen An’an’s acting skills are really bad!

    In her last life, she knew that the movie “Palace Kill” was so popular not only because of its good script, but also because of its large fan base.

    Also because all the actors in the film crew of “Palace Kill” are acting talents!

    The crew with all the acting skills is simply a fairy combination!

    This is also why “Palace Kill” is a pure martial arts drama, and the big male lead drama can occupy the first position at the box office.

    Because it is so brilliant in every aspect, so excellent!

    Therefore, after seeing that Wen Anan actually acted in the hit movie “Palace Kill”, Wen Yanan was just jealous that Wen Anan was so lucky to be able to participate in the box office hit movie “Palace Kill”. 

    She is waiting for Wen Anan, an ‘actor’ who has no acting skills, to make an embarrassment on the big screen!

    When the whole crew of the acting group appeared, there was a burnt vase with no acting skills at all.

    Just like a piece of rat feces ruining a pot of porridge, it will definitely become the target of the entire network.

   In her imagination, it’s so cool.

    Thinking of this, a bright smile appeared on Wen Yanan’s face.

    However, at this time, Wen Anan, who was defined by someone as a ‘rotten vase’ and ‘rat feces’, had already arrived in Los Angeles and was about to enter the “Doomsday” crew.

    As for all the news related to her in the country, Wen An’an turned a deaf ear, but devoted herself to the film “Doomsday”.

    The movie “Doomsday” is a completely different movie from “Palace Kill” she participated in.

    It is also a sci-fi disaster blockbuster with a super high difficulty index.

    In this film, Wen Anan plays a healing superpower named Green.

    Although she is simple and kind in character, she is also a brave girl at the same time.

    In the movie, this kind girl has been growing up.

    From a simple and ignorant little girl, she gradually grew up all the way, and became a ‘overlord’ who leads one side.

    This is indeed a difficult role for Wen An’an.

    The character Wen Anan at the beginning can still grasp and know how to act.

    But the composition of this character is too full, and it is especially difficult to play in the middle and later stages.

    Especially in the character change of Green, it can be said that acting skills are really needed.

    So, of course Wen Anan put all her energy into the script of “Doomsday”, where is there time to think about other things?

    Every day I don’t study the script, I just try to figure out the characters and learn to act.

    After I joined the “Doomsday” crew, I was even more busy. I was busy all day long without touching the ground, and I didn’t have any free time for entertainment.

    Don’t live fully.

    And in such busy and fulfilling days, Wen An’an, who was ‘missing’ from the country, has not dissipated at all in the country, and it is getting hotter and hotter!

    Because –

    the advertisement for the Noble watch has been released!

    First, in the trailer for “Palace Kill”, she made a stunning appearance in an ancient costume, earning a lot of popularity and washing away a lot of dirty water that Wen Yanan poured on her.

    Then, before the popularity of “Palace Kill” had completely subsided, the advertisement of the Noble watch endorsed by Wen An’an was put into all channels.

    And this time, Shen Zheng really made a big deal, with major TV channels, major electronic screens in shopping malls, and major advertising spaces…

    In short, the endorsement advertisement for Noble watches this time was very powerful.

    Even people who don’t pay attention to luxury goods, this time, they all know that there is such a brand as Noble watches.

    We all know it too—

【Ah——! The little prince of Noble turned out to be Wen Anan? OMG! I read it right! This must be fake! How could the little prince be Wen An’an! 】

    【So amazing! Wen An’an, such a soft beauty, disguised herself as a man, so she doesn’t violate peace at all? And it makes me feel so handsome!】

    【How can my little prince be a paper sister! This is too scary! Am I bent? 】

    【Straight straight! Turns out my sexuality is still female! 】


    The entire network was amazed by Wen An’an’s men’s clothing!

    After all, no one would have thought that the extravagant little prince who became popular on the Internet some time ago turned out to be a girl, and he was a beautiful woman like Wen An’an!

    How can this not shock netizens on the Internet!

    Wen An’an really got enough attention this time, and in the eyes of everyone, she became the most handsome woman who disguised herself as a man!

    And just when everyone on the Internet was discussing Wen An’an’s menswear styling, a new wave of shocks came again!

    That is, the female spokesperson for Noble watches.

    Anyone who knows Noble watches knows that the spokespersons of Noble watches have always been a man and a woman.

    Therefore, after knowing that Wen Anan is the ‘male’ spokesperson for Noble watches, many netizens began to speculate whether the ‘female’ spokesperson was a male celebrity?

    Otherwise, why did Noble watch let such a beautiful woman as Wen Anan be the spokesperson for ‘male’?

    Just when everyone was discussing Wen An’an’s men’s style, and at the same time wondering who the female spokesperson for the Noble watch was this time, the unexpected female spokesperson was shocking again.

    【Aigo! The female spokesperson of the Noble watch is actually Wen Anan? 】

    【OMG! So unexpected! This is more surprising to me than the female spokesperson for the Noble watch by the male star! 】

    【Noble watch is poisonous! Only one representative? Are you short of money? Stingy to such a degree?】

    However, how do these netizens know that the reason why Noble watches only hire one celebrity to be the spokesperson for both genders this time is entirely because Shen Zheng has made a statement!

    Historically, in Noble’s watch endorsement advertisements, male and female spokespersons have been co-producing a group of intimate advertising photos.

    And a certain person, because he didn’t want to see his little girl ‘involved’ other men, decided to make a decision, and without any room for negotiation, he made a decision to let Wen Anan take the lead.

    However, netizens who eat melons on the Internet do not know someone’s mind, but Assistant Jiang, who has worked for someone and Wen An’an at the same time, is now clear.

    So he sent a text message.

    Assistant Jiang: Mr. Shen, Miss An An is an artist, and it is inevitable to cooperate with male stars. Especially since she is still an actress.

    Looking at this text message, someone’s face turned black all of a sudden.

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch100

 Just like He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals”, Princess An He in “The Palace Kill” is also the most popular.

    After all, this Princess An He is the soul character in the whole book, and it is also the most beautiful character stamped by Mr. Wen Er.

    Therefore, most readers particularly like the role of An He Princess, although this role does not have much drama.

    They all enrich the characters from some memories, or various small details in the mouths of others.

    Originally, this role was eliminated from the movie because of Mr. Wen Er’s perfectionism.

    The readers are also very happy, after all, they can’t imagine who can play this role well.

    So that’s why I would rather not have this character than ruin Princess An He.

    However, after the trailer came out, everyone was terrified!

    Because Princess An He, who did not originally exist in the movie version of “The Palace Kill”, actually appeared!

    In the trailer that lasted less than three minutes, a white shadow caught everyone’s attention.

    “An He meets the emperor.”

    “Wow! Brother Huang, these flowers are so beautiful…”

    “You are my princess, you deserve the best in the world!”

    “All I want is An An from beginning to end. And one person.”


    In the trailer, although the white shadow only appeared in a few scenes, those lines made everyone sure that the beautiful shadow that looked like a fairy was indeed, it was An An and the princess.

    Moreover, that face value is indeed the princess An He herself!

    Although there are only a few scenes, especially, there are no big close-ups.

    However, just relying on the blurry figure and the constantly moving video is enough to see how beautiful this ‘Princess An He’ who suddenly popped out is.

    【Wow! Wen An’an played the most beautiful little princess in “Palace Kill”? !】

    【Didn’t you say that the role of Princess An He was cancelled? Won’t be in the movie? Why is there again? However, the actor who plays Princess Anhe is really beautiful! 】

    【Princess An He in my mind looks like this! Wen Anan is so beautiful! I give full marks to this beauty!】

    【Hahaha! I knew that Wen An’an’s ancient costumes are super beautiful! Really a little fairy! The role of An An and the princess is so perfect! 】

    【Looking forward to the movie being broadcast as soon as possible! I really want to see Princess An He played by Wen Anan! 】

    【I have read the trailers of “The Legend of Immortals” and ” Palace Kill”! The two characters He Xiaoxian and An He Princess are simply a tragic contrast! I originally watched the trailer of “The Legend of Immortals” first, and thought that the Wen Yanan version of He Xiaoxian was already beautiful enough, but I didn’t expect it! Wen An’an’s Princess An He is even more beautiful! Completely killed He Xiaoxian into scum! 】


    As soon as the trailer of “Palace Kill” came out, it instantly grabbed the popularity of “The Legend of Immortals”, and Wen Anan even squeezed Wen Yanan’s hot search down!

    Because the characters of He Xiaoxian, and the princess are too similar, and this look is very similar in shape.

    Therefore, all the time on the Internet are comparing the appearance of Wen Yanan and Wen Anan.

    If Wen Yanan is compared among ordinary beauties in the entertainment industry, she is definitely a big beauties.

    But Wen An’an’s appearance has always been a god-level appearance in the entertainment industry for all to see.

    There has always been an adjective of prosperous beauty to overwhelm all kinds of female stars.

    Therefore, after Wen Yanan and Wen An’an had such a match, there was really no chance of winning.

    Even if she is bragging about her acting skills, it’s useless if Wen Anan doesn’t have acting skills!

    After all, neither of the two TV movies has been released yet. From the trailer alone, He Xiaoxian’s impact on the audience is still not as strong as that of Princess An He.

    And the production of movies has always been more sophisticated than the production of TV series, after all, it is the big screen.

    Therefore, the costumes of “Palace Kill” are also much more refined than “The Legend of Immortals”!

    It makes Princess An He graceful and luxurious, fluttering like a fairy.

    It also made many audiences prefer Wen Anan, who played Princess An He.

    Then, it also began to clean up the black material that won the battle between Wen An’an and Wen Yanan some time ago!

    【Wen An’an has never marketed to play He Xiaoxian, right? So the script that Wen Anan posted on Weibo was not necessarily the script of “The Legend of Immortals”, but the script of “Palace Kill”, right? 】

    【It must be the script of “Palace Kill”. To be honest, Wen Yanan and Wen Anan are famous. If Wen Anan really wanted the role of He Xiaoxian, Wen Yanan would not be able to win over Wen Anan. 】 

    【That is, “Palace Kill” is more compelling than “The Legend of Immortals”. In terms of resources, it is impossible for Wen An’an to give up “Palace Kill” to fight He Xiaoxian with Wen Yanan, right? 】 

    【I always feel that the last incident was that someone was embarrassing Wen An’an, just Wen An’an’s resources. If you really want to grab a role, there is absolutely nothing else to do. 】  


 Wen Yanan first saw that her hot search was crowded, and then saw a group of people stepping on her and holding Wen Anan, and after Wen Anan was whitewashed, she was about to be blown up.   

  She never expected that Wen Anan would join the cast of “Palace Kill” and play the role of Princess An He.   

  Now that I think about it, I can also figure out why Wen An’an refused the invitation of the crew of “The Legend of Immortals” and did not accept the role of He Xiaoxian.

    It turned out that there was a better script!

    In her impression, although “The Legend of Immortals” is very popular, it also brought fire to many actors in this show.

    However, “The Legend of Immortals” is on fire, but it is not as popular as the movie “Palace Killl”!

    “Palace Kill” not only has a good reputation, but also has a good box office!

    And the movie “Palace Kill” has won awards at major film festivals and major film awards.

    The important actors in the movie, big and small, are also worth twice as much, and it is not enough to have too many resources.

    It’s a movie that takes everyone away.

    It has become a classic among the classics in martial arts movies.

    But… Wen Yanan clearly knew that because the role of Princess Anhe was too important, when there was no suitable candidate, this role was not set at all.

    But now…

    Wen Yanan was watching the trailer of “Palace Killl” in a loop, her eyes staring fiercely at Wen An’an’s face.

    “What went wrong…?”

    Could it be because of her change that Wen Anan got a better role?

    As soon as she thought of this, Wen Yanan’s teeth clenched her lower lip tightly, and her expression looked really distorted.

    “Damn it, why is her luck always so good!”

    Thinking of her own miserable death in her previous life, while Wen Anan lived so recklessly with her identity, she was really unwilling.

    “What went wrong…”

    Why after her rebirth, many things were different from what she knew in her previous life?

    What went wrong…

    After thinking about it, Wen Yanan couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

    She didn’t even think about it, Wen Anan was no longer the Wen Anan she remembered.

    Hatred not only blinded her eyes, but also blinded her reason.

    If she is willing to calm down and observe Wen An’an calmly, she will definitely find out that the Wen An’an she met in this life is no longer the Wen An’an in her previous life.

    Unfortunately, there is no if in this world.

    And Wen Yanan could not be so rational and objective to observe Wen An’an.

    In her heart, she just wanted to step on Wen An’an under her feet and let her taste the misery of her previous life.

    Let Wen Anan, the thief, become nothing!

    “Forget it! Just Wen An’an’s acting skills, no matter how beautiful she looks.”

    Her acting skills can definitely beat Wen An’an!

    Although she thought so, Wen Yanan still felt very sorry in her heart.

    It’s a pity that she was reborn so late that Wen An’an wore the pink bracelet for so long and made her so beautiful.

    Thinking of this, Wen Yanan subconsciously touched the pink bracelet on her wrist.

    At the moment when he touched the pink bracelet, a coldness hit Wen Yanan’s skin.

    “Hey… this bracelet, why does it feel colder and colder?”

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch99

“Palace Kill”.

    The name of this movie doesn’t look like the name of a martial arts movie, but it is indeed a martial arts movie, and it is based on a classic martial arts.

    This movie is a martial arts movie that revolves around the court seizing power and betraying martial arts warriors and so on.

    The protagonist of the movie is a martial arts knight who works for a prince in the imperial court.

    This “Palace Kill” is exactly the film that Assistant Jiang prepared for Wen An’an to ‘slap in the face’.

    And the films that Assistant Jiang received for Wen An’an must be excellent scripts.

    Not to mention Assistant Jiang’s ability, Wen An’an’s current status alone, the script he received could not be bad.

    She is only playing a role of soy sauce. If Wen Anan can play a role of soy sauce who is not even a female supporting role in the movie, then the script of this movie is definitely not ordinary!

    The fact is that the movie “Palace Kill” is very famous in China from the screenwriter to the director.

    And “Palace Kill” is the originator of martial arts.

    The author of the book, Mr. Wen Er, is known as a writer by everyone. His book is not just a book, but can be called a work of art.

    Many of Mr. Wen Er’s martial arts works have also been remade into film and television works, and the ratings and audience base are numerous.

    It can be said that no matter which of Mr. Wen Er’s works is remade for film and television, it is a time when he has never hit the streets.

    Even if the remake is not the first time it has been remade, it still attracts a large number of audience fans to watch it every time.

    After all, each of Mr. Wen Er’s films is very classic and very good-looking.

    However, “Palace Kill”, a martial arts masterpiece that can be called Mr. Wen Er’s masterpiece, has never been talked about by film and television.

    This is really what all fans and audiences want to watch as a movie.

    Therefore, “Palace Kill” is about to be made into a film, and it has not been finished yet. It is already predictable how popular this film will be when it is moved to the big screen.

    After all, this has never been filmed, Mr. Wen Er’s masterpiece “Palace Kill”!

    It was really difficult to get a role in this movie.

    And in fact, it is.

    The reason why “Palace Kill” can be made into a film is because Mr. Wen Er personally participated in the casting, and he was the one who decided the roles.

    Therefore, the set of the gold masters in the entertainment circle is completely useless. Mr. Wen Er is not short of money and sponsorship.

    If you want to enter the crew, you have to look at the image and acting skills.

    If your acting skills and image are not enough, then I’m sorry, it doesn’t matter how big your celebrity status is, and what kind of money masters are behind you, you don’t have to talk about it.

    Therefore, although “Palace Kill”  was approved first than “The Legend of Immortals”, as the network project, the progress is far slower than “The Legend of Immortals”.

    Even because the casting was dragged too slowly, until the end, the heat was forcibly dragged away.

    However, it is precisely because of the delay in the movie “Palace Kill” that Assistant Jiang was able to obtain such a ‘soy sauce role’ as Princess An He for Wen An’an.

    In fact, although the character of Princess An He is a soy sauce character, this soy sauce character is not simple at all.

    In “Palace Kill”, Princess An He is actually the fuse and the most crucial character in the change of the palace.

    In the middle, Princess An He is innocent, pure and kind, and all the beautiful words can be put on her.

    She is the most beautiful princess since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and also the most lovable princess.

    She is the most beautiful female character in the whole book.

    Even when Mr. Wen Er was interviewed, he bluntly said that Princess An He is the most beautiful character among all his creations.

    And such a beautiful little princess, the fate is very ill-fated.

    When she was a child, she helped her cousin, King Heng, and saved his life, so that he left a big trouble for himself and his relatives.

    Because of King Heng’s perverted obsession, he finally rebelled, triggering a palace change to seize power.

    In the end, the rebels entered the imperial city, but the little princess jumped from the high tower in front of King Heng and the male protagonist, ending her life forever.

    This role can be said to run through the entire movie. Although the role of Princess An He is not very much, it is definitely the soul of the movie.

    Originally, when selecting actors for the role of Princess An He, because no suitable actors were selected to play this role, this role that could become the most beautiful woman in the world was cancelled.

    Because Mr. Wen Er, the author and producer, did not want to ruin the perfect role of Princess An He.

    If he can’t meet a suitable candidate, then he would rather not take this role.

    Therefore, the movie “Palace Kill” did not have the role of Princess An He at the beginning. This role only appeared in the mouths of everyone, and did not appear in the movie.

    It is precisely because of this that Assistant Jiang was able to arrange Wen An’an into the crew that was destined to explode after the filming of “Palace Kill” was already halfway through.

    In particular, the grade of the movie “Palace Kill” compared to “The Legend of Immortals” that absolutely beat Wen Yanan.

    Not to mention other things, just talking about movies and TV series, Wen An’an has already won.

    However, it is worth mentioning that this large-scale movie “Palace Kill” was not won by Assistant Jiang’s ability, but Wen An’an’s own strength.

    Coincidentally, after Mr. Wen Er saw Wen An’an’s EL Flower Fairy by chance, he thought that Wen An’an was the fairy-like Princess An He in his mind.

    So, the director of the “Palace Kill ” movie was asked to contact Wen Anan.

    On the side of Assistant Jiang, after reading the script and character design, he hit it off and helped Wen Anan take over such a role.

    Although there is still a big difference between the roles of Princess An He and He Xiaoxian, but! The difference in shape is not very big.

    Moreover, in a sense, Princess An He’s image is a little more likable than He Xiaoxian.

    Innocent, pure, kind, etc., all of them are positive and cute images, which can be described as characters that kill both young and old.

    In addition, there are not many scenes for the role of An and the princess. The crew also promised Assistant Jiang that they could arrange Wen An’an’s scenes more compactly and finish the filming at one time as soon as possible.

    So, of course Assistant Jiang agreed happily.

    Wen An’an, who joined the crew and started her filming career, also started her acting career for the first time.

    As Assistant Jiang said, the character of the Princess is very similar to her.

    However, her character is not as outgoing as Princess An He, so she has a naive and undisciplined feeling, and she still needs to think about it and listen to the director’s speech.

    And it is because Wen An’an worked so hard and earnestly to act, and this role matched her appearance and temperament very well, so Wen An’an’s first experience in acting was very easy and smooth.

    Although there are not many lines, Wen Anan is one of the characters in the crew who has received the most praise from the director~!

    “You acted so well!” 


“I think Princess An He is you!” 

And so on, countless praises of Wen An’an’s acting skills seem like they don’t want money. Wen An’an will be praised fancily by the director.

    So even a timid and shy little girl like Wen Anan seems to have lost confidence in her acting skills.

    Soon, the scenes filmed in the crew ended.

    And because Wen An An’s crew came in late, after she finished filming the scenes of An He Princess, the film “Palace Kill” was about to end shooting and was finished.

    When Wen An’an finished filming, the entire crew was reluctant to part on the day she left.

    There is no way who made Wen Anan have a good personality, good popularity and beautiful appearance.

    In the face of such a soft and waxy girl, not to mention men, even women can’t resist.

    So on the day Wen Anan left, it was quite lively, and such scenes were also filmed by the photographers of the program group, and they were kept as tidbits when promoting the movie.

    After saying goodbye to everyone in the crew, Wen Anan got into her nanny car.

    “An An, after the filming of this movie, we are going to prepare to go abroad. The “Doomsday” crew has already started filming.”

    As soon as he got into the car, Assistant Jiang had already explained the next itinerary.

    “An An, in the film “Doomsday”, your role is not as small as that of Princess An He and your character will be a little different, especially when you use all English lines to act, so you may be a little hard at that time.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan nodded, actually speaking in English was not a problem.

    In fact, what she is most worried about is the problem of acting.

    “Okay, Brother Jiang, I know, I will definitely work hard.”

    Work hard to play that role!

    Taking a deep breath, Wen Anan secretly cheered for herself in her heart.

    Time gradually passed in the preparations of Wen An’an and Assistant Jiang.

    The news and gossip about Wen Yanan and Wen An’an on the Internet gradually faded away.

    And just when Wen Anan was on a plane and flew to the United States with Assistant Jiang to shoot the movie “Doomsday”.

    The preview trailer for the TV series “The Legend of Immortals” has already been put on TV and the Internet.

    Because He Xiaoxian was promoted in the early stage, it can be said to be the most popular character, so after the first preview trailer came out, the most attention was He Xiaoxian played by Wen Yanan.

    【Wen Yanan’s He Xiaoxian is so beautiful! This is really the most beautiful woman in the world! Lick the screen!】

    【Wen Yanan’s eyes are very playful! Looking forward to the broadcast of “The Legend of Immortals”! 】

    【He Xiaoxian is prettier than the heroine! I hope Wen Yanan is the heroine! 】


    The trailer has only been released for a day, and Wen Yanan has already become the focus of discussion.

    At the same time, because of the company’s marketing, Wen Yanan has also successfully entered the hot search, which is even more popular.

    And just when Wen Yanan saw that her He Xiaoxian was all praised on the Internet, she didn’t have time to be proud.

    As a result, soon, a touch of ice water poured down her head.

    And the person who poured this basin of ice water was none other than Wen An’an.

    It was only one day after the first preview trailer of “The Legend of Xiu Xian” was broadcast, and the current version of the trailer for the movie “Palace Kill” was released!

    Originally, there were many fans of the original work of “Palace Kill”, and the movie itself was highly anticipated.

    Although it is said that the hype of the topic is not as good as “The Legend of Immortals”.

    And the movie is not much marketed, and the popularity is not very high, but! After the trailer is broadcast, the big IP is the big IP, and the traffic is still there!

    Therefore, as soon as the current version of the trailer of “Palace Kill” was posted on the Internet, the popularity was instantly there!

    Many people are watching the trailer of “Palace Kill”, and after watching the trailer of “Palace Kill”! The popularity of “Palace Kill” is even more explosive!


    【Wow! Wen An’an played the most beautiful little princess in “Palace Kill”? 】

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch98

 “An’an’s style is a little more immortal, just like the feeling of He Xiaoxian’s makeup photo in “The Legend of Immortals”. However, it must be more delicate than that style.”

    Assistant Jiang said these words, for the sake of Wen An’an, the stylist who was doing the styling, understood what drama this big guy was singing about.

    Originally, the stylist who designed and styled Wen Anan was a well-known stylist in the circle, and he had more than ten years of qualifications in the circle.

    For those twists and turns in the circle, people are very clear.

    What this assistant Jiang said actually means very clearly, that is, he is going to fight with Wen Yanan, who has recently become popular as He Xiaoxian.

    If he didn’t guess wrong next, it is estimated that Wen Yanan, who just exploded, would be out of luck.

    After all… thinking of this, the experienced stylist lowered his head and looked at the beautiful and immortal beauty he just created.

    After all, this Wen Anan really has a background and good looks!

    Even though he has put on makeup for so many years, he has designed styles for so many male and female stars.

    However, no matter how many stars he has designed and how many people have done makeup, no one can look better than Wen Anan!

    So, now, don’t look at the public opinion that the Internet is full of people arguing that Wen Anan is not good at acting, and that Wen Yanan is the most suitable public opinion to play He Xiaoxian.

    When Wen An’an’s style comes out, everyone in custody will change their minds!

    Although it is said that in the entertainment industry, it is necessary to have acting skills. If you have good looks but no acting skills, then no matter how beautiful you are, it is useless.

    He used to think so too, but now, after seeing Wen An’an’s superb appearance, he realized that those words were farts!

    For a top beauty like Wen An’an, that suit can’t be put on her at all!

    Moreover, Wen Anan may not have no acting skills!

    At least just having such a face like her is half the battle for a character.

    In the circle, at least, in the movie circle, too beautiful female stars do not actually have much advantage.

    Because the appearance is too dazzling, then, for many characters, it is not easy to play, and it may also be called a vase.

    However, he felt that after the makeup of Wen An’an was drawn, it was simply… that character, not Wen An’an!

    “Brother Jiang, your family…is really extraordinary. Would you like me to take a picture of Wen Anan and help you…’spread propaganda’?” 

The stylist followed Assistant Jiang, half joking, half expecting. .

    It is said to be propaganda, but it is actually the stylist because Wen An’an’s look is so beautiful!

    Moreover, it is also the most flawless look since he made a star look.

    So, he can’t wait to show off to the Internet.

    After all, if he sends out this set of photos of Wen An’an, then he is guaranteed to be popular!

    And it is very likely that his status in the entertainment industry will likely improve a lot after passing by Wen An’an once!

    “Thank you. But, no need.”

    Assistant Jiang politely refused.

    He asked Wen An’an to make soy sauce for the movie. It was not as simple as asking the stylist to expose Wen An’an’s new look.

    “Ah, okay.”

    The stylist who was about to take out his mobile phone to take pictures of Wen Anan had no choice but to withdraw.

    However, soon after hearing what Assistant Jiang said next, his eyes lit up again.

    “However, you can take a few good-looking photos of An An first. When our new look of An An is broadcast in the trailer of the movie and becomes popular, you can post it.”

    Assistant Jiang’s statement After talking, it made the stylist fully understand his plan!

    “Okay! No problem! I will definitely take some nice photos for An An!” 

Thestylist agreed with a full mouth, and kept muttering in his heart that this Assistant Jiang was really a good trick.

    It turned out that Wen An’an appeared in the movie’s trailer!

    It’s just…as far as he knows, Wen An’an’s role doesn’t seem to be a role with a lot of drama.

    Moreover, it seems that this role was not originally planned to be played…

    This Assistant Jiang is really capable!

    The dynamic video of the trailer is much more lethal than his photos!

    It seems that Wen Yanan is really miserable this time~

    Soon, after the stylist took pictures for Wen Anan and left with all his little assistants, Wen Anan followed him with a worried expression muttering.

    “Brother Jiang, I-I’m afraid that I won’t act well and I’ll screw you up…”

    This is Wen An’an’s first time acting, although it’s just a soy sauce role.

    However, it is still acting!

    In particular, this role was created by Assistant Jiang in order to slap Wen Yanan in the face and for the sake of her image… her pressure is even greater!

    “It’s alright, don’t worry. This character doesn’t have a few lines. Especially, this character fits your image very well, so it’s not difficult. Don’t worry.”

    Assistant Jiang also knows Wen An’an’s character, and also understands what a little coward she is. It was her first time acting, so he comforted her very gently.

    Under the appeasement of Assistant Jiang, Wen Anan finally summoned up the courage.

    “Brother Jiang, I understand. Don’t worry, I, I will definitely act well!”

    Although she was very cowardly and timid. However, she also didn’t want to be pressed and beaten by Wen Yanan.

    Since the direction has been completely different, she doesn’t need to be the heroine in such a fear.

    From this moment on, she will start to change herself well…

    Wen An’an did not expect that this ‘small’ change of hers would cause a great miracle.

    A ‘miracle’ that no one thought of, including herself.


    “Cut! It’s great! Wen An’an, you act so well! It’s so good!”

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch97

 “An An, someone wants to slap us in the face, so we have to do it beautifully, don’t we?”

    Hearing Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen An’an was stunned, but she quickly returned. God it has come.

    “Ah? Brother Jiang, what are you talking about?”

    Because Wen An’an herself is a celebrity entertaining the public in this world, she doesn’t really like watching gossip news about herself.

    Especially during this time, she was really busy, busy shooting commercials, busy studying acting, busy writing.

    So during her time, she really didn’t have the time to pay attention to her current gossip news.

    “He Xiaoxian.”

    Assistant Jiang said these three words very briefly, but Wen Anan became puzzled after hearing the name.

    “Isn’t this role pushed?”

    “It is indeed pushed, but now some people have been acting with this role that we pushed away…” 

   During the phone call, Assistant Jiang’s tone was so sarcastic, so contemptuous.

    This also made Wen Anan roughly understand who Assistant Jiang wanted to slap in the face.

    “He Xiaoxian was played by Wen Yanan, right…”

    Wen Anan pursed her lips, her eyes a little complicated.

    And when she heard Assistant Jiang’s affirmative reply, her expression became more complicated.

    She really didn’t expect that she had already avoided Wen Yanan so much, but she kept pushing her aggressively.

    If it weren’t for the fact that she had the Shen family as the backing and the all-round agent like Assistant Jiang, she thought, she would have been crushed into the dust by Wen Yanan long ago.

    “What’s wrong, An An?”

    Shen Zheng, who was driving, heard the name Wen Yanan from Wen An’an’s mouth. Looking at the unsightly expression on the little girl’s face, he immediately pulled the car to the side of the road.

    “It’s nothing.”

    Wen Anan shook her head, holding the phone, she didn’t know what to say to Assistant Jiang on the other end of the phone.

    In fact, because of her timid and fearful personality, she definitely doesn’t want to have anything to do with the heroine of this book.

    However, she kept giving back, but it was of no use at all. On the contrary, Wen Yanan is now even more aggressive…

    “Tell me.”

    Shen Zheng looked at the blank and uncomfortable expression on Wen An’an’s face, and his expression changed . 

He domineeringly took the mobile phone in Wen An’an’s hand.

    “Hey, Assistant Jiang.”

    “Just follow your plan…”

    “Don’t worry about Wen Yanan’s identity, she’s just a clown who doesn’t care.”

    Wen Anan looked at Shen Zheng without blinking. After listening to him in a daze, and hung up the phone, she came back to his senses.

    “She, she’s your sister…”

    Wen Anan whispered softly.

    “Sister? My mother has only one child. I have never regarded her as my sister. She was, and will never be in the future.”

    Shen Zheng snorted coldly, looking at his expression, as if he had mentioned it. When it comes to Wen Yanan, he is particularly disdainful.

    I don’t know why, when I heard Shen Zheng’s affirmative answer, Wen Anan had an indescribable feeling in her heart.

    This feeling is not joy or excitement, but… there is something that makes her feel that the world she has traveled through is no longer the world in the book she knows.

    Because, after all these plots, after she crossed over, everything seemed to be different…

    “An An, I don’t know what you are worried about, what you are afraid of. But if it’s because of Wen Yanan, you don’t have to think so much. As I said, I’m here for everything, it’s just Wen Yanan, you don’t have to worry too much.” 

After speaking, Shen Zheng stretched out his palm and patted Wen An’an’s head softly


    It’s just that gentle voice, but it is so powerful that it makes people feel a sense of security.

    At least, Wen An’an felt secure.


    A slight smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, like a chicken pecking at rice, and she nodded heavily.

    “I see, eldest brother.”

    It’s good to have such a eldest brother… If it was Wen Yanan that she traveled through, that would be great.

    In this way, she can be Shen Zheng’s younger sister upright and open.

    “Then let’s go home now.”

    Seeing the shy smile on Wen An’an’s face, Shen Zheng couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips.

    However, when he started the car again, he heard Wen An’an’s whispered but serious words.

    “Brother, I want to tell Uncle Shen the truth.”

    She thought about this matter for a long time, and she thought about it for a long time. Now, she really doesn’t want to hide it from the good old Shen who treats her very well. .

    However, what really made her resolve was—

    She was ready to fight back.

    She was going to follow Assistant Jiang’s plan to make a real counterattack against Wen Yanan, who had been stumbling on her all the time.

    And since she is no longer silent, but chooses to resist Wen Yanan’s words, then she doesn’t want to deceive Mr. Shen…

    “Well, okay.”

    Originally, Wen Anan thought that Shen Zheng would reject her proposal, after all, in the past, Shen Zheng does not agree with her idea.

    But now… he agreed to her confession plan without any hesitation?

    “Brother… Do you really agree?”

    Before Wen Anan had time to be happy, she heard Shen Zheng continue.

    “But when you come back from the filming of “Doomsday”, you will confess to my father.”

    Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen An’an was stunned for a while, and then she looked at the driver’s seat with a puzzled face. 

    “Ah? Why?”

    “I don’t want you to be too distracted by this matter. I’ll talk about other things after filming the movie first.”

    Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen Anan was really moved.

    Because this man, no matter when or what, he is always thinking about her.

    “Big brother… You are so kind, I really want to be your sister…”

    Wen An’an was moved and looked at Shen Zheng with teary eyes. That look was really cute and pitiful.

    However, listening to Wen An’an’s affectionate ‘confession’, Shen Zheng smiled bitterly in his heart and muttered in his heart.

    He doesn’t want Wen An’an to be his sister at all~


    Since the official announcement of the actor of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals”, there has been a bloody storm on the Internet recently!

    Although it is said that the role of He Xiaoxian has been officially announced to be played by Wen Yanan.

    However, because of Wen An’an’s popularity, and someone deliberately bought a water arm and a marketing account, she began to deliberately hype up the role of He Xiaoxian as more suitable for Wen An’an to play, which caused quite a stir on the Internet.

    Originally Wen An’an’s face was indeed more in line with the role of He Xiaoxian in the original work. Although everyone supported Wen Yanan’s acting skills, they still expected Wen An’an to be tolerant.

    As a result, after the anti-hype about Wen An’an and He Xiaoxian was raised, the audience’s hatred towards Wen An’an increased a lot.

    Even though Wen An’an’s face was really good-looking, it couldn’t stop everyone’s disgust.

    In addition, soon, another so-called insider of the crew broke the news on the Internet that Wen An’an has a gold master behind her, and the backstage is very large. If it wasn’t for Director Xu Cheng of “The Legend of Immortals” who insisted not to use Wen An’an, but to use the acting style Wen Yanan, now He Xiaoxian’s role has really become Wen An’an’s… Waiting for the topic, Wen An’an has really been pushed to the forefront.

    In fact, people with discerning eyes in the circle can see that this is the use of Wen An’an’s popularity in the cast of “The Legend of Immortals” to stir up the heat, and there are people with a heart behind Wen An’an.     

After all, in any case, the actor part of “The Legend of Immortals” is now a foregone conclusion. No matter how hyped it is, it is impossible for Wen An’an to get the role of He Xiaoxian.    

 Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for this hype person to be Wen An’an herself.     

And such hype is of no interest to her.     

However, most of the netizens are mindless followers! Therefore, many keyboard warriors were once again brought to the rhythm.    

 Once again, Wen An’an was hacked on a large scale on the Internet.     

And she also picked up the online public opinion wars that happened in Wen An’an a few times before.     So, at this time, the Internet is really lively because of Wen Anan~!

    Countless keyboard warriors and melon eaters are talking about Wen An’an, a superstar who has a lot of luck and is bizarrely popular.

    【Wen An’an has a gold master on the cliff! If there is no gold master, I will eat the keyboard live! 】

    【Live eating keyboard +1! Since Wen An’an’s debut, any star who provokes her will never end well at all! Even a big company like Tianyu can’t afford to offend a young star like Wen An’an who just debuted. This is not what the sponsor is! 】

    【And it seems that Wen Anan is the only artist in AiaN Entertainment? And I checked the legal representative, and it also showed Wen An’an! 】

    【Ouch! What the hell! Awesome! The gold master behind Wen An’an is really too awesome! Such a powerful gold master will definitely not be too young! 】

    【To be so capable and to hold Wen An’an so patiently, he must be quite old, and he must be a married man. It seems that Wen An’an is a mistress and didn’t run away! 】

    【I beg God to dig up who is the gold master behind Wen An’an——! 】

    【Curious about Wen An’an’s gold master! 】


    The public opinion on the Internet is being driven towards the gold master theory by those who have a heart, and it really seems to be more and more true as it is said, so that countless people who eat melons feel that this gold master theory is correct. .

    When Wen An’an really had a gold master father behind him, Wen An’an had already started shooting soy sauce in a domestic martial arts movie~!

    Assistant Jiang looked at the black Wen An’an topics on the phone, and at the same time looked at the beautifully dressed Wen An’an, like a fairy who descended to earth.

    “An An’s style is a little more immortal, just like the feeling of He Xiaoxian’s makeup photo in “The Legend of Immortals”. However, it must be more delicate than that style.”

Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch96

【 TV series “The Legend of Immortals” V: The long-awaited number one beauty in the two worlds, He Xiaoxian@Wen Yanan V has appeared! Come and lick the screen soon~! 


    This Weibo post aroused huge attention.

    After all, who is playing He Xiaoxian playing? Although it has been widely rumored, she has always been a mystery!

    But this time, the official Weibo of “The Legend of Immortals” posted who was playing He Xiaoxian, and also posted a high-definition photo of the character’s makeup. 

It really… surprised countless netizens!

    Because it was not someone else who played the role of He Xiaoxian, but Wen Yanan.

    Originally, many netizens thought that the role of He Xiaoxian was already played by Wen Anan.

    But I didn’t expect that when “The Legend of Immortals” was officially announced, this role was actually played by Wen Yanan!

    【Wow! He Xiaoxian turned out to be Wen Yanan! Isn’t this a victory for netizens!】

    【Hahaha! I have been posting posts for the past few days to protest Wen An’an’s coming to play He Xiaoxian, but I didn’t expect it to be a success! The energy is finally not in vain! 】

    【I can rest assured that it is Wen Yanan playing He Xiaoxian! I hope Wen Yanan can use her superb acting skills to perfectly interpret He Xiaoxian. 】

    【Fortunately, it’s not that scumbag Wen An’an who played He Xiaoxian, otherwise I really think that the super beautiful “The Legend of Immortals” will be ruined! 】

    【I would rather let Wen Yanan, who has superb acting skills, play the first beauty, He Xiaoxian, than Wen Anan, who has no looks and no acting skills, to play He Xiaoxian! Thumbs up for the cast of “The Legend of Immortals”! The right person was chosen!】

    【Happy! I hope Wen Yanan will do your best, don’t let down our support, and play the role of He Xiaoxian well! 】

    【To be honest, a beautiful woman like Wen Anan who has no other skills should just shoot commercials and variety shows, and don’t come to act to insult the profession of an actor. 】

    【Wen Anan’s appearance is what I like, but she really doesn’t have any advantages other than being good-looking. Although I support Wen Yanan’s role as He Xiaoxian, I still sincerely hope that Wen Anan can have it. Acting, I think her looks are really suitable for being an actress. 】


    As soon as the official announcement of the actor of He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals” came out, it was obvious that the actor of the official announcement was Wen Yanan, but Wen An’an was the most discussed.

    Although many netizens are complaining about Wen An’an, the elites in the entertainment industry can actually see from this piece of complaints that Wen An’an’s popularity is definitely top-notch traffic!     

Don’t look at the number of netizens who complain about Wen An’an now, but seriously, if the role of He Xiaoxian is played by Wen An’an, it doesn’t matter how “The Legend of Immortals” is filmed, the popularity and ratings will definitely not be low.     Therefore, even in this game of ‘playing He Xiaoxian’, it seems that Wen Yanan won and Wen Anan lost.     

However, anyone with a discerning eye can see that Wen An’an’s commercial value is much higher than that of Wen Yanan!    

 So… this night, Assistant Jiang, who is Wen An’an’s agent, received a lot of invitation calls from various producers and directors in the entertainment industry.     

“Yanan, the official announcement on “The Legend of Immortals” has been published, and now the public opinion is all about you. Now you repost the official Weibo of “The Legend of Immortals”.” 

After washing up, she was just about to lie down.Wen Yanan, who was watching the script quietly for a while in bed, put down the script immediately after receiving a call from her agent, Sister Hong.

    After hanging up the phone, Wen Yanan turned on the computer and read the official announcement on the Internet. When the public opinion about her was posted on the Internet, she realized that she was the one who was announced as the official announcement of “The Legend of Immortals”, but on the Internet it was her. More is still to be discussed on Wen Anan.

    Looking at this, it was enough to make Wen Yanan angry.

    After reading the comments one by one, she found that although many readers were complaining about Wen An’an, the meaning was more that if Wen An’an had acting skills, they would definitely support Wen An’an in acting as He Xiaoxian in this role.


    Wen Yanan threw the tablet in her hand aside, her dark eyes were full of gloomy anger.

    “Why… She’s obviously a rubbish who knows nothing, but so many people still have expectations for her! Is it just because of that face! I have it too…”

    Wen Yanan’s palm slowly stroked her beautiful cheek.

    Compared with the previous Wen Yanan, the current Wen Yanan’s beauty value has not increased a little bit.

    If the former Wen Yanan was just a delicate little beauty, then the current Wen Yanan is really a radiant beauty.

    It’s just… that beauty is beautiful, but it’s too aggressive. It’s so beautiful that it looks like the template face of a villain. Looking at it, it makes people feel that it’s so beautiful that it doesn’t look like a good person.

    But just when Wen Yanan raised her hand and stroked her cheek, she didn’t know that the gold inlaid jade powder bracelet on her wrist was still floating with black energy.

    Especially after she said the cruel words behind her to herself, those black anger swept into her beautiful face…

    “Wen An’an, no matter how many people your beauty can make you feel good about you. If you have a good impression, have expectations, and I will too, make everyone disappointed and disgusted by you…”

    After that, Wen Yanan picked up the phone again and dialed a familiar number.

    “Hey…I’m working together once…yes, or…she…”


    And whether it’s what happened on the Internet or what’s about to happen, Wen An’an, the party involved, is a little bit of a I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.

    After having dinner with Shen Zheng, Wen An’an understood, a rich man spends money, it’s really terrible!

    Obviously it was just a dinner for two people, but this dinner cost five-figure RMB! 

    The most terrifying thing is that this price is still discounted with Shen Zheng’s VIP Gold Card!

    Wen An’an’s heart was bleeding when she left the private restaurant after paying the money!

    No way, she was born an ordinary person, and she has never lived such a luxurious life!

    No, maybe she lived such a luxurious life, but it wasn’t her who paid the money at that time! So she didn’t expect it to be so expensive!

    “What’s the matter? The little face is wrinkled? Is it not delicious, or not full?”

    Shen Zheng looked at Wen An’an who had paid the money, and her face was always unsightly. He had already seen through the girl’s mind, and deliberately teased her on the road.

    “Brother, this restaurant is delicious, but the price/performance ratio is too low, I don’t like it.”

    Wen Anan didn’t hide anything, and directly expressed her feelings.

    “I think it’s too expensive? But what should I do? The restaurants I usually like are at this price…” 

    I still want to continue to tease Wen Anan and I want to make some jokes, but these teasing words before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Wen Anan.

    “Brother, if you want to eat in the future, you, you can tell me, I, I can make it for you…”

    Wen Anan lowered her head embarrassedly after muttering these words in a low voice.

    “Although, although the ones I make may not be as delicious as those restaurants you eat in… But, but it shouldn’t be too bad… The most important thing is… it is cheaper…”

    After saying these words, Wen An’an’s face was flushed red, she actually understood that Shen Zheng was originally a rich local tyrant.

    The concept of consumption is definitely different from that of the poor, but she doesn’t know why, so she couldn’t help but say these words.

    Originally, she actually regretted saying these words, thinking that Shen Zheng might be angry, and when she wanted to take back those words, who knew –

    “Okay, I will not eat out in the future, I will only eat at our house. An An’s will cook dinner for me…”

    Shen Zheng looked at Wen An’an sitting in the passenger seat with a smile, raised his hand, he touched Wen An’an’s head, his face was full of happiness and doting.

    “Ah? Ah? Big brother?”

    Wen Anan looked at Shen Zheng with some unresponsiveness. She never thought that Shen Zheng would react this way.

    She looked up at Shen Zheng dumbly, her face blank.

    No, no, when did she say that she would cook for Shen Zheng every day from now on? 

    “It’s a matter of words! Tomorrow, eldest brother wants to have a good taste of our An’an’s craftsmanship.” 

  As  he spoke, Shen Zheng leaned his body and fastened the seat belt for Wen An’an very carefully and gently.

    It wasn’t until the car started that Wen An’an came back to her senses.

    Feeling the incomparably fresh smell of Shen Zheng spreading all around him, for a while, Wen An’an’s heart was beating uncontrollably.

    In her impression, her father eats meals made by her mother every day, and her mother once said… If you like someone, you will be willing to cook for him for the rest of your life…

    No, no! Wen Anan, what are you thinking about!

    Shaking her head, Wen Anan finally woke up a lot at this time.

    Just before Wen An’an had time to think, how could such a strange thought appear in her mind just now, her cell phone suddenly rang.

    “It’s so late, who called you?”

    Shen Zheng, who was driving, heard Wen An’an’s cell phone ringing, his brows wrinkled slightly, and he asked Wen An’an with some concern.

    “It’s Assistant Jiang.”

    Picking up the phone, Wen Anan glanced at it, followed Shen Zheng and answered the phone.

    “Hey, Brother Jiang, it’s so late, what’s the matter?”

    When he heard Wen An’an’s voice call Brother Jiang and Shen Zheng, who was driving, he was a little unhappy again.

    In my heart, I began to think about whether to transfer Assistant Jiang back.

    “Ah? What did you say? You gave me a cameo role in a movie? But, but I said, I don’t want to take a domestic script. And… we’re not going abroad to shoot Doomsday soon. Why? Where do you have so much time to make a cameo role?”

    Wen Anan said with some doubts after hearing the reason for the call from Assistant Jiang.

    However, Assistant Jiang only gave her a very brief reply.

    “An An, if someone wants to hit us in the face, we have to hit back beautifully, don’t we?”